Cars, Trains and Other Land Vehicles

Cars, Trains and Other Land Vehicles

by Nigel Hawkes, Nigel Hawkes, Alex Pang, Alex Pang

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Children's Literature - Children's Literature
The design of this "How Science Works" series wastes no space in providing as much information as possible about wheeled vehicles in its 32 pages. Even the Table of Contents has a diagram of a car with chapter titles pointing to pertinent car parts. This colorful book is a series of explanations on such science principles as speed and acceleration, drag and friction, and force and power. Thus the four chapter titles are wheels, structure, engines and controls. For example, the importance of streamlining to reduce a vehicle's drag is in the chapter on structure. Frequent sidebars provide simple experiments to try and instructions to build a model car. Crisp, clean photos and drawings enhance the explanations of vehicle terms such as the differential and air suspension. Electric motors and hybrid cars are included as well as safety systems. At the end of the book, readers may test their knowledge, check technical terms, and review common vehicle parts. 2000, Copper Beech Books, Ages 9 to 16, $21.90 and $6.95. Reviewer: Jacki Vawter—Children's Literature

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Lerner Publishing Group
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How Science Works Series
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8.68(w) x 11.50(h) x 0.32(d)
Age Range:
9 - 11 Years

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