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CCNP Remote Access Exam Certification Guide

CCNP Remote Access Exam Certification Guide

by Craig Dennis, Brian Morgan

ISBN-10: 1587200031

ISBN-13: 9781587200038

Pub. Date: 12/15/2000

Publisher: Pearson Education

The official study guide for the Cisco CCNP and CCDP(r) Remote Access exam

Coverage of all CCNP and CCDP Remote Access exam topics enables you to identify and fill your knowledge gaps before the exam date. You'll learn to:

  • Determine site requirements in a central office, branch office, and small/remote or home office, and select the proper Cisco


The official study guide for the Cisco CCNP and CCDP(r) Remote Access exam

Coverage of all CCNP and CCDP Remote Access exam topics enables you to identify and fill your knowledge gaps before the exam date. You'll learn to:

  • Determine site requirements in a central office, branch office, and small/remote or home office, and select the proper Cisco network devices for remote access purposes
  • Deploy physical connectivity of the WAN devices necessary for remote access purposes
  • Implement, configure, and control modem connections
  • Use the versatility of Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP)-essential to today's remote access networks
  • Deploy ISDN BRI connections as well as basic dial-on-demand routing (DDR) and advanced DDR options
  • Establish and control traffic through X.25 and Frame Relay connections
  • Manage network performance with queuing and compression
  • Scale access control in an expanding network using the AAA utility

CCNP Remote Access Exam Certification Guide is a comprehensive study tool for the CCNP/CCDP(r) Remote Access exam. This exam evaluates your ability to build a remote access network to interconnect central sites to branch offices and home office/telecommuters, control access to the central site, and maximize bandwidth utilization over the remote links. This book covers all the major topics on the Remote Access exam, enabling you to master the concepts and technologies upon which you will be tested.

Each chapter of CCNP Remote Access Exam Certification Guide focuses your study and tests your knowledge of the subjects through specially designed assessment and study features. "Do I Know This Already?" quizzes assess your knowledge and help you decide how much time you need to spend on each section within a chapter. The well-organized Foundation Topics sections detail all the exam topics you need to master. Each chapter includes a Foundation Summary section that highlights essential concepts for quick reference. Challenging chapter-ending review questions and exercises test your knowledge of the subject matter, reinforce key concepts, and provide you with the opportunity to apply what you've learned in the chapter. Finally, the companion CD-ROM's robust testing engine enables you to take practice exams that mimic the real testing environment. This customizable software lets you take a full sample exam, focus on particular topic areas, randomize answers for reusability, track your progress, and refer to electronic text to review concepts.

CCNP Remote Access Exam Certification Guide is part of a recommended learning path from Cisco Systems, Inc., that includes simulation and hands-on training from authorized Cisco Learning Partners and self-study and exam preparation guides from Cisco Press.

Companion CD-ROM

This companion CD-ROM contains a test bank with more than 200 practice questions.

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Pearson Education
Publication date:
CCNP/Ccdp Certification and Training Series
Product dimensions:
7.70(w) x 9.48(h) x 1.38(d)

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Table of Contents

Goals and Methodsxxi
Who Should Read This Book?xxi
Strategies for Exam Preparationxxii
How This Book Is Organizedxxii
Icons Used in This Bookxxv
Command Syntax Conventionsxxvi
Chapter 1All About the Cisco Certified Network Professional and Design Professional Certification3
How This Book Can Help You Pass the CCNP Remote Access Exam4
Overview of Cisco Certifications5
The Remote Access Exam and the CCNP and CCDP Certifications6
Exams Required for Certification7
Other Cisco Certifications8
What Is on the Remote Access Exam?9
Topics on the Exam9
Recommended Training Path for CCNP and CCDP11
How to Use This Book to Pass the Exam13
One Final Word of Advice14
You Have Passed Other CCNP Exams and Are Preparing for the Remote Access Exam14
You Have Passed the CCNA and Are Preparing for the Remote Access Exam15
You Have Experience and Want to Skip the Classroom Experience and Take the Remote Access Exam16
Chapter 2Cisco Remote Connection Products19
How to Best Use This Chapter20
"Do I Know This Already?" Quiz21
Foundation Topics23
Router Selection Criteria for Remote Access Purposes23
Selecting a WAN Connection Type for Remote Access Purposes25
Determining the Site Requirements26
Hardware Selection27
Foundation Summary34
Scenario 2-139
Scenario 2-239
Scenario Answers40
Scenario 2-1 Answers40
Scenario 2-2 Answers40
Chapter 3Assembling and Cabling the WAN Components43
How to Best Use This Chapter43
"Do I Know This Already?" Quiz44
Foundation Topics47
Choosing WAN Equipment48
Assembling and Cabling the Equipment54
Verifying the Installation55
Foundation Summary60
Scenario 3-163
Scenario Answers64
Scenario 3-1 Answers64
Chapter 4Configuring Asynchronous Connections with Modems67
How to Best Use This Chapter67
"Do I Know This Already?" Quiz68
Foundation Topics72
Modem Signaling72
Modem Configuration Using Reverse Telnet74
Router Line Numbering75
Basic Asynchronous Configuration78
Configuration of the Attached Modem82
Chat Scripts to Control Modem Connections84
Foundation Summary87
Chapter 5Configuring PPP and Controlling Network Access97
How to Best Use This Chapter97
"Do I Know This Already?" Quiz98
Foundation Topics101
PPP Background101
PPP Options105
PPP Troubleshooting112
Foundation Summary114
Scenario 5-1118
Scenarion 5-2119
Scenario 5-3119
Scenario Answers120
Scenario 5-1 Answers120
Scenario 5-2 Answers121
Scenario 5-3 Answers122
Chapter 6Using ISDN and DDR Technologies125
How to Best Use This Chapter125
"Do I Know This Already?" Quiz126
Foundation Topics130
POTS Versus ISDN130
BRI and PRI Basics131
Basic Rate Interface131
Implementing Basic DDR141
Advanced DDR Operations157
Primary Rate Interface166
Foundation Summary177
Scenario 6-1183
Scenario 6-2185
Scenario 6-3185
Scenario 6-4186
Scenario Answers187
Scenario 6-1 Answers187
Scenario 6-2 Answers188
Scenario 6-3 Answers189
Scenario 6-4 Answers190
Chapter 7Configuring a Cisco 700 Series Router193
How to Best Use This Chapter193
"Do I Know This Already?" Quiz194
Foundation Topics197
Cisco 700 Series Router Key Features and Functions197
Cisco 700 Series Router Profiles198
Configuring the Cisco 700 Series Router for IP Routing200
Routing with the Cisco 700 Series Router205
DHCP Overview207
Using the Cisco 700 Series Router as a DHCP Server and Relay Agent208
Foundation Summary210
Scenario 7-1217
Scenario Answers218
Scenario 7-1 Answers218
Chapter 8Establishing an X.25 Connection221
How to Best Use This Chapter221
"Do I Know This Already?" Quiz222
Foundation Topics226
X.25 Basics226
X.25 Layered Model229
Configuring X.25233
Foundation Summary240
Scenario 8-1: X.25 Initial Configuration245
Scenario 8-2: X.25 Options246
Scenario Answers247
Scenario 8-1 Answers247
Scenario 8-2 Answers248
Chapter 9Frame Relay Connection Controlling Traffic Flow251
How to Best Use This Chapter251
"Do I Know This Already?" Quiz252
Foundation Topics257
Understanding Frame Relay257
Frame Relay Topologies259
Frame Relay Configuration263
Frame Relay Traffic Shaping270
Frame Relay Traffic Shaping Configuration272
Foundation Summary276
Scenario 9-1284
Scenario 9-2285
Scenario 9-3285
Scenario Answers286
Scenario 9-1 Answers286
Scenario 9-2 Answers287
Scenario 9-3 Answers287
Chapter 10Managing Network Performance with Queuing and Compression291
How to Best Use This Chapter291
"Do I Know This Already?" Quiz292
Foundation Topics296
Queuing Overview296
Compression Overview312
Foundation Summary317
Scenario 10-1324
Scenario 10-2325
Scenario 10-3325
Scenario 10-4326
Scenario Answers327
Scenario 10-1 Answers327
Scenario 10-2 Answers327
Scenario 10-3 Answers328
Scenario 10-4 Answers329
Chapter 11Scaling IP Addresses with NAT331
How to Best Use This Chapter331
"Do I Know This Already?" Quiz332
Foundation Topics336
Characteristics of NAT336
Simple NAT Translation338
Overlapping Networks339
TCP Load Distribution340
NAT Definitions342
NAT Configurations343
Verification of NAT Translation350
Port Address Translation352
Foundation Summary355
Scenario 11-1361
Scenario 11-2361
Scenario 11-3362
Scenario Answers363
Scenario 11-1 Answers363
Scenario 11-2 Answers364
Scenario 11-3 Answers364
Chapter 12Using AAA to Scale Access Control in an Expanding Network367
How to Best Use This Chapter367
"Do I Know This Already?" Quiz368
Foundation Topics372
AAA Overview372
Interface Types373
AAA Configuration374
AAA Authorization381
AAA Accounting382
Virtual Profiles385
Foundation Summary387
Scenario 12-1393
Scenario Answers394
Scenario 12-1 Answers394
Appendix AAnswers to the "Do I Know This Already?" Quizzes and Q&A Sections397

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