Casting Shadows

Casting Shadows

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by Amanda DeWees

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Book 2 of the Ash Grove Chronicles. In the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains, Ash Grove High School for the Performing Arts draws the brightest and most talented teens. But beneath the peaceful surface, supernatural forces are at work...

Ash Grove senior Joy Sumner and her model boyfriend, Tanner Lindsey, have defeated Melisande, the supernatural seductress who

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Book 2 of the Ash Grove Chronicles. In the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains, Ash Grove High School for the Performing Arts draws the brightest and most talented teens. But beneath the peaceful surface, supernatural forces are at work...

Ash Grove senior Joy Sumner and her model boyfriend, Tanner Lindsey, have defeated Melisande, the supernatural seductress who almost ended his life. Now, however, they learn that their unborn child may have been corrupted by Melisande's evil. Suddenly the council that patrols supernatural activity at Ash Grove High is taking much too close an interest in Joy's baby, and Raven, Melisande's former assistant, may have a hidden agenda behind his friendly overtures. And living as an engaged couple with Joy's father is challenging in its own way, even before Dr. Sumner begins to immerse himself in mysterious research. As Joy's due date approaches, everyone from nosy journalists to supernatural doppelgangers wants to get close to her, and she and Tanner must decide how to keep her and their unborn daughter safe.

Meanwhile, a disastrous lapse of judgment drives a wedge between Joy's best friends, Maddie and William. William turns for solace to the growing success of his band, Aerosol Cheese, and the prospect of a new romance in a highly unexpected place. But as his star is on the rise, Maddie glimpses something diabolical in the works. Somebody or something is targeting musicians, and William may be the next in the crosshairs. Now that he's put Maddie out of his life, can she warn him in time that he is in danger?

Length: approx. 95,000 words ~ Sensuality level: subtle, suitable for older teens

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Editorial Reviews

InD'Tale magazine ( - Rose Mary Espinoza
"The author seamlessly intertwines the lives of the main characters as they all go through challenges and adversity.... [T]he ending leaves the reader anxious to find out what happens next to Joy [and] Tanner." (four-star review)
Eskimo Princess Book Blog - Alisa Jenkins
"It's been awhile since I've been so hooked on a series. I just can't wait for book 3.... 5 stars all the way! and I don't give 5 stars easily."
GoodReads - Valerie Mcqueen
"The action doesn't stop from the beginning. It is one plot twist after another, thrills mixed with suspense and coated in romance and love triangles. I am such a fan now. This is one of the best series I have ever read."
GoodReads - Kim Culbertson
"Truly addictive series that had me up all night and not even wanting to put my kindle down long enough to cook dinner. Ended up cooking while reading, and anyone who wanted to talk to me had to wait until the chapter was over. Awesome storyline and can't wait to read more."

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Meet the Author

Amanda DeWees is an author and editor based in Atlanta, Georgia. She received her PhD in English literature from the University of Georgia and likes to startle people by telling them that her dissertation topic was 19th-century vampire literature. Besides writing, her passions include movies, costume design, ghost stories, and correct apostrophe placement.

The Ash Grove books were inspired in part by the breathtaking scenery of North Carolina, where Amanda prefers to do her writing.

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Casting Shadows 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Peyt More than 1 year ago
Loved. This was even better than the first book. So much fun to read. Action-packed, character-developing, and really didn't hurt that it focused a lot on my favorite folks from the first installment. The pacing was awesome. I had a hard time putting it down (my poor, neglected children). There were no dead spots, and even in the "slow" scenes I felt like you got a lot of character development. And this book just made me love Maddie and William more. I'm SO GLAD they were such a big part of this story! I'm almost squeally and fangirl-ish. I'm really glad we got more variation in point-of-view characters this time around. It gave a lot more emotional depth to the characters--especially Tanner, whom I had found rather flat and wimpy in the first book. It was nice to get a feel for where his head was and to see him mature a bit. He still has room to work on things, but he's also only eighteen. There was such a huge difference between where he was at the beginning of the book and where he was at the end, I'll give him a break now. Only a couple complaints: It has more sex than I prefer for YA (I realize that teens have sex, but I don't have to read about it). There's nothing explicit, but the characters' sex lives are fairly important to the plot, which bugs me. But it did make for some really laughter-inducing, cringe-worthy scenes that caused me to choke on air a couple of times; I will never think of muffins the same way again. And I had a bit of a hard time following the chronology--it seemed like an awful lot happened between Joy's OB telling her she was full-term (and could therefore go into labor any second) and her having the baby at the end of the book, so that I had a hard time telling how much time had actually passed. It seemed like it should have been double or triple the maybe-two weeks Joy would have had. Excellent job again. Please don't make us wait too long for the last one!
ClaireTaylor More than 1 year ago
I thoroughly enjoyed the first book in the series, but Casting Shadows just went to another level. I loved how we got to see much more of the other characters, and was able to connect to them all on a deeper level than in The Shadow and the Rose. Full of action and adventure, there was never a dull moment and I soon found myself turning page after page to see how things were going to work out with not only Joy and Tanner but Maddie and William. I can’t wait to see what happens in book 3. I received an e-copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.
SabrinaNedeleaSN More than 1 year ago
After the first pages, I realized that this isn’t an ordinary book. The characters were well developed and the rolls they played were very true to life. You can identify with the characters easily, especially with Joy. Amanda DeWees did an amazing job with this book and from my point of view, her writing it’s classy.  The book starts with sixteen year old Joy Summer, who is a student at the academy Ash Grove. Joy’s mother passed when she was just a little girl, and leaving her with her father who is taking a leave of absence from his teaching job to fight cancer. Joy is struggling to find her own way in life, not really wanting to follow her mothers footsteps in piano, but knowing she doesn’t have the physical attractiveness to become an actress she is searching for a purpose in life. After accepting a dare from one of the school bullies, she finds Tanner in the cemetery. He is very attractive, but he claims he is dead. All she went in for was a wild rose from the grave of the founder of the school. But now she has a purpose in life, she found it, and she is going to fight for it. Joy and Tanner find the mysterious rose garden and their lives take on a whole new meaning for each of them. The only way for those two to have a future is for him to leave the devil behind, but there is a problem. She has something to hold on him that no one understands or knows about. Joy is going to have to figure out this puzzle and break that hold that is keeping Tanner prisoner. With the old school being built on the belief of mystical powers and protections from evil spirits, she must go before the school council and ask for help. Joy is determined that her love for Tanner and their rose is worth every battle against the demon spirits. Joy is a sweet, optimistic, and feisty girl who takes on her dreams, and challenges with a grace to be admired. I got to like the characters and loved the writing style. I am a huge fan of the mystical world and this took it to a new level. There is no other book like this one, I honestly loved it! If you like reading paranormal romance I recommending picking up The Shadow and the Rose, you won't be disappointed. I look forward to reading the next book in the series Casting Shadows.
Autumn2 More than 1 year ago
Casting Shadows stars off where book one left off. Well now that Melisande has been taken down you would think that Joy and Tanner would be able to enjoy their life and having a baby. But of course not what fun with this story be without some hidden evil agenda or some evil plot to ruin everyone's lives! Overall this story had me captured from the beginning and held me throughout each page and chapter. There were some funny parts in here and some sad parts, and the ending! Wowzers. I so did not see that coming. The character development just keeps improving and you even though you read a little about each character in the previous books, in Casting Shadows each character even if you just read about them once or twice plays a big role. I loved how Maddie finally come to realize that William has loved her all these years! Even though she hurt him in a way that should never had even happened she learned from her mistake, but would it be too late for them to be together? Two funny parts that stuck out to me and had me laughing. When Tanner and Bobby are talking in the shop. And Bobby tells Tanner "Only if you sign my right ass cheek, Bieber." Just the reference to Bieber just was like omg, funny! Now what really got me laughing was when Dr. Sumner, Tanner and Joy are all sitting around the table and Tanner and Joy are talking about their "first date night." The look I can imagine on Joy's father's face while he is sitting there, just cracked me up. I gave this book 4 stars as I kept wondering why was Rose growing so fast? I understood she absorbed some of Melisande powers, but that didn't seem much. I felt as though it was never truly explained. Other than that one little thing, the book was a great enjoyable read and I can not wait to read book three in this series! There is a love that Tanner and Joy has like no other, there is friendship, heartache, love lost, and love gained. There is the supernatural that plays a big part! You will want to go and get your copy right now!
grandmareads102 More than 1 year ago
The second book in the Ash Grove Chronicles is terrific! The continuation of Joy and Tanner's story keeps the reader spellbound as they struggle to keep their love strong now that Joy is pregnant. Tanner is free of the succubus but evil still surrounds them. Was Melisande really vanquished or is she a threat to baby Rose? What is happening with William, a talented musician? Is his life in danger as Maddie believes or is she jealous of his new relationship With Sheila. The suspense is non-stop. Amanda DeWees has written a well crafted story that keeps you on the edge of your seat. I am hooked. I can't wait to start the next book, Among The Shadows. I need to know what happens. Be aware that you need to read these books in order to fully understand the story. I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved The Shadow and The Rose and was excited about it's sequel. First reading it I was a little disapointed in the changing POV's but quickly came around to the idea when I'd seen the exciting and mysterious things the other charaters were dealing with, some things Joy sadly missed out on. This book had a lot more mystery and action than the previous on, something I really enjoyed. The ending was sweet, however the author left a little preview of the next book that made me all the more anxious about the next book. Can't wait.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
vampfan56 More than 1 year ago
Casting Shadows is the second in what I hope will be a long series. I’m in love with these books and the characters in them. I like this book even better than the first, “The Shadow and the Rose.” In addition to the continuing love story of Joy and Tanner, we have the rocky friendship-turned-romance of William and Maddie. It’s an initially star-crossed pairing against the backdrop of William’s budding rock-‘n’-roll career and Maddie’s acting career. There are life-altering choices, stunning betrayals, the heart-wrenching longing of young love, and paranormal chills, all at a break-neck pace. I loved Casting Shadows and I recommend it to everyone.
MusingMaddie More than 1 year ago
It is testimony to a good book, that when you finish the last page, you instantly want more!! Casting Shadows, the second book in The Ash Grove Chronicles was excellent. The tension was maintained, the mysterious Infernal forces left unresolved, leaving you breathless for the next instalment. In some ways, this is unusual for a YA Paranormal. Normally by the second book, you know exactly which supernatural forces the characters are up against. Amanda DeWees has cleverly left this a little vague. It's almost as if the sleepy town of the Blue Ridge Mountains has a large congregation of nefarious supernatural forces eagerly awaiting their release! The mysteries continue as to the Succubus Melisande's existance, plus another force, the Supreme Musician of Hell - Amdusias is introduced. In this instance, it is William, Joy's good friend from Ash Grove who becomes involved. Thankfully, the clever and soul-searching Maddie uses her analytical mind to skilfully collate the puzzle pieces together to avoid disaster. Some might start to dislike and distrust young Tanner, but on closer inspection, it was much more logical to pity him. Freed from Melisande's influence he was, but for such a long time, he had received contradictory messages regarding love. At no point in his life did he gain a healthy experience of love that caresses the soul, filling someone with strength, safety and unconditional acceptance. In Joy, he was offered this, but due to his emotional immaturity, and his reflex to flee when confronted with conflict, he has much to overcome to become the man, the husband, father, and son-in-law he is capable of. It will be interesting to see how he further develops in the next book. So well done Amanda DeWees for another outstanding story! Truly looking forward to the next instalment. I was provided an ARC of Casting Shadows for an honest review in return. No compensation was received.