Central Auditory Processing: A Transdisciplinary View / Edition 1

Central Auditory Processing: A Transdisciplinary View / Edition 1

by Jack L. Katz

ISBN-10: 1556643721

ISBN-13: 9781556643729

Pub. Date: 11/28/1992

Publisher: Mosby, Incorporated

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Mosby, Incorporated
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18 Years

Table of Contents

Pt. IIntroduction1
1Introduction to Central Auditory Processing3
Pt. IIAnatomical and Physiological Considerations9
2Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology of Central Auditory Processing11
3Acoustic Reflex in Frequency Selectivity: Brain Stem, Auditory Evoked Response and Speech Discrimination39
4Functional Changes in Central Auditory Pathways Resulting From Cochlear Diseases47
5Imaging Techniques and Auditory Processing61
Pt. IIIBasic Considerations79
6Classification of Auditory Processing Disorders81
7Auditory Processing of Speech93
8Auditory Processing Disorder or Attention-Deficit Disorder?107
Pt. IVAudiologic Considerations and Approaches115
9Central Auditory Processing: Implications in Audiology117
10Screening and Evaluation of Central Auditory Processing Disorders in Young Children129
11Central Auditory Processing Disorders in the Elderly: Fact or Fiction?141
12Auditory Event-Related Potentials in Central Auditory Disorders151
13Audiologic Management of Central Auditory Processing Disorders161
14Speech and Speech Disorders: Implications for Central Auditory Processing169
Pt. VSpeech-Language Considerations and Approaches177
15Language, Language Learning, and Language Disorder: Implications for Central Auditory Processing179
16Relationship of Otitis Media to Speech Processing and Language Development187
17Speech-Language Management of Central Auditory Processing Disorders199

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