Catwalk Glamour, Vol. 4

Catwalk Glamour, Vol. 4


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High Note Records

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Disc 1

  1. Bodyswerve  -  M-Gee
  2. Another Day  - Kid Massive
  3. Party Girl  - Ultra Naté
  4. Show Me Love '08
  5. Twisted  - Ultra Naté
  6. Can't Get Enough  -  Milk & Sugar
  7. Rhythm of the Night  -  Digital_mode
  8. Stop  -  Joan Kolova
  9. When You Touch Me  - Katherine Ellis
  10. Sound of the City  -  White Knights

Disc 2

  1. All Night Long  - Lisa Shaw
  2. My Home  -  Anthony Romeno
  3. Between Sky and Sea  -  Dive Index
  4. Breathe You In  - Samantha James
  5. Come Fly Away  -  Channing
  6. Push The Fader  -  Beatz Kinetic
  7. Stay  - Jj Flores
  8. Step One Two  - Haley Gibby
  9. Music In You  - Lisa Shaw
  10. Body Music  - Jamie Lewis
  11. Rough Times  -  Sunburst Band

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Mica Paris   Vocals
Robert Owens   Vocals
Karen Bernod   Background Vocals
Julian Crampton   Bass
Tony Remy   Guitar
Frank Tontoh   Drums
Yolanda Wyns   Vocals
Lisa Shaw   Vocals
Dave Warrin   Keyboards
Jay Bowman   Guitar
Flavio Cuva   Keyboards
Vincent Kwok   Keyboards
London Horns   Brass
Haley Gibby   Vocals
Matt Myers   Musician
Jaze Knight   Vocals
Onyx Ashanti   Synthesizer
Dean Rigg   Guitar
Kelly Mueller   Musician
Jim Knight   Saxophone
Michele Chivarini   Keyboards
Warren Myers   Musician

Technical Credits

Spagna   Composer
Ultra Naté   Composer
Nick Ashford   Composer
Steven Barkan   Engineer
Allen George   Composer
Fred McFarlane   Composer,Producer
David Preston   Composer
Valerie Simpson   Composer
Greg Sutton   Composer
Joey Negro   Producer
Mack   Composer,Producer
Julius Papp   Remix Arrangement
Jason Bentley   Additional Production
James Wiltshire   Composer
Andreas Allen   Composer
Mike Milk   Composer,Producer
Warren Clarke   Additional Production
Lisa Shaw   Composer
Dave Warrin   Composer,Producer
Jamie Lewis   Arranger,Composer,Producer,Executive Producer
White Knights   Producer
Kwame Kwaten   Composer
Steve Marston   Composer
Ed Baden-Powell   Composer
Russell Small   Composer
Flavio Cuva   Engineer
Steven Sugar   Composer
Ryan Raddon   Composer
Nicola Zucchi   Remixing,Additional Production
Richard Earnshaw   Composer,Remixing
Vincent Kwok   Engineer
Steve Smooth   Producer
Samantha James   Composer
Rocasound   Composer
Freemasons   Producer
M-Gee   Producer
Jason Gardiner   Composer
Daniel Jones   Composer
Katherine Ellis   Composer
Natalie Walker   Composer
Matt Myers   Remixing,Additional Production
Ayak Thiik   Composer
Chris "Smitty" Smith   Additional Production
Jaze Knight   Composer
Anthony Romeno   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Beatz Kinetic   Producer
Mac Tsai   Mastering
Benjamin Pedersen   Composer,Producer
A. Benassi   Composer
Nick Tcherniak   Composer
Allan George   Producer
Marc Clair   Composer
Denis McFarlan   Composer
M. Benassi   Composer
C. Banks   Composer
Adam Kershen   Remixing,Additional Production
G. Nelson   Composer
Soha Radjpoust   Remixing,Additional Production
Finn Bjarnson   Composer
Gary Phun   Executive Producer
James Urquhart   Composer
James Ewins   Composer
Jj Flores   Producer
Kelly Mueller   Remixing,Additional Production
Steven "Sugar" Harding   Producer
Alfredo Larry Pignagnoli   Executive Producer
Bruce Bennett Brody   Composer
John Efthimiou   Programming,Producer
Franco Special   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Nigel "Kj" Abela   Remixing
Olga Montes   Composer
Samantha Brown   Composer
Warren Myers   Remixing,Additional Production
Julien Leroux   Producer

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