Career MAGIC: A Woman's Guide to Reward & Recognition

Career MAGIC: A Woman's Guide to Reward & Recognition

by Marjorie Brody

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Marjorie Brody has done it again, crunched vitally helpful guidance into an easy to remember model to further one�s career. Although directed at women, it�s just as valuable for men. Using the mnemonic M-A-G-I-C, she explains how one should use good manners; advocates who will hire, recommend, and network you with others; grow along the way; get involved with organizations in leadership positions; and become recognized as an expert in your field by giving commentary through writing and speaking.


I have reviewed several of Ms Brody�s books now and have always found them to be helpful and spot on with good advice. This one is no exception. I plan on giving it to my youngest daughter who is finishing her third year in college, so she will have this excellent advice at hand when she begins her professional career. We rated this book a max five hearts.

Stephanie Swilley
If you can afford a private career coach, get one. If not, do what I do:
keep a few books on the bedside table for counseling any time (at a bargain price). Hoping for a simple spell to move me up the career ladder, I couldn't pass up Marjorie Brody's 'Career MAGIC: A Woman's Guide to Reward & Recognition' While no potion exists, Brody has created a formula (Manners, Advocates, Growth, Involvement and Commentary) to help women stop whining and start winning. For a female ready to make her mark, the advice and the wonderful profiles of women who have paved the way are a perfect guide for overcoming self-defeating actions and attitudes.
BookPage magazine, July 2004
Wisconsin Bookwatch

Marjorie Brody is a professional speaker, consultant and coach to Fortune 1,000 executives. In Career Magic: A Woman�s Guide to Reward & Recognition, Marjorie draws from her many years of experience and considerable expertise to provide the reader with a straightforward guide filled from cover to cover with practical career advice quite appropriate for both genders. Individual chapters concisely address the importance of adopting an effective professional manner; increasing personal involvement; creating articulate commentary, and so much more. Career Magic is an upbeat and practical collection of tips, tricks, and techniques ranging from the importance of everyday manners; to dedicating oneself to an attitude of lifelong learning; to encapsulating profiles of successful people. If you want to advance your career, then give a careful reading to what Marjorie Brody has to offer you in Career Magic.


Does anyone remember the Harbrace Handbook...that handy little bible of a book required for English 101 in college?  Well now there's just such a book for women in business --  it's Marjorie Brody's newest: Career Magic: A Woman's Guide to Reward & Recognition. Marjorie Brody shares her "M.A.G.I.C." formula for female professionals -- everything from "Manners" (including details on do's and don'ts in dress) to creating "Commentary" -- and pushes all of us to get outside our normal comfort levels to communicate, write and speak! Throughout the book, she draws on story examples from the lives of real women who have shared their experiences in these five areas of growth -- women in corporate life, government, not-for-profits and even entrepreneurs.  While it is a primary that I will strongly urge my business-bound daughter and young women Interns to read (over and over), it is also a handy reminder for those of us who need a nudge from time to time.   We encourage you to read it, and then by an extra couple of copies to give to other women professionals in your life.  Women-Affinity groups inside corporations and most not-for-profit organizations could start a business book club with this one!

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