Cases in Total Quality Management: Manufacturing and Services

Cases in Total Quality Management: Manufacturing and Services

by Jay H. Heizer, Jay Nathan, Jay Nathan, Heizer

ISBN-10: 0789506947

ISBN-13: 9780789506948

Pub. Date: 04/28/1997

Publisher: South-Western

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GC - Principles of Management Series
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8.66(w) x 10.63(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

Case 1. Consumer Products, Inc. Case 2. Total Quality Management at Robert W. Baird & Co. Case 3. Signetics Corporation: Implementing a Qulaity Improvement Program (Abridged). Case 4. West Florida Regional Medical Center. Case 5. Holston Valley Hospital and Medical Center. Case 6. The Saturn Project. Case 7. Learning Quality Techniques at Target Stamping. Case 8. Office of Personnel: The Incident. Case 9. Office of Personnel: Improving Customer Satisfaction. Case 10. Selma Instruments Company. Case 11. Fielding Industrial Plastics. Case 12. TQM and Mobil Chemical's Washington, N.J. Facility. Case 13. Microsoft Ireland. Case 14. Quality Cleaners. Case 15. SPC at the Gazette. Case 16. Bayfield Mud Company. Case 17. DecFab, Inc. Case 18. Westover Electrical, Inc. Case 19. Ajax Sewing Machine Company. Case 20. The Mountain States Potato Co. Case 21. Tom's of Maine. Case 22. Dynamic Seal (A). Case 23. Dynamic Seal (B). Case 24. Dynamic Seal (C). Case 25. International Inc. Case 26. Find-it-Fast Files. Case 27. Printed Circuit Boards, Inc. Appendix A. TQM Problem-Solving Process. Appendix B. Reviewing Tools. Appendix C. Design of Experiments.

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