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The Career Change Resume: How to Reinvent Your Resume and Land Your Dream Job / Edition 1

The Career Change Resume: How to Reinvent Your Resume and Land Your Dream Job / Edition 1

by Karen Hofferber, Kim Isaacs

ISBN-10: 0071411860

ISBN-13: 9780071411868

Pub. Date: 04/01/2003

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing

Written by the official resume advisers to Monster.com, this is the ultimate guide to creating life-changing resumes. The Career-Change Resume helps aspiring career-changers reinvent themselves by showing them how to transform their resumes. The book includes step-by-step instructions demonstrating how to craft resumes that open doors to new careers; more


Written by the official resume advisers to Monster.com, this is the ultimate guide to creating life-changing resumes. The Career-Change Resume helps aspiring career-changers reinvent themselves by showing them how to transform their resumes. The book includes step-by-step instructions demonstrating how to craft resumes that open doors to new careers; more than 150 sample resumes and cover letters; valuable, innovative career-change tools and strategies; and solutions to common problems plaguing career-changers.

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McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing
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First Edition
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8.40(w) x 10.80(h) x 0.20(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction: Is It Time for a Career Change?xiii
Part 1Planning the Attack on Your Resume
1What Do You Offer?3
2Which Resume Format Is Right for You?17
Part 2Writing a Resume That Opens New Career Doors
3Reinventing Your Resume for a Career Change23
4Career Change Resume FAQs39
Part 3Maximizing Your Resume's Exposure
5The Cover Letter45
6Your Resume's Done--Now What?63
Part 4Resume Samples by Career Goal
Gabriel Jimenez: Sales to Business Operations Management74
Samuel Chin: Project Supervisor to Plant Manager/Engineering Manager76
Cliff May: Massage Therapist to Spa Manager78
Dale Waters: Director of Claims Administration to Business Analyst80
Blake Palmer: Healthcare Program Director to Sports Management82
Ben Troutman: Software Engineer to Product Manager84
Joshua Jacobs: Associate Manager, Broadband to Project Manager, Sports Events86
Maria Rose Garcia: Program Manager to Operations Manager88
Claire Brady: Employment Agency Division Manager to Operations Manager90
Thomas Avilla: Engineering Department VP to Plant Manager92
Suzanne Thick: Company President to Multimedia/Network Executive Producer/Senior Project Manager96
Bradley Jefferson: Senior Partner (Law) to CEO98
John Janoff: Executive VP Transitioning out of Tobacco Industry (Submitted by Judy Friedler)100
9Sales/New Business Development103
Keith Wayne: Gym Franchise Owner to Sales/Operations Manager104
Tom Fields: Investment Group Sales Manager to Pharmaceutical Sales106
John Foster: Clinical Counselor/Therapist to Pharmaceutical Sales108
Chris Wilde: Personnel Office Operator to Pharmaceutical Sales110
Tamara Gold: Title Abstractor to Sales Representative111
Keisha Duke: Sales/Supervisor of International Distribution to Surgical Sales112
Wilber Dalton: Farmer/Nonprofit Foundation Manager to Sales/Account Manager113
Andrew Weber: Lawyer to Sales (Submitted by Marty Weitzman)114
Shawn Cox: Chemist to IT Systems Analyst116
Robin Dow: Sales Representative to Computer/Helpdesk Technician117
Chandra Winters: Post-Graduate Researcher to Software Engineer/Programmer118
Imogen Kaye: Mechanical Designer to Junior Programmer/Analyst120
Robert Hall: Copy Center Assistant Manager to Network Engineer121
Mohammed Farrar: Senior Consultant to Systems Analyst122
Manny Winston: Senior Desktop Technician to Web Designer124
Kay Ford: Associate Finance Manager to Web Designer126
Carlos Robles: Inside Sales Manager to Software Engineer127
Marshall Jones: Technical Customer Service to Technical Installer129
Aaron Bradshaw: Restaurant Operations Manager to College Administration132
Patricia Wexler: Mission Manager to Learning and Development Specialist134
Yolanda Percy: Business Owner to Motivational Speaker136
Jose Cantos: QA Consultant to Technical/Software Training and Development Manager137
Dina Kaye: Project Administrator to University Program Administrator139
Darla Fairfield: Real Estate Agent to Drug Safety, Case Management, or Quality Control142
Elizabeth Scruggs: Administrative Assistant to Child Life Specialist144
Catherine Hayes: Gardening Associate to Entry-Level Healthcare146
13Skilled Trades147
Kandar Aiden: Nursery Owner to Interior Designer148
Mindy Longo: Art Sales to Architect149
Michael Scott: District Trainer, Loss Prevention to Entry-Level Architect150
14Legal/Law Enforcement151
Barbara Gooden: Security Specialist to Paralegal152
David Smithers: Police Force Commander to Director of Corporate Security and Safety154
Roger Simpson: Legal Officer (Attorney) to Country Risk Analyst156
James Parkinson: Compliance Analyst to Director of Security158
Tony Martin: VP Sales and Marketing to Law School Applicant160
Pam Garrett: Field Supervisor/Inspector to Retail Loss Prevention Manager161
Kevin Liss: Business Development/Sales to Paralegal (Submitted by Judy Friedler)163
15Administrative Support165
Gloria Fine #1Small Business Owner/Consultant to Administrative Assistant166
Charles Whitler: Special Education Teacher to Clinical Information Coordinator to Executive Assistant167
Bernice Johnson: Store Owner to Administrative Assistant169
Jessica Lederman: Team Associate to Administrative Assistant170
James Edwards: Technical Analyst/Programmer to Banking--Loan Officer/Customer Service/Credit Analyst174
Daniel Vanderbilt: Nursery Owner to Entry-Level Finance/Accounting/Insurance Position176
Victor Ellis: Sales Representative to Entry-Level Finance178
Cindy Drew: Shift Supervisor (Residential Treatment Program) to Financial Services179
Ann Cohen: Financial Advisor to Entry-Level Underwriter180
Shanna Hart: Senior Systems Analyst to Investment Banker182
17Retail/Customer Service183
Mike Black: Purchasing Manager to Retail Operations Manager184
Brett Carter: Assistant Store Manager to Retail District Manager186
Janet Shaw: District Route Manager to Sales Manager/Retail Operations Manager188
Sarah Miller: Quality Control Coordinator to Customer Service Manager190
Richard MacLeod: Real Estate Agent to Customer Service Specialist192
18Human Resources/Recruiting195
Craig Starr: Loss Control Manager Returning to HR Administration Career196
Lydia Tyler Wu: Case Manager to HR Assistant198
Doris Mott: Web Design/Hosting Company Director to HR Manager200
Diana Sharpe: Assistant Funds Manager to Benefits/Pension Administrator202
Donna Grace: Sales Representative to Recruiter203
Carey Schmidt: Marketing and Sales Intern to Employee Relations Specialist204
Bill Forte: Sales Manager to HR Specialist206
Frank O'Conner: Factory Chemist to HR Generalist207
Gloria Fine #2Small Business Owner/Consultant to Copywriter/Marketing Assistant209
Lynn Brush: Administrative Assistant to Management Consultant/Accountant/Auditor212
Matthew Tobias: M.D. to Medical Administration/Consulting214
Joe Smythe: Senior Account Executive to IT Consultant216
Joseph O'Conner: Chief Pastor to Management Consultant218
Whitney Reed: Pharmacist/Waiter to Advertising Traffic Coordinator, Pharmaceuticals222
Serena Kemper: Analyst to Project/Event Management or PR224
Janet Fuentes: Instructional Design Manager to Event Planner/Community Relations226
Dipti Shabda: Consultant to Marketing/Communications/Policy Analysis228
Julie Barnes: Project Manager to Communications Specialist230
Susan Smith: Community Relations Writer to PR/Marketing Specialist232
Rashem Abid: E-Commerce Intern to Music Promotions234
Laura Chen: Counseling to Marketing to Writing236
Dean Nunzio: Executive Assistant to Researcher237
Quincy Rivers: Administrative Assistant to Web Content Writer239
Marlane Hoffman: Conference/Event Manager to Marketing/PR for the Travel and Tourism Industry242
Helen Bender: Secretary to Tour Leader244
Peter Campano: Preschool Teacher to Travel and Tourism Position245
23Real Estate/Property Management247
Marissa Hart: Independent Insurance Adjuster to Property Manager248
Gerald Foster: Real Estate Mortgage Processor to Assistant Property Manager250
Anna Hyang: Day Trading Company President to Construction Project Management--Returning to Earlier Career251
Marisol Dizon: VP/COO to Civil Engineer (submitted by Murray Mann and Jolene Elliott)253
24Nonprofit/Social Services/Government255
Neil Elliott: Small Business Owner to Community Relations/Casework Management256
John Lawrence: Transitioning from Military to Government Agency258
Glen Lee: Analyst Intern to Public Policy/Budget Research Analysis261
Rachel Miner: Minister to Nonprofit Agency Fund Development Director262
Lulu Walker: Swim Team Director to Program Director--YMCA264
Georgia Rush: Engineering Advisor to Management Consulting--Seeking Internship with M.B.A. Program268
Abdul Ahmid: Waiter to Art Museum Conservation Internship270
Bruce Levine: Senior Product Manager to Graduate School Admittance--International Politics272
Lauralee Wilkenson: Marketing Intern to HR Intern273
Appendix AOnline Resources for Career Changers275
Appendix BResume Writers/Contributors, Resume Associations, and Career Coaches Web Sites279

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