Celebrate With Cindy I & II

Celebrate With Cindy I & II

by Cindy Paley

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Sisu Home Ent.

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Disc 1

  1. Tapuchim U'Dvash  - Cindy Paley
  2. Shana Tova  - Cindy Paley
  3. Toke'a Hashofar  - Cindy Paley
  4. Sing Along Song  - Cindy Paley
  5. L'Shana Tova  - Cindy Paley
  6. Tekiyah  - Cindy Paley
  7. These Are the Days  - Cindy Paley
  8. Let's Be Friends  - Cindy Paley
  9. Al Take  - Cindy Paley
  10. This Is What We Need to Build a Sukkah  - Cindy Paley
  11. Patish, Masmer  - Cindy Paley
  12. Hasukkah Ma Yafa  - Cindy Paley
  13. Shlomit Bona Sukkat Shalom  - Cindy Paley
  14. Basukkah Shelanu  - Cindy Paley
  15. Sisu V'Simchu  - Cindy Paley
  16. Yisrael V'Oraita  - Cindy Paley
  17. Agil V'Esmach  - Cindy Paley
  18. L'Shalom Livracha  - Cindy Paley
  19. Sevivon Sov, Sov  - Cindy Paley
  20. Chanukah Chag Yafe  - Cindy Paley
  21. Oh Chanukah  - Cindy Paley
  22. Burn Little Candles  - Cindy Paley
  23. Maccabee March  - Cindy Paley
  24. Lichvod Hachanukah  - Cindy Paley
  25. Take a Potato  - Cindy Paley
  26. The Latke Song  - Cindy Paley
  27. I Have a Little Driedel  - Cindy Paley
  28. The Dreidel Song

Disc 2

  1. Let's Go Plant Today  - Cindy Paley
  2. Hashkediya  - Cindy Paley
  3. Ki Tavo'u  - Cindy Paley
  4. Kach Holchim Hashotlim/Tu Bishvat  - Cindy Paley
  5. Chag Purim  - Cindy Paley
  6. Purim Masqueraders  - Cindy Paley
  7. Leitzan Katan/Yom Tov Lanu  - Cindy Paley
  8. Lakova Sheli  - Cindy Paley
  9. Hop Mayne Hometashn  - Cindy Paley
  10. Ani Purim  - Cindy Paley
  11. You Can Change the World  - Cindy Paley
  12. Pesach Is  - Cindy Paley
  13. Simcha Raba  - Cindy Paley
  14. I Am the Afikomen  - Cindy Paley
  15. Building Cities  - Cindy Paley
  16. Listen, King Pharaoh  - Cindy Paley
  17. One Morning  - Cindy Paley
  18. The Ten Plagues  - Cindy Paley
  19. Out of Egypt  - Cindy Paley
  20. Avadim Hayinu  - Cindy Paley
  21. Dayenu  - Cindy Paley
  22. Hora Medley: Zemer Lach/Am Yisrael Chai/David Melech Yisrael/V'shuv Itc  - Cindy Paley
  23. Kachol V'Lavan  - Cindy Paley
  24. Torah Torah  - Cindy Paley
  25. Saleinu Al K'Tefeinu  - Cindy Paley
  26. Ten Commandments  - Cindy Paley

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Cindy Paley   Primary Artist,Vocals
Dori Amarilio   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar
Ann Brown   Vocals,Background Vocals,Soloist
Lisa Edelstein   Flute,Piccolo
Uri Ophir   Accordion,Keyboards,Sampling,Musical Direction
Linda Robbins   Vocals
Isaac Sadigursky   Clarinet
Max Sass   shofar
Kenny Ellis   Vocals
Linda Kates   Vocals
Avital Aboody   Choir, Chorus
Asaf Ophir   Choir, Chorus
Ariel Aboody   Choir, Chorus
Alana Alpert   Choir, Chorus
Aaren Alpert   Choir, Chorus
Julia Zuckerman   Choir, Chorus
Ellah Orevi   Choir, Chorus
Efrat Ophir   Choir, Chorus
Debbie Pouratian   Choir, Chorus
Carolyn Nosrat   Choir, Chorus
Sarra Alpert   Choir, Chorus
Oraneet Orevi   Choir, Chorus
Maya Paley   Choir, Chorus

Technical Credits

Rick Cunha   Engineer
Cindy Paley   Producer,Introduction
Uri Ophir   Arranger,Orchestration
Shlomo Carlebach   Composer
Debbie Friedman   Composer
Hayim Nachman Bialik   Composer
Traditional   Composer
Kenny Ellis   Composer,Introduction
Jeff Klepper   Composer
N. Nardi   Composer
Ray Cook   Composer
S. E. Goldfarb   Composer
Jeff Salkin   Composer
Leah Abrams   Composer
G. Gewirtz Hedaya   Composer
Don Rossoff   Composer
Steven Carr Reuben   Composer
Nili Ziv   Introduction
Lisa Rauchwerger   Cover Design

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