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Case-based Geriatrics: A Global Approach / Edition 1

Case-based Geriatrics: A Global Approach / Edition 1

by Victor A. Hirth, Darryl Wieland, Maureen Dever-Bumba

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ISBN-10: 007162239X

ISBN-13: 9780071622394

Pub. Date: 12/07/2010

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing

A full-color case-based guide to the principles and clinical aspects of geriatric care


"It is intended as a case-based textbook of geriatrics that also integrates the complexities of geriatric medicine into a meaningful whole. These are excellent objectives, all met in a wonderful way. This book stands out from other textbooks of


A full-color case-based guide to the principles and clinical aspects of geriatric care


"It is intended as a case-based textbook of geriatrics that also integrates the complexities of geriatric medicine into a meaningful whole. These are excellent objectives, all met in a wonderful way. This book stands out from other textbooks of geriatric medicine....This is a brilliant addition to the literature of geriatric medicine. Some topics are covered in different ways, but this is never repetitious, rather more like looking at a gem from different angles. The evidence-based, case-based, pre-test, post-test format makes this an ideal book from which to learn. The breadth and depth are stunning. The editing and format would be enough to highly recommend this book, but the beautiful use of color on every page, permitting lavish illustrations, tables, figures, and examples of tests, makes this at the same time a brilliant exposition of the true nature of geriatric medicine, and a work of art as well. Run, do not walk, to see it!"—Doody's Review Service

Case-Based Geriatrics utilizes a case-and-evidence-based approach to help you understand the key principles and clinical points of geriatric medicine and healthcare. Written to reflect the field’s growing trend toward interdisciplinary collaboration, the book is of value not only to physicians, but to the entire health team involved in the care of the elderly.

This unique text is constructed around case presentations, which are used as the primary teaching tool. These cases reflect issues and principles of geriatrics that are encountered and practiced worldwide. You will learn how cultural characteristics of both patients and providers have added new layers of complications to this already challenging field – and how they can be recognized and overcome. Each case is directly linked to the learning objectives found in each chapter. Review questions appear at the beginning and end of each chapter to test your understanding.

Case-Based Geriatrics is divided into three sections:

  • Issues in Aging — features foundational chapters covering essential topics such as biology of aging, worldwide demographics, the geriatric physical exam, sensory changes in aging, and approaches to laboratory testing and imaging in aging
  • Inter-professional Geriatrics — provides an overview of multi-professional team care and covers important topics such as pre -and-post operative care, discharge planning and transitional care, end-of-life care, home care, and long-term care
  • Geriatric Syndromes and Important Issues — covers common disorders such as delirium, dementia, depression, stroke, hypertension, osteoporosis, and more

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Table of Contents




Section 1: Foundation

1. Why Geriatrics and Gerontology, Victor Hirth, Darryl Wieland, and Maureen Dever-Bumba

2. The Biology of Aging and Emerging Interventions, Bruce R. Troen and Adam Golden

3. Physical and Cognitive Function, Gilles O. Einstein, Michelle Horhota, and Mark McDaniel

4. The Global Democracy of Aging, Nina Tumosa and Margo-Lea Hurwicz

5. Cultural Competence in Geriatric Care, Margo-Lea Hurwicz and Nina Tumosa

Section 2: Examination and Function

6. Medical Evaluation of the Older Person, Mark E. Williams and Anna M. Hicks

7. Functional Assessment, Jeffrey De Castro Mariano and David B. Reuben

8. Aging and Sensory Loss: Vision, Hearing, Somatosensory, and Vestibular, Anne L. Harrison, Anne Olson, and Scott Shaffer

9. Atypical Presentation of Diseases in the Older Adult, Keerti Sharma

Section 3: Professional and Patient Decision-Making in the Older Adult

10. Assessing Decisional Capacity in Older Adults, Diane Chau, Patricia Lanoie Blanchette,
Sreekanth Donepudi, and Reed Dopf

11. Health Literacy Practice and Assessment, Carolyn Crane Cutilli and Cynthia T. Schaefer

12. Approach to Laboratory Testing and Imaging in Aging, Allan S. Brett and Caroline Powell

13. Consideration Prior to Drug Prescribing in the Elderly, Edmund H. Duthie, Jr., Kathryn M. Denson, and
Elizabeth Cogbill

14. Health Promotion and Disease Prevention, David Haber, William Logan, and Sarah Schumacher

Section 4: Common Situations

15. Older Drivers: Safe Mobility in the Later Years, Karlene Ball and Rachel Benz

16. Changing Living Environments for Older Adults:
Environmental Supports for Aging in Place, J.L. Warren and S. Rodiek

17. Family Caregiving, Deborah C. Messecar, Carol Parker Walsh, and
Allison Lindauer

18. Sexuality, Angela Gentili and Michael Godschalk


19. Multi-Professional Team Care, Kathryn Hyer, Carol Babcock, Amanda H. Lucas,
Larry E. Robinson, and Lee A. Hyer

Section 5: Acute Care

20. Geriatric Consultation Services, Lisa M. Walke and Maria Maiaroto

21. Perioperative Care of the Older Adult, James T. Birch, Jr., Brian Leo, and Daniel Swagerty

22. Discharge Planning and Transitional Care, Erin L. Cooper and William L. Lyons

Section 6: Chronic Care

23. Advanced Illness Care and Elders at the
End of Life, Maura Brennan, Mayu Sekiguchi, and Julie McCole Phillips

24. Home Care, Peter Boling and Rachel Selby-Penczak

25. Long-Term Care, Daniel Ari Mendelson and Robert M. McCann

Section 7: Adaptive Care

26. An Approach to Assessing and Ordering
Physical Therapy, Jonathan W. Donley

27. Integrating Technology into Older Adult Living, Eun-Shim Nahm and Barbara Resnick

Section 8: Rehabilitation

28. Interprofessional Management of the Complex Acute
Surgical Patient, Mihaela S. Stefan and Gladys L. Fernandez

29. Interdisciplinary Team Care of the Older Adult with Cancer, Cathy C. Schubert and Heather Riggs


30. Delirium, Franklin S. Watkins and Jeff D. Williamson

31. Dementia, Loren S. Greenberg

32. Polypharmacy, Claudene J. George

33. Urinary Incontinence, Camille P. Vaughan and Theodore M. Johnson

34. Falls and Mobility Disorders, David A. Ganz, Wessam Labib, and
Laurence Z. Rubenstein

35. Weight Loss, Alexandra E. Leigh and Christine S. Ritchie

36. The Frailty Syndrome, Peter Khang and Kuo-Wei Lee

37. Evaluating and Treating Depression in Older Adults, Stephen Thielke and Steven Vannoy

38. Pressure Ulcers, David R. Thomas

39. Common Gastrointestinal Problems, George Triadafilopoulos and Gaurav Arora

40. Hip Fractures, Susan M. Friedman, Daniel A. Mendelson, and
Stephen L. Kates

41. Osteoporosis, Susan Ott

42. Approach to Common Infections in Older Adults, Stephen G. Weber

43. Congestive Heart Failure, Sandra Bellantonio, Mara Slawsky, Greg Valania, and
Fadi Saab

44. Stroke, Mel L. Anderson III and Jeffrey I. Wallace

45. Management of Hypertension in the Elderly, Ihab Hajjar and Dae Hyun Kim


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