Cattleman vs. Sheepherders: Violence in the West, 1880-1920

Cattleman vs. Sheepherders: Violence in the West, 1880-1920

by Bill O'Neal

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In this commonplace retelling of the cattleman-sheepherder conflicts, O'Neal gives competition for grazing land as the basis for the conflicts. But he does not go much deeper into the economics of cattle and sheep raising, preferring instead to concentrate on who shot whom. Thus, it is not entirely clear why some ranchers switched from cattle to sheep. O'Neal further weakens his narrative by not including information on flock sizes, which would help in assessing the destructiveness of each raid, and the number of incidents, which would give an indication of how widespread the violence actually was. The result is a perpetuation of the myth of the ``wild West'' that will not satisfy specialists, although it may be suitable for popular collections.-- Stephen H. Peters, Northern Michigan Univ. Lib., Marquette

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