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Cats and Kittens

Cats and Kittens

by Jinny Johnson

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Why do cats purr?

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Children's Literature - Jamie Hain
Household cats are related to the big wildcats that roam the jungles, forests and grasslands of the world. Unlike their large cousins, pet cats need their owners' help to stay happy and safe. This informative book gives readers an introduction into the world of cats, examining different aspects of cat behavior and explaining why cats behave in certain ways. From feeding to grooming to helping a cat acclimate to its new home, this book teaches readers what they need to know in order to properly care for their own pet cats. Part of the "Getting to Know Your Pet" series, this book contains a glossary, an index, and a list of websites with further information about life with cats. This book is written for the child pet-caregiver, and illustrations enhance and reinforce the information on every page. Information boxes answer common questions that new pet owners have about living with and caring for cats. There is also a section for parents about helping their children care for the new family pet, including tips on what pet-care jobs are appropriate for children and how to make sure the family pet stays safe and healthy. This book is a must-read for all first-time cat owners. Reviewer: Jamie Hain

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Creative Company, The
Publication date:
Get to Know Your Pet
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8.30(w) x 10.90(h) x 0.30(d)
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7 - 10 Years

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