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Cerulean Skies

Cerulean Skies

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by B. A. Braxton

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A botanist is murdered just as he is about to reveal an important discovery, leading Rein Connery on a chase through university hallways and Michigan’s northern wilderness to bring the professor’s killers to justice. The slain botanist is Curtis Jameson, and his newfound discovery is a species rose with blue-petaled potential, one he calls Cerulean


A botanist is murdered just as he is about to reveal an important discovery, leading Rein Connery on a chase through university hallways and Michigan’s northern wilderness to bring the professor’s killers to justice. The slain botanist is Curtis Jameson, and his newfound discovery is a species rose with blue-petaled potential, one he calls Cerulean Skies. Curt’s old high school friends are Rein Connery—now a Detroit homicide detective—and Paula Wrenfrew, a fellow botany professor. The university is the fictitious Michigan University in Lansing, and the northern wilderness is the very real Sylvania near Watersmeet.

A short synopsis for Cerulean Skies:

For the past decade, Dr. Curtis Jameson’s colleagues at Michigan University have been trying to develop a blue rose through genetic manipulation. Dr. Mary Lorrie has been heading the project, and she continues to do so until Curt stumbles onto something that could make all of the work she has done thus far irrelevant. What he has found is a new species rose which is believed to have blue-making genes in its ovaries.

Dr. Paula Keao Wrenfrew, a Hawaiian-American botany professor, is Curt’s best friend. Rein Connery, also a friend of Curt’s, is a Detroit homicide detective who’s been in love with Paula since high school. Even though Paula elected to marry Al Wrenfrew seven years ago, Al’s infidelity and compulsive gambling have encouraged her to rethink the relationship she once had with Rein.

Curtis decides to take Rein and Paula to Michigan’s western Upper Peninsula to find more of the roses. On the way, three men murder him and eventually steal his plant samples, notes, and the satellite navigator marking the area where the wild roses are known to be thriving. Rein kills one of the men but the other two, later identified as Corey D’Angelo and Vladimir Haas, get away.

Daniel Burrins, the C. E. O. of Kertex Pharmaceuticals, has been funding Curtis’s trips as an ethnobotanist. Curt’s job for the company has been to find new plants to be analyzed for medicinal purposes. After Curt misled Kertex into believing that the rose plant he’d found was useless, they relented and sold him the rights to it. Needless to say, many powerful people at the company now regret that decision.

Detective Rein Connery and Paula (who is an expert on North American vegetation and wildlife as well as a proficient navigator) decide to finish the journey that Curt had started by going on a backpack excursion through the Sylvania Wilderness to find the wild rose on their own. Rose plants recovered from Curt’s mother’s house make the trip less of a priority, but Paula insists on going. The trip had been Curt’s last wish.

While alone in the wilderness, it’s hard for Rein not to be attracted to Paula after all these years. Finding a certain peace while cohabiting with nature, Rein and Paula become as enamored by the wildlife they encounter as they are with one another. Soon Paula realizes that she must choose between Rein and her husband Al.

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B. A. Braxton
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Detective Rein Connery , #3
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Meet the Author

B. A. was born in Bridgeton, New Jersey and on a Friday the thirteenth for those who spook easily. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1981 with a bachelor’s degree in Natural Science, and with clusters in sociology, writing, and advanced writing courses. In 1987 she graduated from Fairleigh S. Dickinson Jr. College of Dental Medicine with a doctorate in general dentistry. Regardless of the paths that she has taken academically, B. A. has always continued to write. Her first books were written while she was in the seventh grade. Using classmates as characters seemed to put the books in high demand, and even as adults, those friends still ask to read them. By the ninth grade, she’d completed her first novel and although it was pretty bad, she was—and still is—extremely proud of that accomplishment. B. A. writes general fiction, mysteries, and historical fiction. Regardless of what else she has done in her life or how much the practice has been discouraged, writing has always been and always will be the center of her life. B.A. has been married since 1983 and has two children, a son and a daughter, and an aging cat named Salem. She first moved to Michigan in 1988. Her hobbies include hiking, kayaking, exercising on her beloved elliptical trainer, painting with oils, healthy cooking and baking, researching topics for stories, and being proud of her children’s many and varied accomplishments. She loves listening to any kind of music, especially if the lyrics are terrific, and learning as much as she can about people—their mannerisms, the way they speak, what they do, and why they do it. And she also loves watching western television series, especially those from the fifties and sixties. Her favorites are the early Gunsmoke episodes with Chester Goode in them, and that special father-son bond found in The Rifleman. The pilot for Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman is one of the most credible depictions of the nineteenth century American west that she has ever seen on celluloid, and several grimly realistic episodes from the first and second seasons are favorites of hers. And lately, Hell on Wheels is more than enough to satisfy her taste for the wild west.

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Cerulean Skies 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this book, it is not the usual run of the mill mystery. The scientific jargan got old after awhile. The editing was good for a free book. It was about 230 pages long. There was cursing, murder, attempted rape, and quite a bit of blood, guts, and gore. This story was believable, which made the suspence more intense. It started out slow for about the first ten pages, then the pace picked up and there was never a dull moment after that. This is a stand alone book, which means there was a bona fide conclusion. The characters were realistic. I think men would enjoy this book as well as the women readers, but it is not a chick book by any means. For adults. AD
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good read
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
LaMusette More than 1 year ago
The first charming thing was the title, which promised something special. The story is charged with ambition, industrial espionage, deception, and is redeemed by careful storytelling and engaging characters. I loved the realism of the scientific/academic plot, the sadness of competition gone wrong, and the redemption that characters in "ordinary" roles brought to the ending. A very comfortable and satisfying/scary story that i enjoyed a lot!