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The Case for Christ for Kids

The Case for Christ for Kids

by Lee Strobel

You meet skeptics every day. They ask questions like:
Was Jesus really born in a stable? Did his friends tell the truth? Did he really come back from the dead? Here's a book written in kid-friendly language to give you the answers.


You meet skeptics every day. They ask questions like:
Was Jesus really born in a stable? Did his friends tell the truth? Did he really come back from the dead? Here's a book written in kid-friendly language to give you the answers.

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The case for Christ for kids / by Lee Strobel with Rob Suggs.
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2. Apologetics—Juvenile literature. I. Suggs, Rob. II. Title.
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Introduction What's Up With That?
Somewhere you took a wrong turn.
This is just the kind of street Mom and Dad warned you to avoid. Run-down apartment buildings line both sides of the road, and the sidewalk is cluttered with garbage.
You need to be home soon, but who can help you? There is one friendly face. She smiles and says her name is Lydia Delgado, and she is eleven.
She gives you clear directions back to your neighborhood.
You think about Lydia later, and ask your mom if you can go back to thank her. 'Only if I go with you, '
says Mom. So you climb into the car and track down Lydia and her little family. There are only two others: a thirteen-year-old sister, Jenny, and their grandmother,
Perfecta. The two sisters have no parents.
What's more, they live in an empty little room with no furniture, no food, no warmth. Lydia and Jenny take turns wearing one sweater as they walk to school.
That makes you and Mom sad, but the three who live there seem to be full of smiles.
Your mom has a friend who writes for the newspaper.
She tells the story of the Delgado family and says, 'Write an article! Your readers need to know about our poor neighbors who need food and shelter.'
Christmas Day arrives. You open your shiny new gifts and enjoy a delicious turkey dinner. But afterward,
your family decides to pay the Delgados a visit.
You have gifts for them and extra turkey and vegetables.
So again, you climb into the car.
A Christmas miracle has happened!
Newspaper readers have sent the Delgados boxes and bags of Christmas gifts: warm coats and sweaters for the family, and carpets and chairs for the little apartment. A magnifi cent Christmas tree illuminates the room, and carols are playing from a little stereo system. The room is drenched in loving gifts from a wealthy city to a poor family.
But that's not the miracle.
Perfecta, Lydia, and Jenny are busy packing many of their gifts back up. As they are writing the names of friends on the boxes, you blurt out, 'What are you doing?
Why are you giving your gifts away?' You think of your own Christmas — all the new stuff you would never give away.
Perfecta says, 'Our neighbors are still in need.
We cannot have plenty while they have nothing.
This is what Jesus likes us to do.' You just stare,
your eyes wide. The grandmother continues, 'We did nothing to deserve these gifts. But the greatest gift of all is the one we're celebrating today: the gift of Jesus.'
You have a lot to think about on the ride home.
When the Delgados were poor, they were happy. When they were showered with gifts, they seemed exactly the same. But instead of hoarding their gifts for a rainy day, their fi rst thought was to share. Why? They said it had to do with Jesus — what he 'likes us' to do. Just as if he were right here, a living person!
You think about the story your family tells at Christmas, about the little baby in the manger — two thousand years ago, right? Exactly who was in that manger? Can he make you as beautiful inside as the Delgados are?
There was something in the old story about shepherds.
An angel told them a baby had been born nearby, and the shepherds said, 'Hey, let's go check it out.' And they did.
You can do the same. Who was in the manger? Is he real? And how can we be sure?
Go check it out!

Meet the Author

Lee Strobel is an award-winning legal editor of The Chicago Tribune and a New York Times bestselling author. After years of nonfiction bestsellers, he is publishing his debut fiction novel, a legal thriller. Lee is a Yale Law School graduate, accomplished journalist, and world-renowned speaker. SPANISH BIO: Lee Strobel tiene una licenciatura en periodismo de la Universidad de Missouri y una maestria en estudio de leyes de la Universidad Yale. Fue el galardonado editor legal del periodico Chicago Tribune y esceptico espiritual hasta el ano 1981. Es autor de exitos de ventas del New York Times de casi veinte libros y ha sido entrevistado por numerosos programas nacionales de television, incluyendo 20/20 de la cadena ABC, Fox News y CNN. Cuatro de sus libros han ganado el premio Medalla de oro y uno de ellos fue el ganador del premio Libro cristiano del ano 2005 (el cual escribio junto a Garry Poole). Lee sirvio como pastor de ensenanza en las Iglesias Willow Creek y Saddleback. Ademas, contribuye como editor y columnista de la revista 'Outreach'. el y su esposa, Leslie, residen en Colorado. Para mas informacion, visite:

Rob Suggs has been involved in three successful children's Bibles as writer, illustrator, or both. He and his wife, Gayle, have two children and live in Atlanta, Georgia. SPANISH BIO: Rob Suggs participo en tres exitosas Biblias para ninos en calidad de escritor, ilustrador o ambas cosas. el y su esposa, Gayle, tienen dos hijos y residen en Atlanta, Georgia.

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