Carl's Masquerade

Carl's Masquerade

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by Alexandra Day

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To Carl and his young charge, a masquerade party proves an irresistible invitation to fun.

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To Carl and his young charge, a masquerade party proves an irresistible invitation to fun.

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"Settings are sumptuously evoked. . .and lushly colored, packed with witty details. . .Everybody's fantasy fiesta." —Starred, Publishers Weekly

Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Just when you thought Day had issued the dernier cri on the subject of Carl the capering canine (Carl's Afternoon in the Park , et al.), she tops herself by producing her most atmospheric book yet. Here, the rottweiler is bidden to mind the baby while the grown-ups attend a masquerade ball. Carl and baby, of course, tail the party-goers and join in the fun (``Oh! They must be Beauty and the Beast. Great costumes!'' say the doorkeepers in one of the three spreads bearing text). Day has all but abandoned the small, multiple scenes used to convey a particular narrative development in the earlier Carl books--instead, settings are sumptuously evoked, fully peopled and lushly colored, packed with witty details (e.g., Carl and baby encounter a guest tricked out as Carl-and-baby; Carl and baby solve the problem of cutlery by feasting on popsicles; a bullfrog brass band keeps everyone hopping). Meanwhile, the party itself, with its site gaily festooned, its guests gotten up in magical guises and its many diversions, could be everybody's fantasy fiesta. All ages. (Oct.)
Children's Literature - Susie Wilde
Happy news for Carl fans-he's back and ready for Halloween in Carl's Masquerade. This time baby and dog follow the parents to a costume ball. Author/illustrator Day fills the near-wordless book with clever costumes, visual humor and the tension of possible discovery. Young fans who enjoy following the exploits of this dog and heroine will learn that a costume party is a fine way to celebrate the Halloween season. Older fans may discover some great new Halloween disguises.
School Library Journal
PreS-Gr 2-- Fans of the Rottweiler guardian/companion to a family's baby will enjoy this fourth adventure of the intrepid pair. When the parents go off in full costume to a masquerade party, Carl and his young charge soon follow. Admitted to the party, they enjoy the festivities, food, music, and games. They escape detection, possibly because among the invited guests is one garbed as a baby riding on a black dog. By the time the evening is over and the parents arrive home, the child is safely in her crib and Carl innocently stands guard. The full-page, richly colored, realistic paintings that make up this almost wordless book are full of visual humor and entertaining situations, as baby and dog mingle with party guests. And though the idea of a masquerade ball is nostalgic, and the nursery dog is reminiscent of Nana in Peter Pan , the book has appeal, especially for adults, for its sweet and gentle fantasy, and for the delightful pictures of handsome dog and enchanting child. --Shirley Wilton, Ocean County College, Toms River, NJ
Ellen Mandel
To the delight of Carl's fans, Mother and Dad once again go out--this time to a masquerade ball--leaving the rottweiler in charge of the baby. With Baby aboard his back, Carl follows the parents to the party, where the lights, decorations, and costumed guests enthrall the dog and his charge. The humor that flavors Carl's previous care-giving adventures--"Carl Goes Shopping" (1990), "Carl's Christmas" (1990), and "Carl's Afternoon in the Park" (1991)--is again evident: for example, in Carl's bewildered expression when a white cat turns out to have hands and a human face with false whiskers, and in the dog's bemusement upon seeing someone dressed as Carl with Baby on his back. As always, Carl speeds home, getting Baby back into bed just before her parents return to praise him for taking such good care of their child. Baby's true-to-life exuberance, the wealth of realistic details in the faces and costumes of the party goers, and the glowing lamplight illuminating the festive scenes make this one of Carl's most memorable romps.

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Farrar, Straus and Giroux
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Carl Series
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8.79(w) x 10.85(h) x 0.37(d)
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3 - 6 Years

Meet the Author

Alexandra Day is the pseudonym for Sandra Louise Woodward Darling. She is the author of Good Dog, Carl and the rest of the beloved Carl books, including Carl Goes Shopping, Carl’s Christmas, Carl’s Birthday and Carl’s Snowy Afternoon. Darling was born in 1941 in Cincinnati, Ohio, to a large and close-knit family. Painting was a popular family recreation, and almost every family excursion included one or more easels and a variety of sketch pads, chalks, paints, and pencils. For four years, the family lived on a hundred-acre farm in Kentucky. Here young Sandra grew especially fond of riding and training horses, and became a dog owner for the first time. Living in the country also provided plenty of time for reading, a life-long passion.


Sandra illustrated her first book in 1983: The Teddy Bears' Picnic, a popular children's song by Jimmy Kennedy. That same year, she was visiting Zurich, Switzerland, when she came across a volume of old German picture sheets, one of which featured a poodle playing with a baby who was supposed to be taking a nap. This image proved the inspiration for Good Dog, Carl. The Darlings' own dog, a Rottweiler named Toby, was the model for the book's main character. Since then, two other Darling Rottweilers have posed as Carl in the seven sequels: the late Arambarri, who was named for one of the Darlings' favorite jai alai players; and Zabala, who currently moonlights as an Our Best Friend therapy dog, visiting hospitals to cheer patients.


About her work Sandra says: "I think that one of the reasons my illustrations have appealed to people is that they can sense my sincerity. I know that marvels exist which are just outside our ordinary experience, but that at any moment we may turn a corner and encounter one of them. Children also believe this, and because they and I have this conviction in common, we, as creator and audience, make good partners." Sandra lives in Seattle, Washington with her husband, Harold.

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