CFI 03429 MX-3 Wallpaper Remover Gallon

CFI 03429 MX-3 Wallpaper Remover Gallon


MX-3 Wallpaper Remover is a waterbase non-toxic and completely odorless product that removes wallpaper in 90 seconds. It is designed to remove wallpaper in the fastest and easiest way possible without heating waiting or scraping. It is biodegradable and ready to use. Using a wallpaper scoring tool thoroughly score paper from top to bottom and side to side. This will allow the solution to get behind the paper and dissolve paste on contact. Next spray a generous amount of solution on the entire suface of wallpaper. Wait 90 seconds and begin peeling off wallpaper. It will remove up to 3 layers of wallpaper. One gallon will remove 864 square feet of wallpaper.

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Cedar Fort, Incorporated/C F I Distribution

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