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The sound of fiddles, bagpipes, accordians and jew's harps are imitated vocally on this collection of mouth music (a.k.a. lilting or diddling).See more details below


The sound of fiddles, bagpipes, accordians and jew's harps are imitated vocally on this collection of mouth music (a.k.a. lilting or diddling).

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Ellipsis Arts


  1. Just a Song You Can Dance To...
  2. Diddlage
  3. Strathspey/The Reel of Tulloch  - John MacDonald
  4. Mouth Music  - John Faulkner
  5. Marie-Louise
  6. Reel a Bouche
  7. Reel Á Bouche Acadien (Horses, Geese, and One Old Man)
  8. The Roand to Ballynure
  9. An Sean Duine Dóite (The Burnt Old Man)
  10. B'fhéarr Mar a Bha Mi 'N Uiridh/Fear an Dúin Mhóir (Horo! My Regret
  11. Puirt a Beul
  12. Molly Brannigan
  13. Puirt a Beul
  14. Lilting With Fiddle, Guitar, and Bones
  15. The Drunken Piper
  16. The Collier's Reel
  17. Within a Mile of Dublin  - Tim Lyons
  18. Scots Bagpipe Lilts
  19. The Girl That Broke My Heart
  20. Piping Imitation
  21. Uamh an Oir (The Cave of Gold)
  22. The Little Pack of Tailors
  23. What Would You Do?
  24. Tha M'Inntin Raoir/A'mhisg a Chuir an Nollaig Oirnn (Last Night My ...)
  25. Bird Imitations
  26. Puirt Medley
  27. Dh'fhalbhainn Sgiobalta/Meal Do Bhrogan/Nead Na Lach' as a Luachair
  28. La Cou de Ma Bouteille (My Bottle's Neck)
  29. The Cuckoo's Nest
  30. La Poule Qui Couve (The Hen That Lays)
  31. As I Roved Out
  32. La Luette en Colére
  33. Children's Songs in Lallans Scots
  34. The Roving Journeyman
  35. The Four Courts Reel
  36. Mon Vieux Est Jaloux
  37. Pretty Little GIrl with a Blue Dress On

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Seamus Ennis   Track Performer
Dolores Keane   Track Performer
Mouth Music   Vocals,Ensemble,Djembe,Vocal Harmony
John MacDonald   Track Performer
Tim Lyons   Track Performer
John Faulkner   Track Performer
Paddy Tunney   Track Performer
Grey Larsen   Track Performer
Eilidh Mackenzie   Track Performer
Sarah Makem   Track Performer
Goadec Sisters   Track Performer
Lee Graham   Track Performer
Tommy Gunn   Track Performer
Yann-Fanch Kemener   Track Performer
Mary Ann Kennedy   Track Performer
André Marchand   Track Performer
Christine Primrose   Track Performer
Frank Quinn   Track Performer
James Flournoy Holmes   Track Performer
Jeannie Robertson   Track Performer
Josie McDermott   Track Performer
Annie Johnston   Track Performer
Audrey Saint-Coeur   Track Performer
Colm O'Donnell   Track Performer
Kelly Allan   Track Performer
Elizabeth White   Track Performer
Kenna Campbell   Track Performer
McPeake Family   Track Performer
Mary Campbell   Track Performer
Mrs. Arthur MacArthur   Track Performer
Benoît Benoît   Track Performer
Charbonniers de l'Enfer   Track Performer
Emma Shelton   Track Performer

Technical Credits

Seamus Ennis   Arranger
Mouth Music   Tama
John MacDonald   Arranger
Tim Lyons   Arranger
Paddy Tunney   Arranger
Grey Larsen   Arranger
Eilidh Mackenzie   Arranger
Goadec Sisters   Arranger
Bridget Fitzgerald   Arranger
Tommy Gunn   Arranger,Liner Notes
Alan Kelly   Arranger
Yann-Fanch Kemener   Arranger
Mary Ann Kennedy   Arranger
Talitha MacKenzie   Arranger
André Marchand   Arranger
Jon Pickow   Mastering
Christine Primrose   Arranger
Jesse Winch   Engineer
Joe Holmes   Arranger
Len Graham   Arranger
Jeffrey Charno   Executive Producer
Steve Winick   translation
Jeannie Robertson   Arranger
Joanna Jaeger   Art Direction
Josie McDermott   Arranger
Matthew Kopka   Producer,Liner Notes
Annie Johnston   Arranger
Audrey Saint-Coeur   Arranger
Colm O'Donnell   Arranger
Elizabeth White   Arranger
Norman Kennedy   Arranger
Gordon Easton   Arranger
Elizabeth Cronin   Arranger
Finlay Maclean   Arranger
Charbonniers de l'Enfer   Arranger
Jean Redford   Arranger
Paddy Doran   Arranger

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