Challenge Of Homer

Challenge Of Homer

by Karl Olav Sandnes

Offers a presentation of education in the ancient world, and the role of Homer's poetic works in this culture.See more details below


Offers a presentation of education in the ancient world, and the role of Homer's poetic works in this culture.

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Library of New Testament Studies Series
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Table of Contents

Part One: School, Homer and Encyclical Education in Antiquity

1. Introduction and Method

2. School in the Greco-Roman World

3. The Pivotal Role of Homer

4. Knowledge and Formation: The Insuffiency of Encyclical Education

5. Philo of Alexandria: A Hellenistic Jew on Greek Education

Part Two: The Christian Agôn over Encyclical Studies in the first Centuries C.E.

7. Justin Martyr, his student Tatian and Two Ps.Justins

8. The Apostolic Tradition: Prohibited Occupations

9. The Teaching of the Apostles (Didaskalia Apostolorum) and Syriac tradition: "Avoid all the Books of the Gentiles"

10. Tertullian: Learning but not Teaching Encyclical Studies

11. Clement and Origen: Christian Teachers in Alexandria

11.1 Clement of Alexandria: Propaideia Protects Faith

11.2 Origen: The Silver and Gold of the Egyptians

11.3 Origen and Celsos: Christian faith for the Unlearned?

12. Flavius Claudius Julianus - Emperor and Apostate: Christian Teachers are Immoral

13. The Cappadocian Fathers

13.1 Basil of Caesarea/Basil the Great: Ad Adolescentes

13.2 Gregory of Nazianzus' Encomium for Basil

13.3 Gregory of Nyssa's Life of Moses

14. Jerome: An Ascetic Addicted to Greek Learning

15. Augustine: Liberal Studies - A Window on the Relationship between Greek Culture and Christian Faith

16. Summing up part two

Common Ground

Opposition to Encyclical Studies

Encyclical Studies cannot be avoided

Advocates of Encyclical Studies

Arguments Employed in the Debate

The Critics


Acting like Bees
All or Nothing?

Part Three: Looking Back to the New Testament

17. The New Testament and Encyclical Studies

17.1 Homer in the New Testament? An Appraisal of Dennis R. MacDonald's "Mimesis Criticism"

17.2 Paul on Encyclical Studies?
18. Drawing the Findings Together

Bibliography and indices

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