Celiac Disease Nutrition Guide

Celiac Disease Nutrition Guide

by Tricia Thompson

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Reviewer:Neva L Crogan, PhD, APRN, BC(University of Arizona College of Nursing)
Description:This is an easy-to-understand nutrition guide written to unravel the secrets of celiac disease. This book is one of two new nutrition guides sponsored by the American Dietetic Association.
Purpose:According to the authors, the purpose is to provide an introductory booklet for those patients newly diagnosed with celiac disease and for nutrition professionals working with people with celiac disease.
Audience:The guide was written for celiac disease patients and nutrition professionals working with them.
Features:This short, easy-to-understand booklet describes the basics of celiac disease. A description of the disease, signs and symptoms, nutritional treatment options, a discussion of safe and unsafe grains, food choice guidelines, and sample meal ideas are included. Eating away from home is discussed, as well as nutritional implications of the gluten-free diet. Also included is a list of sources for gluten-free foods, plus a list of support groups, magazines, books, and useful Web sites. Sample recipes are provided to give readers examples of gluten-free foods.
Assessment:What a great idea! Celiac disease is a complex disease that some find difficult to understand. This booklet provides information about the disease using a brief, inviting format. It will be useful for those recently diagnosed with celiac disease, as well as for healthcare practitioners who are looking for educational materials for their patients.

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