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Chainfire (Sword of Truth Series #9)

Chainfire (Sword of Truth Series #9)

4.2 305
by Terry Goodkind

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With Wizard's First Rule and seven subsequent masterpieces, Terry Goodkind has thrilled readers worldwide with the unique sweep of his storytelling. Now Goodkind returns with a new novel of Richard and Kahlan, the beginning of a sequence of three novels that will bring their epic story to its culmination.

After being gravely injured in battle, Richard


With Wizard's First Rule and seven subsequent masterpieces, Terry Goodkind has thrilled readers worldwide with the unique sweep of his storytelling. Now Goodkind returns with a new novel of Richard and Kahlan, the beginning of a sequence of three novels that will bring their epic story to its culmination.

After being gravely injured in battle, Richard awakes to discover Kahlan missing. To his disbelief, no one remembers the woman he is frantically trying to find. Worse, no one believes that she really exists, or that he was ever married. Alone as never before, he must find the woman he loves more than life itself....if she is even still alive. If she was ever even real.

Editorial Reviews

The Barnes & Noble Review
With only one installment left until Terry Goodkind's mammoth Sword of Truth series concludes, the jaw-dropping revelations in Phantom -- the tenth novel in the epic fantasy and the second volume in the Chainfire trilogy -- sets the stage for an equally thrilling and bittersweet finale that readers have been anticipating for more than a decade. (The first volume of the Sword of Truth, Wizard's First Rule, was released in 1994.)

As the Seeker of Truth Richard Rahl continues to look for his wife, Kahlan, and somehow free her from the Chainfire spell -- which, in essence, has made her invisible to those around her and has erased her from the memories of everyone who knew her -- she is unwillingly traveling with three malevolent Sisters of the Dark en route to a destiny that has the potential "to unravel the world itself." On his quest, however, Richard is forced to accept some grim realizations: As he is chasing a phantom and trying to save one person, the rest of the world is descending into unimaginable horror. Emperor Jagang and the sadistic Imperial Order forces are on the verge of subjugating the entire New World and the powerful magic that once flowed across the realm has been tainted and is corrupting everything it comes in contact with. "It's as if all that was this world is passing into a realm of mere legend…"

One of the most ambitious fantasy sagas ever undertaken, Phantom includes bombshells that will have Sword of Truth fans practically climbing the walls in anticipation for the 11th and final volume. You want the Truth? You can't handle the Truth! Paul Goat Allen
Library Journal
The ninth book in the New York Times best-selling "Sword of Truth" series. Simultaneous release with Tor hardcover. Exclusive English-language world rights. One-day laydown: 1/4/05. Copyright 2004 Reed Business Information.
From the Publisher

“Wonderfully creative, seamless, and stirring.” —Kirkus on Wizard's First Rule

“Wonderful.” —Kliatt on Stone of Tears

“Each volume of the Sword of Truth . . . proves more difficult to review than the last. There are only so many ways of heaping praise on a series that gets better and better.” —SFX on Blood of the Fold

“. . . outstanding work . . . adrenaline and characters who actually behave like adults. Highly recommended.” —San Diego Union Tribune on Temple of the Winds

“...thoroughly enjoyable.” —VOYA on Soul of the Fire

“Mr. Goodkind's compelling prose weaves a magic spell over readers.” —Romantic Times on Faith of the Fallen

“Near-perfect pacing, well-realized settings, and superior descriptive narrative.” —VOYA on The Pillars of Creation

“Everything one could ask for in an epic fantasy.” —Publishers Weekly on Stone of Tears

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Tom Doherty Associates
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Sword of Truth Series , #9
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First Edition
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Product dimensions:
4.07(w) x 6.82(h) x 1.29(d)
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14 - 18 Years

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"How much of this blood is his?"

"Most of it, I'm afraid," a second woman said as they both rushed along beside him.
As Richard fought to focus his mind on his need to remain conscious, the breathless voices sounded to him as if they were coming from some great dim distance. He wasn't sure who they were. He knew that he knew them, but right then it just didn't seem to matter.

The crushing pain in the left side of his chest and his need for air had him at the ragged edge of panic. It was all he could do to try to pull each crucial breath.

Even so, he had a bigger worry.

Richard struggled to put voice to his burning concern, but he couldn't form the words, couldn't get out any more than a gasping moan. He clutched the arm of the woman beside him, desperate to get them to stop, to get them to listen. She misunderstood and instead urged the men carrying him to hurry, even though they already panted with the effort of bearing him over the rocky ground in the deep shade among the towering pines. They tried to be as gentle as possible, but they never dared to slow.

Not far off, a rooster crowed into the still air, as if this was an ordinary morning like any other.

Richard observed the storm of activity swirling around him with an odd sense of detachment. Only the pain seemed real. He remembered hearing it once said that when you died, no matter how many people were with you, you died alone. That's how he felt now-alone.

Meet the Author

Terry Goodkind is a #1 New York Times bestselling author. His books include the eleven-volume Sword of Truth series, beginning with Wizard's First Rule, the basis for the television show Legend of the Seeker. Goodkind was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, where he also attended art school. Alongside a career in wildlife art, he has also been a cabinetmaker and a violin maker, and he has done restoration work on rare and exotic artifacts from around the world -- each with its own story to tell, he says. While continuing to maintain the northeastern home he built with his own hands, in recent years he and his wife Jeri have created a second home in the desert Southwest, where he now spends the majority of his time.

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Chainfire (Sword of Truth Series #9) 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 304 reviews.
gr8skeptic1 More than 1 year ago
Having read the series from first book through the ninth book within the past 2 months, I found Goodkind's presentation in Chainfire extremely consistent within the context of the series and, as importantly, within the scope of the Wizard's Rules. Since each book reveals the next Rule, Goodkind has, in a wizard-like way, actually written the content of each book with the Rule in mind in regards to content and structure (e.g., Chainfire involves seeming contradictions when there can be no contradiction according to Rule 9). The brilliance of Goodkind will by-pass readers caught simply reading a good work.
Guest More than 1 year ago
well i'm fourteen and amazingly enough i absolutely love the sword of truth series. people call me a book worm but w/e this book was grrrreat! most of mr. gookind's books really had be flying through the pages, but this one not so much...i'm not going o go on about the bad points of it because there aren't many, i love the series and i highly recommend these books =] mr. goodkind also like big words which if you don't a an extensive vocabulary i think you might get lost in this series haha
BolivarJ More than 1 year ago
In "Naked Empire", The sisters of the dark used their ability to begin creating weapons out of people, as it had been done in the time of the great war. Unfortunately for Lord Rahl, that was only the beginning. Only Terry Goodkind knows how to start a book, The ninth installment of The Sword of Truth is no exception. In "Chainfire" Goodkind defies all odds against survival, Richard Rahl faces to lose the one thing he values the most. Life itself. With superb writing, Terry Goodkind presents a book where Lord Rahl, the true seeker must find the answers he seeks for, the books starts with Richard struggling to survive after he had been almost killed in battle, and progresses to the shocking plot of this trilogy and full circle of the series. A plot only Terry Goodkind could have written. "Prophecy has been awakened, all forks regarding "The Pebble in the Pond" are tangled in this mantic root. Goodkind takes and gives what readers have been wanting to read for a long time. If you are a true fan, read this installment at your own peril. Goodkind's portrait of magic and prophecy is disturbing, eloquent, and magnificent. " 'In the year of the cicadas, when the champion of Sacrifice and suffering, under the banner of both mankind and the Light, finally splits his swarm, thus shall be the sign that prophecy has been awakened and the final and deciding battle is upon us.'" Goodkind's Chainfire marks the return of Richard Rahl as the true seeker, the author takes the foundation from the first three installments to come full circle. A rich cast of characters along with Richard Rahl in an enchanting journey through the cities of Aydindril, The Old World, The People's Palace and a place in D'hara long forgotten known as the Deep Nothing. Terry Goodkind comes back full circle with "Chainfire", the beginning of the final battle, Prophecy, and destiny. Books of prophecy are discovered in catacombs known as central sites with knowledge of no existence to anybody. However; underneath those catacombs lies a hidden secret, something evil with the ability of the total destruction of life. In the " Pillars of Creation" Goodkind gave us a book without Richard and Kahlan, there was a reason for that. Chainfire starts the trilogy that would lead Richard Rahl to the final battle . Extremely disturbing in the sense that Goodkind doesn't hold anything back. I like the way he manages to bring old characters back from previous books. Shota's comeback is everything we should ask for. All those character readers wondered about, are coming back as the final trilogy starts. I like the fact that the author is very eloquent in writing Richard's journey, in creating the world of the sword of truth. With nine reviews written for this series, I will say that I have witnessed the enchanting world of the fantasy genre. The Sword of thruth has not had a slowdown since First Wizard's Rule. Goodkind creates great characters such as the Sisters of the Dark, Shota, Nicci, but most of all, he has given readers, Richard and Kahlan. Their lives have become part of all those of us, who enjoy reading, the ones that remember every rule and every book written before this one. Chainfire is simply irresistible, superb.
Xero_Rahl More than 1 year ago
From start to finish, Chainfire took me through an action thriller to which I had to keep reading to find out the clues to what happened and what will happen. Chainfire made me want to put this book at my highest priority just to get to the next chapter, and then the next, and then the next. The suspense was relieved at the exciting climax. I was literally that guy that was yelling at the book, trying to shout to the characters about whats going on. If you've read his other works, Terry Goodkind offers an excellent next chapter in his Sword of Truth series.
harstan More than 1 year ago
Hit by an Imperial Order soldier¿s arrow, Richard Lord Rahl nears death until Sorceress Nikki uses a ¿Subtractive Magic¿ spell to save his life. When Richard recovers he learns that his wife Kahlan is missing, but in spite of his insistence and need to find her, his companions insists that he has no spouse. The Subtractive Magic eliminated Kahlan from the minds of everyone except Richard. --- While Richard struggles with his personal dilemma, his enemy Emperor Jagjang has sent his armies to destroy cities previously liberated by Richard's forces. At the same time that the prophecy books that predict a Last Battle where only Richard might save the world, it now contains blank pages as if the future reality shifted because of the erasure of a pivotal item. Finally the Emperor has conjured up an invincible blood beast to destroy Richard. Using magic to try to locate Kahlan enables the beast to find him. Desperate for information, Richard visits a Witch Woman who gives him little information and after seeing his grandfather, he worries whether he has lost mind and consequently his way. --- CHAINFIRE is a terrific entry in the Sword of Truth series as Richard struggles with personal doubts and difficult selections involving Kahlan vs. saving lives that probably will die once he leaves them anyway. The story line is action-packed and filled with strong female warriors and a fabulous killing monster, but Richard and to a lesser degree the Emperor remains the center of the tale as their decisions impact often fatal others. Though some fans will balk at loose threads, epic fantasy readers especially of the long running saga will appreciate this fine entry that showcases how multifarious ethical principles truly are.--- Harriet Klausner
stvcti More than 1 year ago
I am nearly completed reading the last book in the series (i.e., Confessor) and have enjoyed Terry's writing style, creativity and overall saga throughout. The plot is often complex, based on values of integrity, empathy, honesty, good versus evil, etc. The characters and their association with the plot are well developed. However, the author sometimes spends too much time rehashing philosophical differences, between the two factions, albeit key to the plot, which is sometimes frustrating. Additionally, past events are sometimes regurgitated in subsequent volumes in a seeming effort to educate new readers who omitted previous books. Lastly, in several volumes, the author seemed to rush the conflict resolution after spending a great deal of time developing the contention and situation. Overall, when compared to other works in this genre, this series is a great read.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Five of the first six books (except book 5, Soul of the Fire I think it was called) were between good and excellent. Book 6, Faith of the Fallen was TG's last hurrah- a very good work. But after that.. and especially Chainfire.. don't waste time or money. Just garbage.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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Kelley_Bean More than 1 year ago
Made me sad but I Loved it, Love Richard and Kahlan
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Back to what works
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago