Caroline O'Connor: From Stage to Screen

Caroline O'Connor: From Stage to Screen

by Caroline O'Connor

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  1. Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps (Quizas, Quizas, Quizas)  - Julian Kelly
  2. What Kind of Fool (from the film "Saturday Night Fever")  - Julian Kelly
  3. Hymne à l'amour (Hymn to Love), song  - Julian Kelly
  4. Look What Happened to Mabel?  - Julian Kelly
  5. People  - Julian Kelly
  6. Buenos Aires  - Julian Kelly
  7. Kissing You (used in the 1996 film version of Romeo and Juliet)  - Julian Kelly
  8. Aquarius  - Steve Brooker
  9. Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend  - Julian Kelly
  10. Mein Herr  -  National Symphony Orchestra
  11. I Can Cook Too  -  National Symphony Orchestra
  12. The Impossible Dream  - Julian Kelly
  13. Big Spender  - Martin Yates
  14. Dancing Queen  - Julian Kelly
  15. Mon homme (My Man), song  - Julian Kelly

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Caroline O'Connor   Primary Artist
John Owen Edwards   Conductor,Track Performer
National Symphony Orchestra   Performing Ensemble,Track Performer
Martin Yates   Conductor,Track Performer
Julian Kelly   Conductor
Caroline O'Connor   Vocals
Stephen Brooker   Conductor

Technical Credits

Leonard Bernstein   Orchestration
Ralph Burns   Orchestration
Edith Piaf   Lyricist
Galt MacDermot   Composer,Orchestration
Barry Gibb   Lyricist
Jerry Herman   Lyricist
Benny Andersson   Lyricist
Betty Comden   Lyricist
Bruce Coughlin   Orchestration
Joe Darion   Lyricist
Osvaldo Farrés   Lyricist
Dorothy Fields   Lyricist
Adolph Green   Lyricist
Larry Moore   Orchestration
Leo Robin   Lyricist
Teddy Royal   Orchestration
Björn Ulvaeus   Lyricist
Tim Rice   Lyricist
Hershy Kay   Orchestration
Bob Merrill   Lyricist
Caroline O'Connor   Liner Notes
James Rado   Lyricist
John Yap   Producer,Liner Notes
Fred Ebb   Lyricist
Channing Pollack   Lyricist
Don Walker   Orchestration
Craig Hewitt   Graphic Design
Jonathan Allen   Engineer
John A. Yap   Liner Notes,Executive Producer
Geoffrey Parsons   Composer,Lyricist

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