Caring for the Mentally Impaired Elderly: A Family Guide

Caring for the Mentally Impaired Elderly: A Family Guide

by Florence Safford

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This book addresses the same audience as Powell's Alzheimer's Disease ( LJ 9/15/83) and Cohen and Eisdorfer's Loss of Self ( LJ 3/1/86) but explains in greater detail how to recognize disorders. It provides practical information on identifying the symptoms and understanding the causes of mental impairment in the elderly and suggestions on how to cope, to obtain assistance, to select a caregiver, and to understand what is happening to the loved one. Especially useful are the appendixes, which identify both the basic needs and the ways to manage mentally impaired older persons living at home and also give information on resources and problematic drugs, a glossary, and a short reading list. Recommended as needed for public and consumer health collections. Jean E. Crampon, Southern Illinois Univ. School of Medicine, Springfield

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