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by Kevin Davidson

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Kevin Davidson   Primary Artist
Jackie Clark   Bass
Patrick Smith   Drums
Steve Bethany   Guitar
Keith M.   Tenor (Vocal)
Antwan Davis   Bass
Veronica A.   Alto (Vocal)
B.J. Adams   Tenor (Vocal)
Alexandria B.   Soprano (Vocal)
Alicia B.   Soprano (Vocal)
Chris B.   Tenor (Vocal)
Demetria B.   Alto (Vocal)
Derrell B.   Tenor (Vocal)
Irene B.   Tenor (Vocal)
Larry B.   Tenor (Vocal)
Magnolia B.   Alto (Vocal)
Quentillas B.   Tenor (Vocal)
Terrell B.   Tenor (Vocal)
Cory M.   Tenor (Vocal)
Hal M.   Tenor (Vocal)
Norris M.   Soprano (Vocal)
Romani M.   Alto (Vocal)
Victoria M.   Alto (Vocal)
Walsarena M.   Alto (Vocal)
Deon C.   Tenor (Vocal)
Ira C.   Alto (Vocal)
LaTunja M.   Soprano (Vocal)
Marque Walker   Synthesizer,Horn,Keyboards
Napoleon Y.   Tenor (Vocal)
Rod Vester   Synthesizer,Horn,Keyboards
Chejuna Gray   Alto (Vocal)
Angie D.   Alto (Vocal)
Brian D.   Tenor (Vocal)
Cheryl D.   Alto (Vocal)
Eboni D.   Soprano (Vocal)
Shana D.   Vocals
Tonya D.   Alto (Vocal)
Wylie Dickerson   Vocals
Willie E.   Tenor (Vocal)
Courtney F.   Tenor (Vocal)
Keir F.   Tenor (Vocal)
Kelsey F.   Tenor (Vocal)
Anedra G.   Soprano (Vocal)
Terrell G.   Tenor (Vocal)
Zanderia G.   Soprano (Vocal)
Daffie H.   Soprano (Vocal)
Leodess H.   Alto (Vocal)
Melissa H.   Soprano (Vocal)
Samuel H.   Tenor (Vocal)
Shawne H.   Soprano (Vocal)
Tammy H.   Alto (Vocal)
Vickeye H.   Alto (Vocal)
April J.   Alto (Vocal)
Kenny J.   Tenor (Vocal)
Tobelarro J.   Tenor (Vocal)
Toschecha J.   Soprano (Vocal)
Trevia J.   Soprano (Vocal)
Angela K.   Soprano (Vocal)
Marquecio K.   Tenor (Vocal)
Cynthia L.   Soprano (Vocal)
Edward "Hot" Cleveland   Drums
Michelle P.   Soprano (Vocal)
Shana P.   Tenor (Vocal)
Tabitha P.   Alto (Vocal)
Toya P.   Alto (Vocal)
Eugene R.   Tenor (Vocal)
Jackie R.   Alto (Vocal)
Jeremy R.   Tenor (Vocal)
LaShundra R.   Alto (Vocal)
Vishnue R.   Alto (Vocal)

Technical Credits

Niko Lyras   Engineer
Mark Taylor   Producer
Kevin Davidson   Director,Producer
Ken Harding   Producer
Andrea Green   Director
Marque Walker   Producer,drum programming
Timothy Powell   Engineer
Mark Taylor   Producer,drum programming
Leodess Houston   Director
Wylie Dickerson   Liner Notes

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