Case Studies in Emergency Medicine (House Officer Series) / Edition 1

Case Studies in Emergency Medicine (House Officer Series) / Edition 1

by Lidia Pousada, Harold H. Osborn, David B. Levy

ISBN-10: 0683069667

ISBN-13: 9780683069662

Pub. Date: 01/28/1993

Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

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Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
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Case Studies for the House Officer

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Table of Contents

Series Editor's Foreword
About the Authors
1A Febrile Intravenous Drug Abuser1
2Sore Throat and Dyspnea6
3Chest Pain in a Young Man11
4Cardiac Arrest16
5A Man with Acute Abdominal Pain22
6Lethargy and Confusion27
7A Paranoid Middle-Aged Woman31
8Wrist Pain36
9An Intentional Ingestion42
10A Confused Nursing Home Resident48
11An Agitated Man Brought in by the Police54
12A Woman with Recurrent Seizures59
13An Elderly Man with Rectal Bleeding66
14A Middle-Aged Female with Chest Pain70
15An Elderly Woman with Difficulty Speaking76
16Shoulder Pain Following an Electric Shock81
17Burns with a Difference86
18A Stab Wound to the Neck91
19Low Back Pain97
20A Senior Citizen with Abdominal Pain102
21Testicular Pain in a Young Man107
23Eye Trauma119
24A Young Man with a Bullet to the Chest127
25An Asthmatic with Diarrhea136
26A Driver without a Seat Belt142
27A Teenager with Pelvic Pain150
28A Secretary with a Headache155
29Acute Dyspnea and Chest Pain162
30Rectal Pain in a Middle-Aged Man169
31A Nurse with a Needlestick176
32A Violent Young Man with Hyperthermia181
33Groin Pain in a Young Male188
34Trauma in Pregnancy193
35Syncope in a Young Female201
36A Patient Refusing Treatment209
37Neck Pain after a Fall219
38A Young Man with Flank Pain228

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