Carmina Burana

Carmina Burana

by Joel Cohen

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  1. 1. Right and wrong go walking. Fas et nefas ambulant
  2. 1. Right and wrong go walking. O varium fortune
  3. 1. Right and wrong go walking. O furtuna, velut luna
  4. 1. Right and wrong go walking. Bonum est confidere
  5. 1. Right and wrong go walking. Curritur ad vocem
  6. 2. Lords of misrule. Dum juventus floruit
  7. 2. Lords of misrule. From the "Officium Lusorum" (Gambler's Mass) Intro
  8. 2. Lords of misrule. Alte clamat Epicurus
  9. 2. Lords of misrule. Olim lacus colueram (melody: Dies irae)
  10. 2. Lords of misrule. Dic Christi veritas
  11. 2. Lords of misrule. Bulla fulminante
  12. 2. Lords of misrule. Bacche, bene venies
  13. 3. Hail, bountiful Venus! Doleo, quod nimium
  14. 3. Hail, bountiful Venus! Ecce chorus virginum
  15. 3. Hail, bountiful Venus! Exiit diluculo
  16. 3. Hail, bountiful Venus! Sic mea fata
  17. 3. Hail, bountiful Venus! O mi dilectissima
  18. 3. Hail, bountiful Venus! Veni veni venias / Chume chume geselle mîn
  19. 3. Hail, bountiful Venus! Ich was ein chint
  20. 3. Hail, bountiful Venus! Tempus est jocundum
  21. 3. Hail, bountiful Venus! Tempus adest floridum

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Joel Cohen   Primary Artist,Percussion,Conductor,Baritone (Vocal)
Boston Camerata   Ensemble
John Fleagle   Harp,Tenor (Vocal),Hurdy-Gurdy
Anne Azéma   Soprano (Vocal)
John Holyoke   Baritone (Vocal)
Heather Knutson   Soprano (Vocal)
William Hite   Tenor (Vocal)
Joel Frederiksen   Percussion,Lute,Brass Baritone
Mark Sprinkle   Tenor (Vocal)
Catherine Jousselin   Mezzo-Soprano (Vocal)
Margriet Tindemans   Rebec,Medieval Fiddle,Guiterne
Christy Catt   Soprano (Vocal)

Technical Credits

Joel Cohen   Arranger,Liner Notes
Jacques Doll   Engineer
Gauthier de Châtillon   Text
Ysabelle van Wersch-Cot   Recording Producer
Anonymous   Composer
Margriet Tindemans   Additional Music
M.J. Connolly   Text Translation,Text Advisor
Philippe Le Chancellier   Text

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