Challenges in the Management of New Technologies

Challenges in the Management of New Technologies

by Tarek M Khalil

ISBN-10: 9812708553

ISBN-13: 9789812708557

Pub. Date: 02/28/2008

Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company, Incorporated

New developments in bio- and nanotechnologies and also in information and communication technologies have shaped the research environment in the last decade. Increasingly, highly educated experts in R&D departments are collaborating with scientists and researchers at universities and research institutes to develop new technologies. Transnational companies that have


New developments in bio- and nanotechnologies and also in information and communication technologies have shaped the research environment in the last decade. Increasingly, highly educated experts in R&D departments are collaborating with scientists and researchers at universities and research institutes to develop new technologies. Transnational companies that have acquired various firms in different countries need to manage diverse R&D strategies and cultures. The new knowledge-based economy permeates across companies, universities, research institutes and countries, creating a cross-disciplinary, global environment. Clearly, managing technology in this new climate presents significant challenges.This book comprises selected papers from the 14th International Conference on Management of Technology, which was convened under the auspices of IAMOT and UNIDO on 22-26 May 2005 in Vienna, Austria. It deals with some important aspects of these challenges, and discusses in detail the changing dynamics of innovation and technology management. It will certainly appeal to academics, scientists, managers, and policy makers alike.

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Table of Contents

Preface     xi
Managing New Technologies     1
An Exploratory Analysis of TSS Firms: Insights from the Italian Nanotech Industry   Vittorio Chiesa   Alfredo De Massis   Federico Frattini     3
Knowledge Creation Dynamics and Financial Governance: Crisis of Growth in Blotech Firms   Anne-Laure Saives   Mehran Ebrahimi   Robert H. Desmarteau   Catherine Garnier     17
Partnerships between Technology-Based Start-Ups and Established Firms: Case Studies from the Cambridge (U.K.) High-Tech Business Cluster   Tim Minshall   Rob Valli   Pete Fraser   David Probert     33
Impacts of RFID on Warehouse Management in the Retail Industry   Louis-A. Lefebvre   Elisabeth Lefebvre   Samuel Fosso Wamba   Harold Boeck     47
Factors Driving the Broadband Internet Growth in the OECD Countries   Petri Kero     59
What Comes After "New-to-the-World" Product Success for a Small Firm? Utilize MOT Analysis and Implementation for Innovative Products and Competitive Lead   Myra Urness     69
Demand Forecast and Adoption Factors for Portable Internet Service   Moon-Koo Kim   Jong-Hyun Park     87
The Use of Scenario Analysis in Studying Emerging Technologies - Case Grid Computing   Mika Lankila   Liisa-Maija Sainio   Jukka-Pekka Bergman     101
Computer Services as Innovation Agents for Local Production Areas   Enrico Scarso   Ettore Bolisani     119
Towards Digital Integration: Platform Thinking in the Fashion Business   Finn Kehlet Schou     135
Value-Centric e-Government: The Case of Dubai Municipality   Habib Talhami   Mohammed Arif     145
E-Business and the Company Strategy: The Case of the Celta at GM Brazil   Silvia Novaes Zilber     163
Business Organization     181
Business Model Design and Evolution   Michael Weiss   Daniel Amyot     183
The Entrepreneur Has "Sold Out": An Exploratory Study of the Sale of High-Tech Companies to Off-Shore Buyers   Sally Davenport     195
Technology Acquisition Through Convergence: The Role of Dynamic Capabilities   Fredrik Hacklin   Christian Marxt   Martin Inganas     211
The Process for Aligning Project Management and Business Strategy: An Empirical Study   Sabin Srivannaboon   Dragan Z. Milosevic     227
Risk-Sharing Partnerships with Suppliers: The Case of Embraer   Paulo Figueiredo   Silveira Gutenberg   Roberto Sbragia     241
The Limits of Business Development   Mats Larsson     263
Knowledge Management Across Borders: Empirical Evidence of the Current Status and Practices of Knowledge Management in Multinational Corporations   Helmut Kasper   Florian Kohlbacher     279
Technology and Innovation Management     295
The Influence of Organizational Maturity in the Project Performance: A Research in the Information Technology Sector   Renato de Oliveira Moraes   Isak Kruglianskas     297
Organization for Product Development: The Successful Case of Embraer   Paulo Tromboni do Nascimento   Eduardo Vasconcellos   Paulo Cesar Lucas     311
A Study of R&D Outsourcing in the Manufacturing Industry: A Case Study of PS2   Fujio Niwa   Midori Kato     323
A Strategic Science and Technology Planning and Development Process Model   Grace Bochenek   Carey Iler   Bruce Brendle   Timothy Kotnour   James Ragusa     341
Institutional MOT: Co-Evolutionary Dynamism of Innovation and Institution   Chihiro Watanabe     355
Firms with Adaptability Lead a Way to Innovative Development   Akihisa Yamada   Chihiro Watanabe     367
Toward Project Strategy Typologies: Cases in Pharmaceutical Industry   Peerasit Patanakul    Aaron J. Shenhar   Dragan Z. Milosevic   William Guth     381
Technology Know-How Protection: Promote Innovators, Discourage Imitators   Christoph Neemann   Gunther Schuh     397
Comparison of Technology Forecasting Methods for Multi-National Enterprises: The Case for a Decision-Focused Scenario Approach   Oliver Yu     409
Standards and Evaluational Methods     425
Standards of Quality and Quality of Standards for Telecommunications and Information Technologies   Mostafa Hashem Sherif   Kai Jakobs   Tineke M. Egyedi     427
A Methodology to Measure the Innovation Process Capacity in Enterprises   Jose Ramon Corona-Armentats   Laure Morel Guimaraes   Vincent Boly     449
Auditing Technology Development Projects   Dominique R. Jolly     465
Complexity, Cost Reduction and Productivity Improvement Through History   Mats Larsson   Carl-Henric Nilsson     485
Sustainability     497
Involvement of Small Manufacturing Firms in Organic Production Systems   Stephane Talbot     499
Innovation, Competitiveness and Sustainability: Study on a Plywood Industry Cluster   Sieglinde Kindl da Cunha   Joao Carlos da Cunha     515
Sustainable Development in Companies: An International Survey   Daniela Ebner   Rupert J. Baumgartner     535
Enhancement of Environmental Performance Through Total Productive Maintenance   Rupert J. Baumgartner     553
Integrating Sustainable Business Management into Daily Business via Generic Management   Rupert J. Baumgartner     563
Social and Educational Aspects in Mot     575
The New Company-School Relationship in the Knowledge Age   Luis Henrique Piovezan   Afonso Carlos Correa Fleury     577
Always Connected: How Young Brazilians Use Short Message Services (SMS)   Marie Agnes Chauvel     589
The Individual in Management of Technology   Marianne Horlesberger     601
Author Index     613

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