Character and Cops: Ethics in Policing / Edition 5

Character and Cops: Ethics in Policing / Edition 5

by Edwin J. Delattre

ISBN-10: 0844742171

ISBN-13: 9780844742175

Pub. Date: 10/25/2005

Publisher: Aei Press

In this latest edition of Character and Cops, the author explores the ethical standards that should govern police commands and individual officers in the context of the drama of current events and the glare of public scrutiny. Index.


In this latest edition of Character and Cops, the author explores the ethical standards that should govern police commands and individual officers in the context of the drama of current events and the glare of public scrutiny. Index.

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Aei Press
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Revised Edition
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Table of Contents

Foreword to the Sixth Edition David R. Bores xiii

Foreword to the First Edition Patrick V. Murphy xix

Acknowledgments xxiii

1 Introduction 1

2 Excellence of Character 6

First and Second Nature 6

Character and Police 9

The Morally Important and the Morally Problematic 15

3 The Mission Police 17

The Experiment in Ordered Liberty 17

Disorder and Injustice 19

Against Tyranny 22

Mission 25

Public Confidence 29

Codes of Ethics and Personal Character 33

4 The Public Trust and Probity 38

Private Trust 39

The Public Trust 40

Competence 44

Trustworthiness 45

5 Discretion 49

judgment and Rules 49

Respect for Limits 55

Policies and Laws 57

Force and Deadly Force 64

Anticipation and Planning 68

6 Public Corruption for Profit 71

Incorruptibility 71

Cynicism and Consolation 72

Higher Standards and Double Standards 74

Hypotheses about Corruption 78

Departmental Supervision 86

Gratuities and the Slippery Slope 87

Character and Free Will 90

7 Authority and Reform in Controlling Corruption 95

The Authority to Lead 96

Alliances 99

Conspiracies of Silence 102

Reform 103

Combating Mediocrity 104

Review and Advisory Boards 107

8 Leadership and the Character of a Department 109

Realistic Expectations 110

Burnout 111

Merit and Affirmative Action 113

Recruiting, Selection, and Promotion 128

9 Illegal Narcotics-Moral Issues and Public Policy 134

Morality and Public Policy 135

Arguments for Legalization of Narcotics 136

Arguments against Legalization 138

Analyzing the Arguments 141

Demand Reduction 144

Conclusion 146

10 The Fundamentals of Character and Training 150

Sex and Money 151

Realism and Idealism 154

Morality and Happiness 155

Moral Problems 157

Habits 158

Current Fashion in Ethics Education 160

"Value" Choices and "Ethical Dilemmas" 163

Individual and Departmental Character 166

11 Deliberation and Moral Problems-In training 172

Moral Deliberation 173

Identifying Genuine Moral Problems 180

Identifying Relevant Reasons for Decisions 188

The Fabric of a Life 204

12 Tragedy and "Noble Cause" Corruption 207

Ends and Means 209

Who Is to Say (What to Do)? 213

Trying to Have It Both Ways 217

Thinking It Through 222

Dirty Harry 226

"Noble Cause" Corruption 230

Excusable Wrongdoing 231

Deciding 232

13 Death and Bereavement, Deadly Force and Guilt 234

The Death of a Friend, Partner, or Loved One 234

Living Up to the Facts 235

Love 236

Dignity 237

The Bereavement of Others 238

Deadly Force 239

Guilt 240

14 Taking Our Lives Seriously 242

The Extra Mile 242

The Morality of Aspiration 243

Taking Our Lives Seriously 245

15 Fatalism, Microcosms, and Therapeutic Reductions 247

Fatalism and the Microcosm Argument 248

Rising above the Microcosm 251

More on Higher Standards and Double Standards 257

The Therapeutic Vision of Human Beings 259

The Americans with Disabilities Act 268

Therapy and Multicultural Sensitivity Training 270

16 Ethical Ideals, Youth Violence, and Gang Enforcement 274

A Sketch of the Ethically Ideal Institution 276

Youth Violence and Gang Enforcement 277

Gangs, Education, and the Heroism of Cowards 285

Unconditional Obligations 295

17 Police, the O. J. Simpson Trial, and Race 297

Individuality and Group Identity 298

The Lessons of the O. J. Simpson Trial for Police 303

Policing and Prejudice 310

Thinking about "Race" 316

Thinking about Human Beings 323

Conclusion 326

18 The Spirit of Public Service and Individual Conscience 327

Reciprocity and the Spirit of Service 329

Individual Conscience 333

Conscience and Police Assignments 333

Recruitment, Training, and Departmental Policy 335

Supervision and Leadership 337

Law and Policy 340

Policies That Aid Conscience 341

Conclusion 345

19 Ethics in the future of policing 346

Ethics and Rules 347

Narcissism and Childishness 352

Morality and Social Conditions 353

"Broken Windows" and Social Stigma 358

Social Stigma within Policing 362

Recruiting Problems 367

Essential Capacities 372

Character and Capacities 385

20 Terrorism and Policing 387

What Is a Terrorist? 393

Bargaining by Outrage 396

Suicide Bombers and Cowardice 402

Imagination, Horror, and History 404

Nothing Will Ever Be the Same? 405

Disagreement and Conflict within the United States 410

Disagreements within Law Enforcement 413

Terrorism and the Police Mission 416

Racial Profiling and the Public Trust 430

Integrity and Professionalism: John.P O'Neill 435

Conclusion 436

21 Ethics in Action: Case Studies of Professional Excellence in Policing Excellence in Policing 439

In Pursuit of Truth: Investigating Mass Murder at Columbine 441

Ethics Restored: Reform in the Los Angeles Police Department 447

Competence and Cooperation: Combating Gangs in Fairfax County, Virginia 457

Regaining Public Trust: Corruption and Reform in the Greece, New York, Police Department 468

Ethics and Professionalism in a Post-9/11 World 472

Conclusion 478

21 From War Veterans to Peace Officers 479

The Challenge 479

Training and Retraining Provisions 484

Building Mutual Trust 487

A Sketch of the Ideal Military-Support Team 489

Unintended Consequences 513

Conclusion 522

Appendix A A Guide to the Further Study of Ethics in Policing 523

Appendix B Internal Affairs and Integrity 530

Notes 545

Index 579

About the Author 597

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