Centaur of the Crime

Centaur of the Crime

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by Michael Angel

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Dayna Chrissie, the leading Crime Scene Analyst for the LAPD, enjoys nothing more than finding the one clue that can solve a crime.

The day she finds a golden medallion on a body that’s been dumped at a downtown construction site, she doesn’t think much about it. Until that medallion transports her to the magical kingdom of Andeluvia. Dayna…  See more details below


Dayna Chrissie, the leading Crime Scene Analyst for the LAPD, enjoys nothing more than finding the one clue that can solve a crime.

The day she finds a golden medallion on a body that’s been dumped at a downtown construction site, she doesn’t think much about it. Until that medallion transports her to the magical kingdom of Andeluvia. Dayna discovers that she’s been summoned to solve the murder of the realm’s king, before war breaks out between Andeluvia and the Centaur Kingdoms.

When the trail of evidence leads from Andeluvia, back to LA, Dayna must bring all of her forensic skill to bear in order to solve the case. The price of failure? A war that will kill millions and devastate both lands.

Hope she works best under pressure.


Included with this story are preview chapters of Michael Angel’s urban/contemporary fantasy, The Detective & The Unicorn.

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Centaur of the Crime 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
CelticMom1967 More than 1 year ago
As a reader I give a book 50 pages to hook me and sometimes 100 if the author is lucky, Angel hooked me in the first five. Centaur of the Crime is both engaging and entertaining. I enjoyed Angel's character development and detailed descriptions. I was pulled into the novel and was welcomed into the story. Looking forward to more from Michael Angel.
MichaelDBritton More than 1 year ago
Michael Angel delivers a page-turning novel in a unique sub-genre with Centaur of the Crime. This author knows how to grab a reader, hook that reader, and pull that reader through a story - it's called terrific cliff-hangers. At the end of every chapter, you just want to read the next - like an addiction. Angel has built a rich fantasy world - Andeluvia - into which our likable leading lady Dayna Chrissie, an L.A. medical examiner, is thrust. The stakes are high, as "Lady Chrissie" must act fast to solve the murder of that realm's king and avert a devastating war. Twists, turns and action abound, with a highly entertaining level of humor and sophistication. The assembled allies - an outcast centaur wizard, a noble aging griffin, and an ostracized "bad luck charm" deer creature - form an "A-Team" of magical crime-solving and true camaraderie. I very much look forward to a sequel!
Theah1771 More than 1 year ago
Angel has written a stand up fantasy mystery. Dayna Chrissie, a Medical Examiner in Los Angeles, is summoned to investigate a puzzling murder scene. While there, we get a hint of a romantic entanglement with a detective, and the first of a number of heart rending shocks as someone tries to murder her. She absently pockets a medallion she finds in the murder victim's chest, which turns out to be a summoning talisman. Whisked away to the magical world of Andeluvia, she is greeted by a handsome centaur wizard who explains she has been brought there to solve the murder of the King. When it turns out this murder is connected to the one she had been investigating in LA, she discovers hardly any one really wants the mystery solved. Still, she presses on with advice from a wise old owl and help from an aging gryphon with kitten soft fur, an unlucky fayleene with a broken antler, and the centaur wizard, who has failed to live up to his father's, the centaur king, expectations. Together, this motley band must solve the puzzle and do it before a war between humans and centaurs can rip the magical world apart. I was constantly worried about the characters as Angel puts the lot of them in tight spots as this fast paced mystery unfolds. I eagerly pressed the next page button all the way to the end, where he wraps everything up satisfactorily and hints at the possibility sequel. I say, "Hurry up!"
syrimne More than 1 year ago
This story really is "CSI meets CS Lewis," and a really fun read. Dayna Chrissie, Office of the Medical Examiner in LA, thinks she is about to investigate a run-of-the-mill murder, but a number of facts don't add up in the case and she finds herself instead transported into another world. There, she is promptly (and unwillingly) enlisted in helping to stop a war by solving the murder of their king. She has a time limit to accomplish this, of course...all without equipment or a lab and surrounded by suspects who seem like the product of a nervous breakdown she suspects she might be having, and/or some kind of chemically-induced hallucination. I won't say too much more about the plot, as I don't want to do the spoiler thing, but I absolutely love the rag-tag band of characters the heroine collects from this other world. Not only are they all likable, sympathetic characters (not always easy to do in fantasy, where it's easy to follow the tropes and create really cardboard archetypes instead of living, breathing "people"), but Dayna really does get handed every single "loser" in this fantastical world. Every one of them is completely endearing, from the centaur with a father-complex, to my personal favorite, the world's only unlucky Fayleene (a deer-like creature famous for their inbuilt good-luck-bringing qualities...well, most of them anyway). When the group follows the evidence back to "our" world, the story only gets better...some of the scenes of this group trying to survive Los Angeles were laugh out-loud funny, which doesn't often happen for me with books. Angel manages the nearly impossible...creating memorable characters in the midst of an intriguing mystery, action, humor and heart. There is even room for a little romance in the mix. I look forward to the next installment in the series!
tavernlassie More than 1 year ago
What do you get when you mix up a police procedural, a gotta-save-the-world plot, and the Fantasy Island of Misfit Toys? Centaur of the Crime. Peopled with varied characters (perhaps "peopled" isn't the best word; maybe "inhabited" would be better) on believable personal development arcs, the novel is a quick and satisfying read. Dayna and her LAPD brethren are puzzled by a body that turns up in their jurisdiction, and only the open-mindedness wrought by her medical examiner training allows her to discover the truth. When she is whisked away into a land of centaurs and griffins, she keeps her cool -- not to mention her eye on the professional ball. She is determined to solve the mystery of multiple deaths in multiple universes. Another reviewer compared Dayna to Abby Sciuto, and the parallel is striking. You, as the reader, really come to care about her and her friends. The LA scenes feel well-grounded, full of salient detail. The scenes that take place in the other universe have an internal logic of their own. When the worlds come together, suspense ensues, but not without humor and soul. If a griffin really did turn up in LA, you can bet the reactions of the passerby would be exactly as described. I highly recommend this book. If you enjoy political intrigue, forensic analysis, solving riddles, and rooting for the underdog, then this one is for you.
CampbellsBookSoup More than 1 year ago
If Abby Scuito and Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs (CBS's NCIS) were merged into one character -- you'd get Dayna Chrissie: a strong, independent crime scene investigator for the LAPD who has a thing for 'stompy gothic boots of doom' and Chunky Chocolate Coma ice cream. But when Dayna is transported to another world to help solve a murder of the king of the human realm, she is introduced to a collection of creatures and characters who will test her senses and her knowledge of how things work on Earth as well as Andeluvia. She will build a team of rejects: Galen who has been rejected by his father; Shaw who has been rejected by his rider; and Liam who has been rejected by his people -- and take them back to Los Angeles to research and investigate how the murder happened and reduce the suspect list. Michael Angel creates two worlds rich with sensory details. His word-play injects a little sense of humor and can cause the reader to smirk, smile and even chuckle out loud as well as shorten your breath, cause you to pause and reflect about your own relationships with others. I hope that Angel will play in this world again, as I'd love to see more of Andeluvia and it's residents.