by Kristin Petrie

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Children's Literature - Danielle Williams
Centipedes aren't insects. Technically, they aren't bugs either, but to children, anything tiny that crawls on many legs is a bug—and fascinating. Presenting a variety of creepy crawly details accompanied by detailed color photos, Petrie provides scientific facts about centipedes in a way that makes learning about them fun and interesting. Petrie begins with a basic description of centipedes and an explanation of their scientific names, along with an explanation of how scientific names are derived. The author then proceeds to give more in-depth information about centipedes' bodies, how to tell the difference between centipedes and other arthropods, and explains the lifecycle of centipedes. Petrie then describes what centipedes eat, how they catch and consume their prey, and what preys on them. The text concludes with a warning about handling centipedes, which can be poisonous, as well as an explanation of how centipedes are useful to the environment. The color photographs add depth and insight to the text; "bug bytes" provide additional snippets of information about each topic. Includes a glossary and a pronunciation guide at the end of the text, which is part of the "Bugs!" series. Reviewer: Danielle Williams

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