Changed Forever

Changed Forever

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by Steven Misosky

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Caution! This is not another version of dystopia, or a new twist on forbidden love. There are no vampires here. This book is meant to engage you in another way. Two special souls have incarnated in order to help a struggling planet. They didn't have to come, like most of us. They came out of pure love. This is their story. Follow their adventure as they first learn


Caution! This is not another version of dystopia, or a new twist on forbidden love. There are no vampires here. This book is meant to engage you in another way. Two special souls have incarnated in order to help a struggling planet. They didn't have to come, like most of us. They came out of pure love. This is their story. Follow their adventure as they first learn of their destiny. Then, go along with them into dreamland and learn to unravel its mysterious messages right along with them.
This book delves into the mysteries of life. Did you ever wonder why we dream? Do you take your subconscious for granted? Is there really anything to the superstitions surrounding the number thirteen? Why are we here? Explore the answer to these questions and more. Learning life's mysteries can change your life!

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Steven Misosky
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Dreams of Sara Knight , #1
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In Changed Forever, I shared with you some interesting things about the number thirteen. There will be more in book two. But, do you really believe there are energy patterns like that which affect our lives? Let me tell you a few things about thirteen in my life. First, my name has thirteen letters. I was born in the sign of Scorpio, which is represented in tarot by Key 13. I got my first job at the age of thirteen. I worked there until I graduated from high school. Then, I got one other job which I stayed at until I turned twenty-six. At that time, thirteen years after I got my first job, I switched to a good paying job which I kept for many years. There are other significant thirteens, one in particular that I needed, but this is a short bio so I’ll skip to the present. On July 13, 2012, a Friday the thirteenth, a freak accident at work broke a bone in my hand. It was bad and needed surgery. I decided it wasn't a problem but an opportunity. Maybe life was telling me I should use my hands another way. I used the time to prepare myself, and get The Dreams of Sara Knight ready for publication. Exactly one year later, on July 13, I received the edited copy of my manuscript back from my editor. I was ready to go. So, here we are in 2013 and my life course is changing again as I publish my first novel. And by the way, as I do this, I have been studying with a western mystery school for 13 years. So, you decide, is life more about patterns of energy than we normally consider? It certainly is. Someday I’ll write the whole story and share it with you.
A good place to begin exploring this for yourself would be looking at some short videos about cymatics on Youtube. They are very cool! They demonstrate the relationship between energy vibrations and definite, universal patterns. Do that, and you’re on your way to understanding how energy patterns affect your life. If you follow this clue like an investigative journalist, you’ll learn many wonderful things.

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Changed Forever 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
sblake More than 1 year ago
The Dreams of Sara Knight: A Series of Empowerment by Steven Misosky is not at all what I expected. First of all, I was stunned at the amazing cover art even before reading the text about why the author chose that particular image. It definitely artistically embodies the aim of the author for this book to explain the connection between the spiritual and physical aspects of our world. The Dreams of Sara Knight takes the reader on a metaphysical journey with two twin girls, Sara and Kara, as their parents open up the world of dreams, spirituality and living a purposeful life. While the book does touch on Christianity, the author does not make that the focus. It was interesting to see how he took what would be considered by many as New Age religious beliefs and integrated them in with Christianity. I think this book would be really hard to classify as it is not a typical paranormal or fantasy novel. It is written in a style best suited to a younger audience, maybe 10 and up. As an adult, I appreciated the insightfulness of the explanations of things like yin and yang, but felt the dialog and characters were a little simplistic in comparison and did not balance as well as they could have. However, that being said, the author has done an amazing job of explaining so many complex aspects of spirituality that are difficult for anyone to grasp. I applaud the author for writing about a very complex subject in a way that young people can understand and relate to. The sections where the adults in the book explained details about dreams and their meanings were especially fascinating. This was a unique book; I can honestly say I have not read anything like it before!
LenPhelps7 More than 1 year ago
Changed Forever (The Dreams of Sara Knight) by Steven Misosky is an awesome book. It is very different from any books I have read and the story is very interesting. It really had my attention from the very beginning. The story starts out with Kara and Sara Knight’s birthday. They are 10 yr old twins who have special abilities. Their parents, Steve and Cindy Knight, have decided that they are old enough to know about their destiny. What will the twins think about it and will they accept what their future holds?  The day after their birthday, Kara and Sara’s grandmother Gaddi stops by to see them and gives them their birthday presents. Their grandmother explains to them more about it and what they have to do. Kara and Sara’s adventure begins the day they first learned about their destiny. Through out this adventure, they will find out a lot of things and they will go looking for answers to them. As I was reading, I felt like I was on this awesome adventure with the twins.  Steven Misosky has done a fantastic job writing Changed Forever. It is the first book in The Dreams of Sara Knight. I hope that he will come out with a sequel to this series. I am really looking forward to reading his future books. It is a must read so I definitely recommend this book to my friends. 
niyatimav More than 1 year ago
This book has been an eye opener!! I've always found dreams to be a fascinating subject and experience and this book covered just that. Our mind is a super power and most of us never realise it, as we carry out our daily lives. I enjoyed reading this book very much. What really amazed me is the depth of the author's knowledge about Spirituality and Dreams. The subsconscious mind is an interesting realm and it holds mysteries which no science has been able to solve till date. I enjoyed the intellectual debate that the book provided. I've also had weird dreams when I was growing up, some which leave a deep impact on my mind. I think I am going to use the technique the author suggested and maintain my own Dream Journal (=Read the Book, Yes pick it up right AWAY) The usual thoughts while reading a book are the element of surprise or a twist or the characters or something dark happening to the characters but I never felt their absence in this book. I found it a pleasant change to read about our origins, how ancient knowledge was embedded in so many forms (=Tarot for one!!) and how we should go on a quest to uncover these mysteries. I've been a spiritual person since I was a child and this book provided the nourishment for me to take that one step forward to move towards Spiritual Knowledge and fulfillment. The Main Ingredient of the book, the dreams were amazing to read. I could actually imagine them happening in front of my eyes as I read them. I kept turning the pages and re-reading what had been written before. I loved the personal note included by the author in the end of the book. I shall be watching out for further books of this series. ABSOLUTELY LOVED THE BOOK!!! (The review is an honest expression of my opinion)