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Chakra Therapy: For Personal Growth & Healing

Chakra Therapy: For Personal Growth & Healing

by Keith Sherwood, Phyll Galde (Editor)




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Now in its twelfth printing, Chakra Therapy, by Keith Sherwood, has proved itself as an essential guide for healers everywhere. Sherwood, a former minister, has trained with masters the world over and made the study of healing and human energy his life's work. He now teaches "a synthesis of Western therapeutic techniques, Taoist Yoga, and Tantra." Sherwood says that "human problems on all levels of causation--spiritual, mental, emotional and physical--are caused by contraction, the inability to radiate energy freely due to blockages in the human energy system." His book is designed to teach people how to release those blockages and fully utilize all the body's energy to heal themselves. He first presents a general discussion of the human energy system, and the ways in which it becomes blocked or fragmented. Sherwood maintains that most blockages are rooted in fear, and that the only effective way of overcoming fear is to confront it. Doing this requires honesty and courage. He says that "honesty is the willingness to see things as they truly are, not as you would like them to be. Courage is the willingness to accept what you see." Neither of these are easy, and he devotes a whole chapter to "becoming fearless." Following a chapter on the physical body, Sherwood then defines and discusses the role of the subtle bodies: the astral body, the mental body, and the causal body in energy therapy. Humans have seven primary chakras, which are energy centers located along the spine and head. Sherwood points out that the chakras must "all be open and in balance if a person is to experience wholeness and unconditional joy." The chakras in most people are blocked and unbalanced. The second half ofthe book contains a full description of the role of each chakra and how it can become blocked, followed by meditations and exercises for unblocking and clearing the chakra. He also includes several exercises designed to facilitate the flow of energy throughout the whole body. Sherwood promises that Chakra Therapy will help you "learn how to heal yourself by healing your energy system . . . because it is energy in its myriad forms which determines a person's physical health, emotional health, mental health and level of consciousness." Readers will find that he keeps his promise.
—Internet Book Watch

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Take a breath. Believe it or not, breathing techniques as simple as that, combined with meditations and simple yogic exercises that can be performed while lying down, can bring you healing, happiness, and more energy than you've experienced in years. You can learn how to do this in Keith Sherwood's Chakra Therapy.

Every step of the process is clearly described. You'll learn how many of your problems are due to false beliefs and energy that does not flow easily through your physical and spiritual bodies. You'll discover the secrets of the chakras and how their blockage prevents the energy from moving. Then you'll discover—through meditation, simple exercises and breathwork—how to unblock the chakras and let your energy flow.

When that energy flows you'll feel empowered rather than powerless, fearless rather than frightened, united with the universe rather than separated, and more energetic than you've been in years.

The techniques of healing in Chakra Therapy take only fifteen minutes per day. They require no prescriptions and eliminate the need for years of therapy. The healing in Chakra Therapy is not just physical and mental, it is also spiritual—it goes to the soul.

If you aren't as happy with your life as you'd like to be, this book is a must. It can help you resolve the psychological and mental problems that have been preventing your from reaching your goals. These techniques will let you help others, and give you more energy than you ever thought possible. Give Chakra Therapy a try. You'll be thankful you did.

Meet the Author

Keith Sherwood is an internationally known teacher and healer. He founded the American Psychic Association and served as its director and editor of its magazine, Psychic. He has appeared on many radio and television programs throughout the United States and Europe, and currently teaches chakra therapy, a synthesis of Western therapeutic techniques, Taoist Yoga, and Tantra. He resides in Portland, Oregon.

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