by Patrick Hunt

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A generously illustrated, introductory biography of Caravaggio and his art.


A generously illustrated, introductory biography of Caravaggio and his art.

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These two books on the Italian master Caravaggio have the same title and even the same cover illustration, but they differ in purpose, emphasis, and format. Hunt's (humanities, Stanford Univ.) book is part of Haus's "Life and Times" series and is primarily a biography, although it uses small reproductions of selected Caravaggio paintings as a chronological record to help organize the artist's life story. Drawing on earlier biographies and historical records to present a coherent life story for the flamboyant and quarrelsome painter, this pocket-sized book sometimes stretches the source material to present a more cohesive story than what is truly known. However engaging, the result risks misleading readers. By contrast, Gash's (art history, Univ. of Aberdeen, Scotland) large-format book is more a standard art-historical treatment, concentrating on Caravaggio's art and featuring large reproductions of most of his known paintings. Scholarly notes accompany most of the works. Caravaggio's art is related to his society in a 20-page introductory essay. Only those facts about Caravaggio's life that can be verified in historical records are presented in a mere seven-page chronology, which is somewhat fragmented because Gash avoids taking sides in any of the unsettled questions about the painter's life. As an engaging biography, Hunt's book is most suitable for general libraries; as a solid art history, Gash's book is appropriate for all comprehensive collections.-Kathryn Wekselman, Cincinnati Copyright 2005 Reed Business Information.

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Patrick Hunt gained his PhD at the University of London and works as a classical archaeologist and teacher of Humanities at Stanford University, California. Additionally, he is a published poet, classical music composer, and illustrator, including contributing the illustrations to Richard Martin's Myth of the Ancient Greeks (Penguin). Hunt's wide-ranging professional and personal scholarship allows him to interpret Caravaggio's complicated religious and classical imagery while anchoring his art in his life.

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