Case Studies in Economic Development / Edition 2

Case Studies in Economic Development / Edition 2

by Stephen C. Smith, James Rigney

ISBN-10: 0201421887

ISBN-13: 9780201421880

Pub. Date: 09/26/1996

Publisher: Prentice Hall

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Table of Contents

1. The Meaning of Development: Brazil and Costa Rica.

2. Zaire: Immiseration Amidst Riches, with the Counterpoint of Botswana.

3. Taiwan’Inside the Miracle: A Development Success Story.

4. Guangdong, China: Fastest Growth in Economic History through Exports, Direct Foreign Investment, and Judicious Planning.

5. Hope for the Rural Poor: The Grameen Bank of Bangladesh.

6. Agricultural Extension for Women: The Case of Kenya.

7. Population, Famines, and Entitlement Theory: Application to the Case of Somalia.

8. AIDS: Economic Development Impact and the Case of Uganda.

9. The Bangladesh Food for Work Program (FFWP).

10. The Choice of Appropriate Technology: Textiles in Kenya and the Philippines.

11. Rural Migration and Urbanization in Developing Countries: The Cases of India and Botswana.

12. Innovation in Rural Development or Land Reform in Reverse? Opening the Ejidal Sector to Private Investment in Mexico.

13. Sharecropping and Constraints on Agrarian Reform: India.

14. Environment, Debt, and Development: Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon Rain Forest.

15. How Has a Debt-for-Nature Swap Worked in Practice?: Bolivia.

16. The Many Development Benefits of Educating Girls: Pakistan.

17. NAFTA and Beyond: Impact on Mexico and Latin America.

18. Industrial and Export Policy in South Korea.

19. Mexico: A Pioneer in Successful Debt Reduction.

20. Restrictive Policy toward Multinationals: Argentina and Korea.

21. Marketization and Privatization in Chile.

22. Development on a Large Scale: The Mahaweli River Project in Sri Lanka.

23. Tax Reform in Bolivia.

24. Property Rights Reform: China's Township and Village Enterprises.

25. Governance and Civil Service Reform: Mali.

26. Africa Falls Behind: Debate over the Causes.

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