The Cardinal Rule

The Cardinal Rule

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by Cate Dermody

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The Cardinal Rule by Cate Dermody released on Feb 1, 2010 is available now for purchase.


The Cardinal Rule by Cate Dermody released on Feb 1, 2010 is available now for purchase.

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Strongbox Chronicles , #71
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Meet the Author

Though Cate Dermody (C. E. Murphy) lives in Alaska, she has never watched a single episode of Northern Exposure or helped a film crew simulate terrorist attacks on the Trans-Alaska Pipeline. She has, though, been forced to convince people that she neither lives in an igloo, rides a polar bear, nor has a penguin for a pet. She's married to a chef, has two small cats, and a large dog who is afraid of everything.

According to one source, Catie began her writing career when she ran away from home at age five to write copy for the circus that'd come to town. You would think she'd remember this, but her own earliest memory regarding writing is from age six, when she submitted three poems to a school publication. The teacher producing the magazine selected (inevitably) the one she thought was by far the worst, but also told her -- a six-year-old kid -- to keep writing.

It's likely she would have, anyway, but she took the advice to heart. And a good thing, too: far more people after that (some of them famous authors!) told her to do anything other than write, if she possibly could.

It turns out she couldn't.

Her hobbies include swimming, walking, traveling, drawing and moose-wrestling.

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
harstan More than 1 year ago
CIA Agent Alisha MacAleer hates her current assignment. Her handler and mentor Greg Parker informed her that she must go undercover looking into the activities of an American scientist working at a base in Kazakhstani. No matter what she does she knows she will hurt someone dear to her as the target is Brandon Parker, son of her mentor. Still she does the job as the professional she is seeking to learn whether he is developing a robotic soldier and if yes how far along has he come............... However, the investigation falls apart from the beginning as Alisha is outed immediately. Not sure who gave her away, she flees trusting no one not even those from her agency. Professionals follow her with plans to silence her about what little she has learned................... This thrilling suspense will leave the audience breathless, but also like the heroine bewildered with who is doing what to whom except that everyone seems to be after Alisha. Adding to her confusion (but in this case not the audience) she has no idea what she learned that has made her a target. Readers will commiserate with Alisha as everyone she meets is a potentially deadly stranger especially the wild card Riechart, whom she is very attracted to even though is a freelancer............. Harriet Klausner