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Century Media Covers Century

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Disc 1

  1. The Book of Heavy Metal
  2. Broken  -  Dark Tranquillity
  3. Whatever That Hurts
  4. December
  5. Watching Over Me
  6. Alma Mater  -  Wolf
  7. Burning Angel  -  Mercenary
  8. Master Killer
  9. Execute Them All
  10. Vermin  -  Grave
  11. Officer Down  -  Architects
  12. Outconditioned
  13. Human Dissection
  14. Oh My Fucking God
  15. Baphomet's Throne  -  Maroon
  16. Breeding Death

Disc 2

  1. Believe in Nothing
  2. Let the Killing Begin
  3. The Weapon They Fear
  4. Monochromatic Stains  -  Agonist
  5. You'll Never See  -  Forsaken
  6. Isolated  -  Devian
  7. Downfall of Christ
  8. Playing Dead  -  Aborted
  9. Boxed In  -  Terror
  10. Messiah
  11. Os Abysmi Vel Daath  -  Asphyx
  12. Doommaker
  13. Words to Live By  -  Fu Manchu
  14. Heaven's a Lie
  15. Leaves  -  Kivimetsän Druidi
  16. Dixie Whiskey

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Alex Dean   Bass
Alex Laipeneiks   Guitar
Byron Davis   Vocals
Sam Carter   Vocals
Kevin Dean   Drums
Scott Hill   Guitar,Vocals
Shane Embury   Bass
Danny Herrera   Drums
Joe Lester   Bass
Martin van Drunen   Vocals
Ola Lindgren   Guitar,Vocals
Mitch Harris   Guitar,Background Vocals
Mark Cross   Drums
Scott Reeder   Drums
Jed Simon   Guitar
Bob Bagchus   Drums
Byron Stroud   Bass
Niklas Sundin   Guitar
Michael Amott   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar
Sharlee d'Angelo   Bass Guitar
Danny Walker   Drums
Martin Fischer   Vocals
Martin Henriksson   Guitar
Mikael Stanne   Vocals
Anders "Modden" Modd   Bass Guitar
Tomas Nilsson   Bass
Christopher Amott   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar
Daniel Erlandsson   Drums
Scott Vogel   Vocals
Bob Balch   Guitar
Paul Romanko   Bass
Wannes Gubbels   Bass,Vocals
Martin Stewart   Guitar
Brian Fair   Vocals
Fredrik Isaksson   Bass
Kris Wiechmann   Guitar
Mike Park   Drums
Anders Jivarp   Drums
Martin Brändström   electronics
Bob Katsionis   Guitar,Keyboards
Angela Gossow   Vocals
Joe Altier   Vocals
Jonathan Donais   Guitar,Vocals
Matthew Bachand   Guitar,Vocals
Jonathan Buske   Bass
Mark Black   Guitar
Maik Weichert   Guitar
Ira Harris   Drums
Greg Valencia   Guitar,Vocals
Patrick Vigil   Vocals
Dallas Coyle   Guitar
Doc Coyle   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar
Alex Camargo   Bass,Vocals
Jason Bittner   Drums
Kenny Durham   Guitar
Benny Bennet   Bass
Andre Moraweck   Vocals
Mikkel Sandager   Vocals
Sebastian Rieche   Guitar
Nick Wachsmuth   Drums
Tom Eric Moraweck   Bass
Sebastian Grund   Guitar
Nick Jett   Drums
Sacha Dunable   Guitar,Vocals
Chuck Kahl   Bass
Corey Pierce   Drums
Doug Weber   Guitar
Maria Brink   Vocals
Jeff Fabb   Drums
Ryan Bates   Drums
Chris Kells   Bass
Simon McKay   Drums
John Kevill   Vocals
Emil Dragutinovic   Drums
Marcus Bischoff   Vocals
Matthias Voigt   Drums
Patrick Schleitzer   Guitar
Alexander Dietz   Guitar,Vocals
Bartosz Wojciechowski   Bass
Brian Whiteway   Keyboards
Alissa White Gluz   Vocals
Chris "The Heathen" Valagao   Vocals
Dave Timnick   Guitar
Svenchi   Bass
Niklas Stålvind   Guitar,Vocals
Anders Sjöholm   Vocals
Jake Sirokman   Vocals
Seb   Guitar
Tom Searle   Guitar
Morten Sandager   Keyboards
Markus Ruf   Guitar
Ritchie Rainbow   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar
Antti "Rinksa" Rinkinen   Guitar
Eric Bischoff   Bass

Technical Credits

Celtic Frost   Composer
Demolition Hammer   Composer
Iced Earth   Composer
Nevermore   Composer
Tiamat   Composer
Eyehategod   Composer
Samael   Composer
Penance   Composer
Kevin Dean   Author
Alan Douches   Mastering
Simon Efemey   Engineer
Paul Gray   Producer,Engineer
Scott Hill   Author
Eric Rachel   Producer,Engineer
Sentenced   Composer
Only Living Witness   Composer
Moonspell   Composer
Merauder   Composer
Strapping Young Lad   Composer
Old Man's Child   Composer
Turmoil   Composer
Subzero   Composer
Martin van Drunen   Author
Ola Lindgren   Producer,Engineer,Author
Mitch Harris   Producer,Engineer
Jed Simon   Engineer
Peter in de Betou   Mastering
Dan Rathbun   Engineer
Niklas Sundin   Author
Harry Wijering   Producer,Engineer,Mastering
Fredrik Nordström   Producer
Lacuna Coil   Composer
Arch Enemy   Composer
Michael Amott   Producer
Shadows Fall   Producer,Engineer
Tommy Tägtgren   Engineer
Russ "Risky Russ" Russell   Producer
Bloodbath   Composer
Jeff Fortin   Mastering
Jacob Hansen   Engineer
Stampin' Ground   Composer
Brian Fair   Author
Andrew Alekel   Producer,Engineer
Heaven Shall Burn   Composer
Martin Brändström   Engineer
Dream Evil   Composer
Isak Edh   Engineer
Patrik J. Sten   Engineer
Rob Gil   Digital Editing
Tue Madsen   Mastering
Patrick W. Engel   Producer,Engineer
Maik Weichert   Producer,Author
Gail Liebling   Engineer
Rob Shallcross   Engineer
Dallas Coyle   Producer
Doc Coyle   Producer,Author
Rickard Bengtsson   Vocal Engineer
Wolf   Producer
Andre Moraweck   Author
Nick Jett   Author
Sacha Dunable   Author
Ron Keck   Producer,Engineer
John Kevill   Author
Alexander Dietz   Producer,Engineer
Ronny Milianowicz   Producer,Engineer
Derek Yackel   Producer,Engineer
Timo Weiss   Engineer
Henrik Udd   Engineer
Patrik J. Stone   Engineer
Niklas Stålvind   Author
Bastian Sobtzick   Cover Art
Casper Skafte   Producer,Engineer
Jake Sirokman   Author
Carsten Schmidt   Engineer

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