Can't Sleep

Can't Sleep

by Chris Raschka

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With soothing and sweeping blues and yellows and a lyrical, simple text, Chris Raschka shows a little dog who can't sleep. As his brother, and then parents all Fall asleep, the moon stays awake and comforts the little sleepless dog.


With soothing and sweeping blues and yellows and a lyrical, simple text, Chris Raschka shows a little dog who can't sleep. As his brother, and then parents all Fall asleep, the moon stays awake and comforts the little sleepless dog.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
A wakeful pup watches and listens as his brother, his mother and his father settle down for the night. Assured that "the moon will stay awake for you" after his family has fallen asleep and he's feeling frightened and lonely, he, too, finally drops off. In the morning he returns the favor as the moon goes to bed, and it's the young dog's turn to stay awake and keep her safe. With just a few strokes of his brush, Raschka (Yo? Yes!), an almost visionary minimalist and a master of whimsy, outlines the sleeping household, and sets the story asail across a nighttime sky of peaceful blue. One by one, as the faithful glowing moon looks on, the household lights go out and the twinkling stars emerge. The prose is hushed, both soothingly repetitive and restrained, and the comforting images-the moon kissing the sleeping pup goodnight, for example-will linger on longer after the book is closed. Ages 2-6. (Sept.)
Children's Literature - Marla Frenzel
This book will comfort the bedtime fears of the toddler-preschool set. When the whole family goes to bed, the moon is always there, keeping watch ever everyone. The moon stays awake until everyone is sleeping and keeps everyone safe. When morning comes, however, the moon goes to sleep and the children may then stay awake to keep the moon safe. This final exchange of places will delight the youngest ones, making them feel as important as the moon. The illustrations in bright watercolors, mostly blues, keep the book from being too scary and dark, even as it talks about the nighttime.
Children's Literature - Marilyn Courtot
Kids, just like adults, sometimes have difficulty falling asleep. For them, the noises and shadows of night can be a little scary. Raschka paints a soothing picture and offers a poetic text for those getting ready to drift off but who just can't seem to get to sleep. A blue background rather than the more frightening black of nighttime fills most of the pages. There are small insets bathed in the yellow glow of moonlight--for it is the moon who is constantly attentive while little ones listen to the nighttime sounds of a brother snoring and parents preparing for bed. Sleep finally comes, and after watching out for everyone, the moon goes to bed during the day, and we are asked to watch out for her and keep her safe. Raschka's simple strokes and splashes of color produce illustrations of surprising complexity and emotion. The original picture book works equally well in this new board book format. 1999 (orig.
School Library Journal
PreS-KRaschka's minimalist watercolors feature a benign full-moon looking down upon a small brown dog who's having trouble getting to sleep. The bedrooms (represented by yellow squares placed on a deep blue page) shine like lit windows, allowing readers and the moon to watch as each family member prepares for bed. As brother, mother, and father fall asleep, the lights go out and they become one with the night, leaving the youngest awake, lonely, and a bit afraid. But the moon hovers over the dog-child and promises to stay awake, keeping watch over him as he drifts off to sleep. In the morning, the dog repays the favor and keeps the moon safe. The careful layout of text and illustration adds greatly to the mood and poetic rhythm of this enchanting bedtime story. Some simple lines, various geometric shapes, and repeated phrases are transformed into a soothing lullabye that can be read to one special child or to a small group.Karen K. Radtke, Milwaukee Public Library
Kay Weisman
A young dog with insomnia listens as his older brother, mother, and father prepare for bed. They are unaware of his nighttime fears, but he takes comfort from the moon outside his window, knowing that it "will stay / awake for you / until you too / are sleeping." The pup also realizes that he will be able to repay the moon's kindness: "When morning comes / the moon will go / to bed. Now you may stay awake / and keep her safe." Raschka's simple watercolor illustrations feature a prominent yellow moon against a soothing blue background. Indoor scenes, set in yellow, windowlike squares, keep children aware of who is still awake in the house. As the night and the story progress, the moon travels across the page, finally kissing its canine charge as he falls asleep. A calming bedtime read, this will be popular at story hours or at home.

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2 - 5 Years

Meet the Author

Chris Raschka is the Caldecott Award-winning illustrator of A BALL FOR DAISY and THE HELLO, GOODBYE WINDOW. He is also the illustrator of YO! YES? (which won a Caldecott Honor), SOURPUSS AND SWEETIE PIE, CHARLIE PARKER PLAYED BE BOP, and FARMY FARM. He lives with his wife and son in New York City.

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