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Censored by Earth Command [Cavalry and Lasers Volume 3]

Censored by Earth Command [Cavalry and Lasers Volume 3]

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by David Kuzminski

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The final book in the Censored by Earth Command Trilogy, Cavalry and Lasers is a must read! [Warning: Contains Sexual Situations]


The final book in the Censored by Earth Command Trilogy, Cavalry and Lasers is a must read! [Warning: Contains Sexual Situations]

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Chapter 1

Sergeant Isabelle Martine looked at John's cock for a moment before deciding she wasn't quite ready for him. He possessed a bigger cock than either Ray, whom she gave her virginity to, or Steve, whom she was also considering. Since Ray, or Lieutenant Grim, was in another sector, her choice was limited between Steve and John as she wanted size, having only known Ray so far.

Screwing up her courage, she walked over to Steve who was still hairless over his entire body, the result of something that happened when the Lizzars kidnapped him and others from Earth. She stopped before him and glanced down at his cock once before speaking.

"Steve, I'm Isabelle. Will you fuck me?"

"Uh, sure, if you want. You want to do it here or in one of the caves?" he replied.

She said, "Here is fine enough since I need to get over any shyness before I leave on the offensive."

"Oh, you're from the academy. How do you want to start?"

She said, "I think a blow job is my first priority. The colonel advised us to use that or a hand job while in the field unless we have to get down and really fuck. Just stand there and I'll try to give you a good one."

"Okay, but I come easily and pretty heavily."

She said, "And I need the practice," before wrapping her lips around his cock. She was astounded moments later when his already large cock expanded to larger than Ray's. Regardless, she was determined to do her best as she flicked her tongue about the head of his dick and tantalized him until he came. She tasted him before swallowing though he continued to come and she almost gagged. She finally released him, saying, "You weren't kidding aboutcoming," before taking a breath and shoving his cock back into her mouth, taking as much as possible while letting his cum slide down her throat. She moved her head back and forth along his cock until she sensed he wasn't going to release anymore without further stimulation.

Isabelle reached up between his legs and gently caressed his huge balls. Another shot of his cum shot out into her mouth for her to swallow before she finally released him. Immediately lying on her back with her legs open.

"Take me now," she said softly.

Steve lowered himself into position and felt her clit before positioning himself and entering her. She gasped as the larger-than-Ray's cock entered her pussy and immediately began to respond to his thrusts, meeting him halfway as she urged him on until he came one last time inside her.

Steve said, "Thank you. I enjoyed this. Did you come?"

"No," she replied.

"Ah, then let me try some more. You deserve to enjoy this as much as I did."

"Thanks, but I just couldn't get the right feeling."

Steve said, "Okay, but I'm willing to try for you."

"No, I don't think I have that much time. I have cavalry practice soon. I better get back to my platoon," she replied.

Steve withdrew from her and gently rolled off before she got up with a smile and left to take a quick swim.

• • •

Corporal Kristi Wallensky stared briefly at Sergeant Martine as she dove into the water. She didn't miss seeing the dripping semen on her legs before she dove in. Kristi swam over to Isabelle and asked, "Did you do John yet?"

"No, I tried Steve. Good, but not what I wanted."

"Steve is good. I've had him a few times. Pisses Mike off sometimes, but she knows she can't handle him by herself. He sure does come, doesn't he?"

"I must have swallowed enough to fill a juice glass. Probably not, but it felt like it."

Copyright © 2006 David L. Kuzminski.

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