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Career Match: Connecting Who You Are with What You'll Love to Do

Career Match: Connecting Who You Are with What You'll Love to Do

4.3 12
by Shoya Zichy, Ann Bidou

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For some, a job is just a way to pay the bills. For others — those whose careers fit their passions and personalities — it is a source of great satisfaction and success. Career Match is designed to help people discover their ideal work. Using the author's revealing ten-minute self-assessment, the book helps readers determine their personality style


For some, a job is just a way to pay the bills. For others — those whose careers fit their passions and personalities — it is a source of great satisfaction and success. Career Match is designed to help people discover their ideal work. Using the author's revealing ten-minute self-assessment, the book helps readers determine their personality style, then walks them through the range of career choices best for them. This indispensable guide will enable anyone to:

• identify the type of work that will inspire and exhilarate them

• recognize the type of boss and work environment they need to thrive

• confirm the rightness of the path they are on — or help them find a better one

• speed up their job search

The book includes in-depth chapters for each personality type, detailed explanations of career options, and inspiring real-life stories of people who have found fulfillment in work that suits their personality. This invaluable resource will help anyone in need of direction match who they are with what they should do — for a lifetime of gratifying work and greater success.

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“…classic career-advice book...if you are bogged down in your quest to determine your ideal career path, this is a book that will speed you along nicely.” —Pittsburgh Tribune Review

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Introduction and Acknowledgments

Where It All Began

On a muggy night in May I sat stranded in an Asian airport. Only the floor sweepers punctuated the late night desolation. It was the end of a long, very overscheduled business trip—one of the many I took each year in the search for new banking clients. In the midst of a large pile of waiting room debris, I noticed a book. Dog-eared and well-used, it caught my attention. I picked it up, and my view of the world was altered forever.

"If a man does not keep pace with others, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer," it began with the oft-quoted Henry David Thoreau. The book, an obscure and since-discontinued interpretation of Swiss psychologist Carl Jung's theories, outlined the seemingly obvious differences in the way people take in information and make decisions. Some of this I knew intuitively. Yet the information hinted at a new way to deal with my clients and associates.

On returning to my Hong Kong office, I set out to color code each of my customers based on their Jungian behavioral profiles. Each file contained brief instructions for support staff to follow in the event of my absence. "When a Gold comes in, make sure all statements are up to date and organized in date-sequential order. If a Blue makes an appointment, call our investment guys in New York and get three new ideas." And so it continued, outlining a strategy for each of four color groups.

It proved uncannily effective. Almost overnight, our new business increased by 60 percent. But there was more. I began to enjoy my clients more, my stress level went down, and, in time, my relationships with others outside of work began to improve as well.

For some ten years, I continued to use this technique. The bank sent me back to the United States, and the clients grew more diverse—white-robed sheiks in Abu Dhabi, shipping magnates in Athens, or aristocratic landowners in Spain—the same color-coding instructions dotted their files. What's more, they worked—for men, for women, old and young, widely varying ethnicities.

In that decade, I never met another individual who spoke of Jung—at least not in terms of applying his concepts to marketing. Then in 1990 I joined some friends in Maine to escape from burnout and institutional reorganization. I needed to rethink my career.

The small Port Clyde Inn sparkled in the crisp October sunlight, and on the front porch sat a man reading a book. We began to chat and he spoke of the author Isabel Myers and her new applications for the work of Carl Jung, a system called the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®. It was the conversation I had been looking for.

Over the next few years, I would discover a hidden universe of books, seminars, tapes, and associations involving hundreds of people around the world. I had a new, strong sense of internal direction. Suddenly, things just began to happen; the right people and events began to materialize. Jung would have called it "synchronicity."

It would be a couple of years before I could undertake my own research, but eventually my life became focused on the business applications for personality styles. The material that follows sums up the information provided by over 10,000 people who have attended my seminars and the written works of "personality type" experts who for the last two decades have laid the intellectual groundwork that serves as the basis of this book. Very few of the principles are my own; however, as my client list can attest, I have pioneered unique ways of applying these ideas to the workplace.

For the sake of simplicity, I have adopted my own color-coding system of earlier times, which I call Color Q. "When you meet a Gold, make sure that..." It served me well for many years, and it will serve you well, too.

The Purpose of This Book

Many of us share the fantasy that we can do anything and be anyone... with just a little more effort. This is an illusion that blocks real development. Growth does NOT require significant change, or that we emulate "role models" because we are somehow innately inadequate. It does require that we understand and accept the dynamics of our own GENUINE style—its unique strengths and weaknesses. It also means that, in time, we tone down some of our blind spots.

There are many systems for understanding people. This is the one I have found that probes most deeply into the core of human behavior. It confirms that each personality style is natural, equal, observable, and predictable, and that each can be equally effective at work.

Truly exceptional people always do so much more than is required. The only way to do that without severe burnout is from passion born of confidence. You are the right person doing the right thing in the right place and enjoying it! Sound impossible? Not at all, for those who are true to themselves in spite of naysayers, parental expectations, and societal pressures. Use this book to reveal your road to being exceptional.

What Color Q Is Not

Color Q is not the answer to all career problems. It is not a painless shortcut to maturity and wisdom. Most of all, it does not measure the impact of education, intelligence, mental health, special talents, economic status, motivation, drive, or environmental influences on the core personality type. There are billions of unique people on our planet and only four Color groups. If you wonder what that leaves, I say only the deepest, most important part of you — the part that ALWAYS knows what it really wants, and won't be happy until it gets respect!

The framework is not gender specific. It works equally well for males and females. Both men and women are found in each personality style, though in some groups the percentages differ.

Finally, Color Q is NOT a complete, in-depth Myers-Briggs evaluation. It is a ten-minute self-assessment designed to acquaint you with concepts that are applicable to your career. If, after reading this book, you are intrigued enough to take the whole Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, check the website www.colorQProfiles.com, and you will be matched with an appropriate professional for assessment and feedback.

What Color Q Is

Color Q is about coding people—ourselves and others. We do it all the time. "He is shrewd and entrepreneurial." "She is energetic and artistic." This helps us to group our impressions mentally and store them in the appropriate synapse of our brain for future use.

Color Q is also a tool for understanding the sometimes incomprehensible behaviors of bosses and co-workers (and even friends, dates, and mates!). Since so much career advancement depends on your "people skills," you'll find your increased ability to "read people" perhaps the most valuable outcome of reading this book.

Enjoy this journey!


I've been blessed to connect with so many people who share my passion for the study of personality differences. I am particularly grateful to the following:

• Peter and Katharine Myers for continuing to support new applications of personality type.

• David Keirsey, whose book Please Understand Me started me on my journey, and Linda Berens whose ongoing research continues to enrich our understanding of temperaments.

• MBTI specialists who have written on personality and careers, in particular, Allen Hammer, whose MBTI Career Reports provided a rich array of insights. Paul Tieger, Donna Dunning, Charles Martin, and Otto Kroeger have provided valuable contributions to this area as well.

• The individuals profiled in the book and the thousands who have participated in my seminars. Your life stories have brought my model to life.

• Linda Konner, our agent, for seeing the potential of the manuscript and providing steadfast focus, support, and wisdom.

• The vibrant AMACOM team Andrew Ambraziejus, Ellen Kadin, and Vera Sarkanj, for their professionalism and dedication to the publishing and marketing of this book. Barry Richardson, for his editing savvy, and Kathy Whittier, for copyediting and production coordination. Marie Corbett, my Citibank colleague of many years, for helping organize the resource section.

• Denise Seegovian, Lene Skou, and the student advisors, Yan Kuznetsov, Faith Serrano, Ally Tubis, and Alexandria White for their ongoing marketing advice.

• My interns Debra Asfour and Mary Li for taking time out of their graduate studies to transcribe tapes and find new marketing technologies.

• Russ Cohen russ@russcohen.com for his innovative cartoons.

• And last, but certainly not least, thanks to my family, Mother, Charles, Sheila, and Fiona for always being the cheerleaders.

From Ann Bidou:

Thanks to Katy Libby, who did the grunt work in Toymakers Café so I could write.

This is for my niece, Libiann—spend your life trying all the stuff you think, or they say, you can't do. I believe in you.

To everyone in the Norwalk and Huntington groups, and especially to Michel Corey. Thanks for your insights.

And finally, to Greg, my husband, thank you for your invaluable support, encouragement and belief, for sure, for sure.

People Profiled

In Order of Appearance

GREENS: Diane Sawyer, journalist, ABC News; Frank McCourt, best-selling author; Laura Ziskin, film producer; Angelina Jolie, actress; Bono, musician; Alexandra Lebenthal, financial executive; Terry McGuinness, human resource director; Maggie Hoffman, public relations manager; Lonnie Carter, playwright and professor; Michele Frank, clinical social worker; Gregory J. Marion, business consultant; Gloria Parker, model, actress, interior designer, berry farmer; Oldrich Teply, fine and commercial artist, teacher; Dan Shaw, writer; Anne Thayer, conference planner; Phyllis Rosen, stock trader, career coach.

REDS: Donald Trump, real estate tycoon; Christie Todd Whitman, consultant, former governor of New Jersey; Peter Tanous, author, owner/investment consulting firm; Marla Kreindler, attorney/employee benefits and financial services; Charles Nemes, owner, Barbizon modeling school; Stan Waring, manufacturing executive; Gregory Bidou, entrepreneur/restaurant and mail order businesses; Lilliana Goldberg, veterinarian; Joyce Jenkins, internal coach, Citigroup; Christopher L. Dutton, President and CEO, Green Mountain Power, Bud Murdock, innkeeper.

BLUES: Hillary Rodham Clinton, United States Senator, D-New York; Charles Schwab, Founder/Chairman/CEO, The Charles Schwab Corporation; Rehana Farrell, Chief Financial Officer, Merrill Lynch; Michael Isaacs, Chief Executive Officer, U.S. Balloon Company; Kathlene Burke, law student, Jeannette Hobson, Vistage Chair, coach, small and medium-sized businesses; Glenn Frontera, producer/director, Multimedia Production, MTA New York City Transit; Joshua Stone, music composer, Alger B. ("Duke") Chapman, Senior Advisor, Cambridge Group, former CEO, Chicago Board of Options; Charles M. "Chuck" Sheaff, surgeon; Chuck Wardell, managing director, executive recruiting; Jack Rubinstein, small business advisor, Bruce Terman, Ph.D., medical research scientist; Ari Levy, hedge fund manager.

GOLDS: Kay Bailey Hutchison, United States Senator, R-Texas; Joan Shapiro Green, board member; Alan "Ace" Greenberg, Chairman of the Executive Committee, Bear Stearns; Mellody Hobson, President, Ariel Capital Management; Linda Konner, literary agent; Kathleen Waldron, Ph.D., President, Baruch College; Sergio I. de Araujo, Managing Director and Senior Investment Officer, U.S. Trust Company; Martin Deeg, chemical engineer and manufacturing company owner; Linda Chavez-Thompson, Executive Vice President, AFL-CIO, Princess Fazilé Ibrahim, philanthropist; Eric Nichols, Ph.D., psychologist and professor; Mary Waite, small business president.

ENTREPRENEURS; Trisha Rooney Alden and Phillip Rooney: father/

daughter entrepreneurial team, R4 Services; Helen Glunz, Glunz Family Winery & Cellars; Nordhal Brue, Bruegger's Bagels; Carla Hall, Carla Hall Design Group.

MONEY & COMPENSATION: Betsy Howie, author.

Meet the Author

Shoya Zichy (New York, NY) is a career coach with a Master’s in Education and Counseling, and is past president of the Myers-Briggs Association of New York. Her proprietary personality model has been featured in Fortune, Barron’s, and on CNN.

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Career Match 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
L.Simone More than 1 year ago
I read this ENTIRE book in one evening and could not get over how exact Zichy's description was of both my personality and career goals/likes/dislikes. If you are finding yourself in a state of utter confusion in terms of who you are and what you are/should be doing with your life, I highly recommend reading this effectual, personality-career manual of sorts.
Buckeyeboy713 More than 1 year ago
I originally got this book from the library, but the value it provided to myself and my recent college graduate son was invaluable. It really does a great job of assessing your abilities and how to apply those strengths to a career
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have coached over 450 executive in the last 4 years,the last 100 clients had Career Match as required reading. There are many books out there on the topic of personality type and careers. I am actually in the process of writing one myself on how top performers fail in the wrong culture which is full of case studies of my clients. I recommend this book because it breaks it down into what you need to have be a match in the environment (culture), the job itself, and the ideal boss. All three need to be a fit: culture, job content, boss leadership style. This book also points out what the pitfalls are for each type in the job search itself! I highly recommend this book for all those seeking the right fit, from college grads to senior executives! Loribeth Dalton Executive Career Coach www.loribethdalton.com
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is perfect for anyone trying to reveal a more detailed picture of who they are. I took the Color Q test and my personality was EXACTLY me! I don't know how Mrs.Zichy does it but it works! And, the Color Q connects directly to career choices! One thing though: I think she could have elaborated a little bit on choosing a career, but overall this book is perfect for finding your true personality and staying on that path.