Catboat Summers

Catboat Summers

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by John E. Conway

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Classic Boat
In the winter of 1993 our family did something impetuously reckless by purchasing BUCKRAMMER, an almost 100-year-old, leak-and-rust-plagued, repair-hungry wooden boat... Sound familiar? We thought so.
The humour with which Conway tackles family cruising aboard his 1908 24 ft. (7.3m) Charles Crosby Catboat is guaranteed to keep the reader chuckling, as he slides from past to present and back again, each time drawing in another catboat from his past with its own unique character.
The narrative is real and unfussy and, frankly, funny as he chronicles a decade of cruising New England waters. The useful appendix at the end reveals technical details of the ongoing restoration process of BUCKRAMMER, including the tools involved, the best sources for materials and plans for improvements. Fun for all the family.
In Catboat Summers, the anecdotes, discoveries, dangers, frustrations and laughter blend seamlessly together to form a poignant tapestry of boating family life. And it's easy to feel affection for this catboat. BUCKRAMMER grows in stature with every chapter, becoming a full fledged member of the Conway family in her own right. It takes a true craftsman to bring a boat to life on the page in all her throbbing color.

Living Aboard
This delightful book illuminates one of the least common and most involving of the potential pleasures available to adventurous boat owners the stewardship of a beautiful and noteworthy antique wooden boat. John Conway is a man who takes seriously his role as caretaker of an irreplaceable treasure.

The author, through a process intimately connected to his personal and family history, acquired one of the historic catboats built at the Crosby yard in the early 20th century. Conway calls his boat a woodpile and refers frequently to the uncertainties and frustrations of maintaining a boat fast approaching its 100th birthday, but his affection for BUCKRAMMER shines from every page.

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Catboat Summers 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
¿Mr. Conway, this is Richard Earle, the Westport Harbor- master, and I'm afraid we've got a problem...' From the very first sentence, Catboat Summers draws the reader in. If you know a lot about boats, you¿ll know from the title that the book is about boats 'catboats are like large sailboats.' Now, I don¿t know a ton about big sailboats, but John Conway provides the reader with clear explanations about how they operate what they look like and other things you¿d need to know. This book is an adventure, with many exciting things happening! I gave this memoir five stars because it was very relatable. Every year my family rents a house down in Westport, Massachusetts, and that is where much of the story takes place. I have met John Conway before, and he seems very nice. He has won many catboat races and pieces together a lifetime of events all about his sailing career. My favorite chapter of the book was ¿The Quest for the Jumping Sandbar.¿ I have jumped off a similar one and the way John Conway talks about it, makes me feel like I am really there, flying through the air into the water. It is an excellent book for anyone who enjoys adventure, because this is definitely an adventure book. He has also been boating for over 40 years. Conway began boating in 1960, when his parents gave him and his 2 brothers a small, 8 foot boat. John Conway makes a book that could be to some, boring, and full of technical nautical experience, funny and exciting. He adds something that another author writing about boat experiences doesn¿t usually get across, and he does it with humor. This is his first novel, although he has written many magazine articles. If you ever are looking for a good book to read, definitely read Catboat Summers. I did, and I am happy about that. It is an excellent book for anyone who enjoys adventure, because this is definitely an adventure book. It was an awesome story and anyone would enjoy it, especially ghost story lovers!