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Carl Nielsen: Symphony No. 3

Carl Nielsen: Symphony No. 3 "Sinfonia Espansiva"

by Douglas Bostock

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Scandinavian Classic


  1. Symphony No. 3 ("Sinfonia espansiva"), FS 60 (Op. 27)
  2. Symphony No. 3 ("Sinfonia espansiva"), FS 60 (Op. 27): II. Andante pastorale (alternative version)
  3. Silkesko over gylden laest! (Silk Shoe over Golden Last!), song for voice & piano (Silk shoe on golden last), FS 14/3 (Op. 6/3)
  4. Sænk kun dit hoved du blomst (Bow Your Head, O Flower), song for voice & piano (Strophic Songs), FS 42/4 (Op. 21/4)
  5. Helios, concert overture, FS 32 (Op. 17)
  6. Paraphrase on 'Naermere Gud til dig' ("Nearer my God to Thee"), for winds, FS 63

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