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  1. Show Intro
  2. Rebel Radio
  3. Bob and Weave  -  Oblivian
  4. Girl Power
  5. Bumper 1
  6. Translocation
  7. Disappeared  -  Tuesday
  8. Crucified  -  Automatic 7
  9. Bumper 2
  10. A Was for Anarchy
  11. For Real  -  Greyarea
  12. P.H. Control
  13. Bumper 3
  14. Leaving Here
  15. A Promise to Distinction
  16. Tasters' Choice
  17. Bumper 4
  18. Enemy of Fun
  19. All Girls Like Ponies
  20. Do You Feel Lucky, Punk?
  21. Bumper 5
  22. John Henry
  23. Mighty Brother  -  Spoilers
  24. Half My Time  -  Battery
  25. Bumper 6
  26. Regrets
  27. I Don't Wanna Be  -  Blanks 77
  28. World of Our Own  -  OS101
  29. Interviews

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Will   Band
Francisco   Band
Chris Thompson   Band
Richard Gibson   Band
Pietasters   Track Performer
George   Band
Mike Brown   DJ
Chris C.   Band
Alvin Gibbs   Band
Charlie Harper   Band
Renee   Band
U.K. Subs   Track Performer
Freddy Mann   Band
Hot Water Music   Track Performer
John Maurer   Band
Squatweiler   Track Performer
Lickity Split   Track Performer
Pugs   Band
Erick Morgan   Band
David Ayer   Band
Todd Eckhardt   Band
Tom Goodin   Band
Greg McEntee   Band
Trip Costner   Band
Four Letter Word   Track Performer
Traitors   Track Performer
Monorchid   Track Performer
Jason Hamacher   Band
Spoilers   Track Performer
Dimitri   Band
Vinnie Value   Band
Dan Yemin   Band
Alan Makranczy   Band
Andy Coronado   Band
David Wagenschutz   Band
Brian McTernan   Band
Toby Hansen   Band
Greyarea   Track Performer
Chris Hamley   Band
Graham Land   Band
Max Huber   Band
Daniel Andriano   Band
Billy   Band
Chris   Band
Chuck   Band
Johnny "Peebucks" Bonnel   Band
Mike Blank   Band
Ken Olden   Band
Steve Ferrell   Band
Stephen Jackson   Band

Technical Credits

Lamont Dozier   Composer
Eddie Holland   Composer
Brian Holland   Composer
Marc Hulett   Composer
Charlie Pilzer   Mastering
Blanks 77   Composer
Phil Jaurigui   Composer
Traditional   Composer
Chris Condayan   Executive Producer

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