Cases in American Foreign Policy / Edition 1

Cases in American Foreign Policy / Edition 1

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by Donald M. Snow

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ISBN-10: 0205567932

ISBN-13: 9780205567935

Pub. Date: 02/22/2012

Publisher: Pearson

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Debuting in its first edition, Cases in American Foreign Policy is a unique country-by-country analysis of American national interests in the 21st century. Emphasizing the daily conduct of foreign policy, each of the 12 original case studies looks at what interests are at stake, what domestic and international factors affect the realization of those interests, and what scenarios exists for future U.S. relations. Drilling past theoretical generalization and looking at the specific characteristics and history of each relationship, Cases in American Foreign Policy not only assesses how American policymakers pursue their priorities but how foreign governments respond and demonstrate their willingness to work with the U.S.

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New Edition
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Table of Contents

Preface x

Part I Old Adversaries and New Realities 1

Chapter 1 Russia: Negotiating and Shaping Relations with a Former Adversary 4

Preview 4

Russia: A Sketch 7

Russia in the World 8

The Physical Setting 10

Russia as a Unique State 13

U.S.-Russian Relations 14

The Future of Russian Development 17

Bi-Lateral Security: The Nuclear Legacy 18

Russian Regional Foreign Policy 21

U.S.Options 23

Conclusions 25

Chapter 2 China: Coping with a Dynamic Adversary Turned Ambiguous Partner 28

Preview 28

China: A Sketch 31

China in the World 34

The Physical Setting 35

China as a Unique State 38

U.S.-Chinese Relations 39

The Economic Dimension 41

The Military Dimension 42

The Political Dimension 44

U.S.Options 47

Conclusions 49

Part II Nuclear Proliferation Residues 52

Chapter 3 Iran: Facing Down Regional Aspirations and Nuclear Weapons 55

Preview 55

Iran: A Sketch 57

Iran in the World 58

The Physical Setting 60

Iran as a Unique State 62

U.S.-Iranian Relations 63

The Iranian Nuclear Program 66

The United States and Israeli-Iranian Relations 68

Regional Considerations 69

U.S.Options 71

Conclusions 76

Chapter 4 North Korea: Balancing Recognition and the Nuclear Card 79

Preview 79

North Korea: A Sketch 82

The Physical Setting 84

North Korea as a Unique State 86

U.S.-North Korean Relations 88

North Korean Nuclear Proliferation 89

Evolution of the North Korean State 91

U.S.Options 93

Conclusions 98

Part III Changing Interests with Regional Rivals 101

Chapter 5 India: Befriending and Redefining Relations with a Rising Democracy 103

Preview 103

India: A Sketch 107

India in the World 108

The Physical Setting 109

India as a Unique State 112

U.S.-Indian Relations 114

Strategic Interests and Relations 114

Nuclear Weapons and Afghanistan 118

Other Issues 119

U.S.Options 121

Conclusions 122

Chapter 6 Pakistan: Bolstering a Potential Failed State and Ally 126

Preview 126

Pakistan: A Sketch 130

Pakistan in the World 131

The Physical Setting 132

Pakistan as a Unique State 134

U.S.-Pakistani Relations 138

Historical and Domestic Interests 139

Strategic Relations 140

U.S.Options 145

Conclusions 146

Part IV The Legacies of 9/11 150

Chapter 7 Iraq: Making the Best of the Aftermath of a Controversial War and Occupation 153

Preview 153

Iraq: A Sketch 158

Iraq in the World 160

The Physical Setting 161

Iraq as a Unique State 164

U.S.-Iraqi Relations 165

Pre-Invasion Relations 166

The Occupation 169

Post-Occupation Relations 170

U.S.Options 174

Conclusions 175

Chapter 8 Afghanistan: Containing and Ending a Protracted Conflict 179

Preview 179

Afghanistan: A Sketch 183

Afghanistan in the World 184

The Physical Setting 186

Afghanistan as a Unique State 189

U.S.-Afghan Relations 190

U.S. Policy in the Afghanistan War 191

U.S. Relations with Postwar Afghanistan 197

U.S. Options 200

Conclusions 201

Part V Domestic Politics and Neighboring States 205

Chapter 9 Mexico: Reconciling Common Borders with Underlying Tensions 208

Preview 208

Mexico: A Sketch 212

Mexico in the World 213

The Physical Setting 216

Mexico as a Unique State 218

U.S.-Mexican Relations 220

Immigration and Trade 221

The Drug Connection 225

National Security Problems 228

U.S.Options 229

Conclusions 231

Chapter 10 Cuba: Balancing Domestic and International Interests 234

Preview 234

Cuba: A Sketch 238

Cuba in the World 240

The Physical Setting 241

Cuba as a Unique State 244

U.S.-Cuban Relations 246

Relations before Castro 247

Relations with Castro's Cuba 248

U.S.-Cuban Relations after Castro 252

U.S.Options 254

Conclusions 255

Part VI Conflicting Interests in a Global Hot Spot 258

Chapter 11 Israel: Recognizing and Coping with Tensions with a Special Ally 261

Preview 261

Israel: A Sketch 266

Israel in the World 267

The Physical Setting 269

Israel as a Unique State 270

U.S.-Israeli Relations 272

Competing U.S. Regional Interests 272

The Palestinian Question 274

The Status of Palestine 275

The Fate of Jerusalem 276

Israeli Settlements on the West Bank 277

The "Right of Return" 279

U.S.Options 279

The Two-State Solution 281

The One-State Solution 283

Status Quo 283

Conclusions 284

Chapter 12 Egypt: Searching for Adjustments to the Consequences of the Arab Spring 287

Preview 287

Egypt: A Sketch 291

Egypt in the World 292

The Physical Setting 294

Egypt as a Unique State 297

U.S.-Egyptian Relations 297

The Shape of a New Egypt 299

Egypt and Israel 301

Egypt and the United States 302

U.S.Options 303

Conclusions 306

Index 310

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