Careers in Internet Security

Careers in Internet Security

by Daniel E. Harmon

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VOYA - Courtney M. Krieger
With the world's growing dependence on the Internet, careers in computer technology are altering the skills needed to compete in a global market. In this series, each volume describes careers in computer technology, their functions, and the qualifications required to pursue them. Careers in Internet Security focuses on the three main functions of the Internet (i.e., communication, information, and entertainment), the threats that hackers pose to public and private sectors, and the need for innovative individuals who can head off these attacks. Careers as a Cyberterrorism Expert attempts to draw the line between ordinary scams and hackers versus cyberterrorism that threatens national security. Although most of the careers discussed within this volume center on positions in the military, businesses are seeing a growing need for protection as well. The information found within each volume successfully reinforces the others to provide a holistic view of computer technology and its need for innovative, skilled individuals. The writing style and language for each book are clear and concise without being too simplistic; however, they become repetitive and monotonous in several places. Each author effectively defines terms and provides specific examples of the various professions, their general requirements, and expectations once hired. This would be a good series to incorporate either in the classroom or in a library since it deals with a growing field that is in high demand, and it also discusses job opportunities for individuals as young as high school. (Careers in Computer Technology) Reviewer: Courtney M. Krieger

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