Casebook of Psychosomatic Medicine

Casebook of Psychosomatic Medicine

by James A. Bourgeois, Debra Kahn, Kemuel L. Philbrick, John M. Bostwick

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The practice of medicine is both learned and advanced through the compilation and study of cases -- vignettes that record the presentation, diagnosis, and treatment of individual patients and diseases. This is especially true of psychosomatic medicine (PSM), which depends on the "compelling case" to distill clinical knowledge and communicate it to students,

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The practice of medicine is both learned and advanced through the compilation and study of cases -- vignettes that record the presentation, diagnosis, and treatment of individual patients and diseases. This is especially true of psychosomatic medicine (PSM), which depends on the "compelling case" to distill clinical knowledge and communicate it to students, residents, and clinicians. An invaluable contribution to the field, the Casebook of Psychosomatic Medicine describes the psychiatric symptoms and/or illnesses managed by the PSM psychiatrist in collaboration with other medical colleagues. The book presents a broad range of cases illustrating the medical, psychosocial, and intertwined situations psychiatrists are likely to encounter in an academic medical center setting.

No other single volume offers a broader range of engaging, detailed, and nuanced PSM cases, or grounds them so firmly in a psychiatric, psychosocial, and spiritual context. Here are just a few of this patient-centered book's most impressive and useful features: • The relevant science underlying each case is addressed in discussion sections, allowing the book to be read as a stand-alone volume. Alternatively, the cases can be read as instructive and insightful illustrations by the reader who has already absorbed the fundamentals of PSM from standard textbooks in the field.• This user-friendly book is organized by the organ system or disease type of the presenting illness or symptom.• Content rare in volumes of this kind includes detailed coverage of the diagnosis and management of cognitive disorders; the management of drug toxicity states; determinations of decisional capacity for medical decision making; and "stress and adaptation", an issue the PSM psychiatrist encounters daily.• The authors strongly believe that one of the most crucial roles for the psychiatrist is in the medical center, and the book reflects that orientation. • The book addresses the importance of understanding the impact of patients' systemic illnesses on their psychiatric symptoms, and modifying interventions and care accordingly. These abilities are critical to sound PSM practice.

Although PSM has a long and noble history, it is the newest of the psychiatric subspecialties, and as the literature expands, more and more clinicians will incorporate PSM treatment modalities into their practice. The Casebook of Psychosomatic Medicine is an essential contribution to that body of knowledge and establishes a new standard with which to face the future of this exciting field.

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Editorial Reviews

The American Journal of Psychiatry

The Casebook of Psychosomatic Medicine is a well-written collection of fascinating case reports derived from the authors' years of experience as psychosomatic medicine clinicians. The wide variety and number of compelling stories are a testament to their collective wisdom and skill. This is an enlightening, entertaining, and informative textbook that would be well suited for trainees as well as those who already practice psychosomatic medicine.The reader should find this to be a very satisfying text that can be incorporated into coursework for medical students, a general-residency training program, or a psychosomatic-medicine fellowship. I would also recommend this book to the seasoned psychosomatic-medicine specialist, because the cases and discussions presented are thoroughly enjoyable, as well as educational.

Doody's Review Service
Reviewer: Jeffrey Rado, MD (Rush University Medical Center)
Description: Through the use of illustrative cases, this book reviews key principles of psychosomatic medicine. The author is one of the leading experts in the field.
Purpose: The book provides explanatory and illuminating clinical vignettes classified by primary physical illness. This approach is very practical and clearly communicates the concepts being discussed.
Audience: The audience includes students, residents, fellows, and practicing psychiatrists. I also think psychologists, psychology students and licensed clinical social workers would find it useful. Given its inherent focus on medical and surgical morbidity, the book also would be useful for internists and medical subspecialists.
Features: Each chapter covers a different organ system. Fairly well developed clinical scenarios describe typical patients presenting with an illness. Each case is focused on a well-chosen clinical issue (i.e. QT prolongation and antipsychotics) and a DSM-IV diagnosis accompanies each vignette. Unique to this book, all of the essential information is presented via discussion of the case, a less common approach that is definitely more engaging for readers. The surgery and organ transplantation sections are particularly well done. The apparent goal is not to be comprehensive but rather to give readers a chance to learn specific concepts through detailed patient scenarios. The addition of some well-chosen illustrations would have enhanced the book.
Assessment: This is a very practical manual. Readers from medical students all the way up to seasoned clinicians will find it useful. Concepts come to life through well-chosen clinical cases. The discussion of each case is evidence-based with numerous and current references from the scientific literature. Anyone who regularly sees patients in a consultation-liaison setting or who cares for psychiatric patients with a high level of medical comorbidity will appreciate this book.

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Linda L.M. Worley

It's as if the reader has joined teaching rounds with Dr. Bourgeois and colleagues where you become immersed in the exciting world of psychosomatic medicine. This jewel of a casebook is interspersed with teaching pearls throughout, reminding us that our patients are our best teachers!

Laura Weiss Roberts

In this clearly conceived and well-written text, Bourgeois and colleagues have canvassed the key clinical issues in psychosomatic medicine. The book is organized around patient cases, which serve as the platform for valuable discussions of cardinal features of disease, current evidence, and rigorous decisionmaking and intervention strategies. Casebook of Psychosomatic Medicine is a welcome book that is certain to aid physicians and physicians-in-training throughout all of medicine.

Mary Ann Cohen

There is no better way to learn psychosomatic medicine than through stories about patients. In this first and only casebook in our recently-accredited subspecialty, Dr. Bourgeois and his colleagues present us with a treasure trove of hauntingly familiar psychiatric consultations on patients with complex and severe medical and psychiatric illness. Each case is accompanied by a discussion based on clinical acumen and available evidence from the literature, providing trainees and faculty with a remarkable paradigm for learning and teaching psychosomatic medicine.

Maurice Steinberg

This is a compulsively readable and engaging account of the challenges and rewards of practising Psychosomatic Medicine. It is a treasure trove of clinical wisdom, resulting from the authors' many years in the trenches, and scholarly reflections on their experiences.The book is a unique contribution to the literature in the extent and richness of the clinical presentations,and the seamless integration of psychological, biological,and sociocultural understanding of each case.

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