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Cemetery Street

Cemetery Street

by Brenda Seabrooke, P. I. Pinkertin

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An engaging, often humourous, new-kid-at-school story combined with a spooky and suspenseful mystery in a can't-put-down novel guaranteed to delight readers ages 8-12. It was bad enough that Courtney's mom, recently divorced from her latest husband, has moved the family all the way from Vermont to Florida; but when she rented a rattletrap house on Cemetery Street, it


An engaging, often humourous, new-kid-at-school story combined with a spooky and suspenseful mystery in a can't-put-down novel guaranteed to delight readers ages 8-12. It was bad enough that Courtney's mom, recently divorced from her latest husband, has moved the family all the way from Vermont to Florida; but when she rented a rattletrap house on Cemetery Street, it was just too much! Fifteen-year-old Courtney is used to being uprooted, to being the practical member of the family, to looking out for her half brother, Bucky. She's smart and sensible and knows how to stay invisible at each new school she attends. But living on Cemetery Street proves to be more of a challenge than even Courtney can handle. It brings her unwanted celebrity at school; attention from Josh, a handsome classmate, who recruits her to do a "how kids decorate their lockers" column for the school paper; and involvement in an escalating mystery. The creepy cemetery and surrounding jungle next to her house are a bit spooky, but Courtney doesn't really believe in ghosts. Then strange things start happening. Lights flicker in the graveyard; tombs are desecrated with satanic markings; an innocent puppy is mysteriously killed. Suspense builds as Courtney and Josh investigate enntombment. Solid detective work leads the young investigative reporters to uncover a diabolical publicity stunt by a celebrated author and his henchman. Fast paced and suspenseful, this perfect-for-Halloween mystery also offers an engaging and affecting story of fragile family bonds and fledgling friendships.

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Melyssa Malinowski
Courtney's life has never been an easy one. Her mom is a bit of a flake that appears to get married as a hobby and when those marriages do not work out, the family moves. This process happens a lot. Courtney has been to fourteen schools already and she is only fifteen. This time the move is from New Hampshire to Limbo Key, Florida. Being strapped for cash, as they always are, the only place they can afford to rent is a house on Cemetery Street, so named based on its proximity to an actual cemetery. At school Courtney works hard and joins the staff of the newspaper, seemingly finding her niche. Everything is going just fine until Halloween rolls around. Bucky, Courtney's little brother, goes missing and she and Josh, a friend with the potential for more, go looking for him. In the process they are caught by a pair of "Demons" who want to sacrifice them. Can they escape? Can they figure out where the demons come from or who they really are before anything else happens? This novel is a fun and engaging read. While the main characters are fifteen, the writing is a little juvenile, making it accessible to middle school students. The story is not particularly scary but has just the right amount of spooky entertainment. It also leaves you with the hope that Courtney and Bucky will be okay and that their mother may provide some stability. That being said, the cover is HORRIBLE! It looks like something pulled from the 1970s or 1980s and does not suit a present day story or the 2008 publication date. It makes the book extremely unapproachable. So while it is a story worth having, it probably will not circulate without help. Reviewer: Melyssa Malinowski
School Library Journal

Gr 6-9

High school sophomore Courtney has just moved to Limbo Key, FL, with her flaky mother, who goes through husbands at breakneck speed, and her little brother, Bucky. She has to deal with a lot as she struggles to fit in at school: the only house they can afford is next to the cemetery, Mom doesn't seem concerned about getting a job although they are running out of money, and Courtney often plays the role of mother to Bucky. Set against this backdrop is the bizarre story of Satanists in the area. Dr. White, a sort of doomsday peddler, has been speaking at the school and the public library about his books on devil worship and warning the community to beware. Suddenly, strange things are happening in the cemetery, where Bucky's puppy is found with its throat slit. Courtney, with help from a new friend who gets her involved in the school newspaper, tries to solve the mystery, which culminates in the teens being locked in tombs on Halloween night. Courtney is a likable character, and it is her story that holds readers' attention. The Satanist plot is not really focused on until the last third of the book and seems forced and preachy. Though it has many elements of a compelling read, this novel unfortunately falls short.-Jake Pettit, Thompson Valley High School Library, Loveland, CO

Kirkus Reviews
Arriving with their oft-wedded but currently single mom in Limbo Key, Fla., when their car dies, Courtney and little brother Bucky are not pleased with their rental on Cemetery Street. No money means using castoffs and even stumps to furnish the place, and the cemetery next door is gloomy. Bucky wants a puppy, Courtney wants high school to be bearable and their mother seems to be unable to focus, as does this book. For a 15-year-old, Courtney reads very young, and her love interest, the handsome, popular Josh, rapidly falls for her in spite of the dog doo she accidentally wears on her sandals on her first day of school. While a prologue about being in a tomb promises a super-scary story, the lighthearted humor in Courtney's voice contradicts this, resulting in a mishmash that will satisfy few. Bucky's first dog meets a gruesome end and there are hints about Satanic involvement, but these elements clash with the apparent main plot of new-girl-moves-to-town-and-conquers-all-she-encounters-with-guts. (Fiction. 10-14)

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I grew up in south Georgia in a land of story tellers. People sat on porches and around fireplaces and told stories, often the same story over and over, sometimes exaggerating a little or a lot. My mother read to me until I memorized my picture books, then I pretended to read them myself. As soon as I figured out that books had authors, I knew that was what I wanted to be. The greatest day in my childhood was the day I demonstrated to the children's librarian at the Carnegie Library that I could read and got my own library card at age six. I was only allowed to check out two books at a time on my card and two on my mother's card. Several times a week I rode my pony and later my horse to the library, tied him to the telephone pole outside the children's room and checked out four new books which I devoured. I always hated to let go of the characters in the end. So after I finished a book, I continued the stories, making up further adventures that went on and on. My favorites were mysteries and animal books.

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