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Charles Lindbergh: The Lone Eagle Soared High and Low

Charles Lindbergh: The Lone Eagle Soared High and Low

4.8 20
by Daniel Alef
A biographical profile of Charles Lindbergh, the American Lone Eagle. Lindbergh was not ready for stardom, and therein lies the story, like a quintessential Greek tragedy where the hero suffers a serious misfortune which is connected to his actions, demonstrating humankind's vulnerability to suffering brought about by human and divine intervention. Lindbergh became


A biographical profile of Charles Lindbergh, the American Lone Eagle. Lindbergh was not ready for stardom, and therein lies the story, like a quintessential Greek tragedy where the hero suffers a serious misfortune which is connected to his actions, demonstrating humankind's vulnerability to suffering brought about by human and divine intervention. Lindbergh became interested in flight when airplanes were mystical; few people had seen one and even fewer had ever been on one. Although 81 pilots had crossed the Atlantic by the time Lindbergh strapped himself into the Spirit of St. Louis on May 20, 1927, none had qualified for the $25,000 grand prize for a nonstop flight across the ocean. Edging out Admiral Byrd, whose Fokker trimotor was being repaired, Lindbergh arrived in France and became an instant international hero. Fame was closely followed by misfortune and his story is one of the more exciting annals of exploration and inspiration in the classic American sense. Award-winning author and syndicated columnist Daniel Alef, who has written more than 300 biographical profiles of America's greatest tycoons, brings out the story of Lindbergh and his remarkable life of ups, downs and achievements. [2,646-word Titans of Fortune article]

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Charles Lindbergh: The Lone Eagle Soared High and Low 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 20 reviews.
Anonymous 11 months ago
My best friend is related to Charles Lindbergh. Amelia Earhart once flew with him.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
NAME Libertypaw<br> <p> AGE 7 moons<br> <p> GENDER Shecat<br> <p> RANK Apprentice<br> <p> APPEARANCE White fur, silver eyes, white wings tipped blue and red<br> <P> PERS kind, fierce, a bit shy, easily scared, determined, loyal, rarely brave<br> <p> POWERS Can shapeshift into any animal she desires, just not Twolegs<br> <P> MENTOR Sunsetsky<br> <p> CRUSH/MATE I just got here a couple of days ago and haven't really talked to anyone! You expect me to like someone now?!?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: Shadowdawn<br> Age: Its not nice to ask a lady her age<br> Gender: She cat&female<br> Description: Jet black with jetblack wings with red edges and red paws and piercing yellow eyes<br> Rank: Warrior<br> Crush:<br> Mate:<br> Kits:<br> Kin: Frostedtears<br> Persona: Fierce and strong, very loyal, can keep a secret about anything, nice when you get to know her<br> Power: Can move the shadows or change their shapes, or make them dissapear completely<br> Theme Song: "Welcome to the Black Parade" by My Chemical Romance <p> Name: Frostedtears<br> Age: well im not an apprentice...<br> Gender: Tom&male<br> Description: Pure white with pure white wings with ice blue edges and ice blue eyes<br> Rank: Warrior<br> Crush:<br> Mate:<br> Kits:<br> Kin: Shadowdawn<br> Persona: Quiet and strong, brave<br> Power: He can freeze(the cold brr ice kind) anything he wants(i.e. the ground, a tree, a cat, himself) if he wills it, and then unfreeze it again. Some say he froze over the tears in his eyes so that he may never cry.<br> Theme song: "Dear Agony" by Breaking Benjamin
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I will do the bios when i have alot of time.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Age:29 moons Clan:CelestialClan looks: He has eagle shape wings andthey about 4'1. Its a grey/black. With silver dots all on his back ngs pelt etc. He has perfing yellow eyes too. Personality: fun love Ing but careful strong and witty
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Tigerkit: Has golden fur and black stripes,pale gold eyes flecked with pale blue like ice,nice auburn paws,has a longer than normal blue tipped tail,and has golden and black striped wings wings
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: Spiritwing &star Age: 12 moons &star Rank: warrior &star Gender: female &star Looks: a sliver white shecat with bright blue and green eyes. Her wings are white
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The four sisters were born at the gathering. <br> Dragon: she has blotchy, ungroomed fur. Her eyes are green and sparkle. Her fur looks like scales. Her wings are scaley and are like a dragon. She has fire power. Her only kin is her sisters. She is the oldest. Y would u ask MAY cruush? (Cowgirl accent.) <br> Butterfly: her wings are like a butterfly's and dont fold in. She has a long pelt that maches her wings, pink. She is the runt. She can summon bees and butterflies and-, on ocascion-, wasps. Her eyes are a darker purple, she has tigerstripes of this color and wings with this color around the edges. She acts like a kit and tries to avoid fighting, Dragon is a meany. O^O no crush... (european accent.) <br> Bird: she is just boring. She has feathery wings and looks like a hawk, all the way down to yellow eyes. She is too shy to talk to her sisters, but she can talk. She just watches... watches... everything. She is always up in the sky... watching. She never has had much of an intrest in gossip. She can get birds to attack cats, sometimes. No crush. (Fluttershy accent.) <br> Bat: she is the 'goth'. She is black with bat wings. She has red eyes. She is a vampire :P jk. She has similar powers, though. She is silent, and sleeps most of the day. She has long front fangs. Her crush is top secret- ywou hear! Top secret! (Translvanian accent.)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: Snowkit <br> Age: 3 moons <br> Gender: &female <br> Looks: She has pure white fur, and her wings practically blend in with he fur. The only difference is that they look like they are dip-dyed pure black. Her eyes are the color of gold, with flecks of bright blue along the edge of her pupils. <br> Persona: she is playful, kind, and always willing to lend a helping paw. <br> Kin: Dustkit(older brother) <br> Crush/Mate/Kits: -.- <br> Powers: she has supernatural speed and agility, and her senses are extraordinarily strong <br> Theme Song: Im Weird - Ghost Town <p> Name: Dustkit <br> Age: 4 moons <br> Gender: &male <br> Looks: He has golden fur, with white paws. His wings are golden as well, and they are speckled white. His eyes are light grey, with bright green speckles along his pupil. <br> Persona: he is mischevious, can be a troublemaker, but very friendly. He can be very determined and stubborn. <br> Kin: Snowkit(younger sister) <br> Crush/Mate/Kits: no-_- <br> Powers: his emotions can change the weather. Example- if he is angry, its a thunderstorm. If he is nervous its breezy, if he is happy its sunny... etc. <br> Theme Song: How To Save A Life - The Fray
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name_Thistlefoot <br> Gender_ &male <br> Age_22 Moons <br> Looks_Brown with a white underbelly, a white left hinpaw, and a black right forepaw. Left forepaw is russet, right hindpaw is grey. His wings are very light grey, not white. They're accented with a darker shade of grey. <br> Personality_Meet him! He's kind, welcoming, yet sometimes stubborn. <br> Crush_Well, her name has to do wirh a fish that's frozen... <br> Mate_No, not yet! <br> Kits_Wants them at some point! <br> Kin_Unknown <br> History_None <br> Symbol_ &#31803 <br> Other_Just ask!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name&starf Foxfeather <br> Age&starf I really dont see the point of this part... <br> Gender&starf &male <br> Rank&starf warrior/mentor <br> Apprentice&starf Tigerpaw <br> <p> Description&starf Foxfeather is a fox red cat, which he was named for. His wings are the same, but each feather has golden tips. His paws, tailtip, and eartips are also golden. He is strong, but not overly strong. His oversized wings make him faster in the air then most cats. His build is mostly for speed. His eyes are gold, like liquid gold. They sparkle with kindness, but when he is serious or angry, they harden and you can tell when he is not happy. <br> Personality&starf meet him...he is a lot like Squirrelflight... <br> Strengths&starf Flying, hunting, and he is a strategist. This may sound odd, he loves his sleep. <br> Weaknesses&starf full-out battles, loved ones, friends, or clanmates getting hurt, and things like that. He sometimes jumps into things too quickly... <br> <p> History&starf ...I'll post it later... <br> Kin&starf mother-Song, unknown |father-Sparrow, dead |siblings-Owl&female younger, unknown+ Hawk&male older, unknown+ Feather&female same age, dead <br> Friends&starf Frozenfish, Flurryfall, and Firekit, and moreto come! <br> Crush&starf ... <br> Mate&starf hopefully someday <br> Kits&starf he wants some someday <br> <p> Anything I missed, tell me at camp. He won't bite...usually... <br> <p> &leftarrow&starf Foxfeather &starf&rightarrow
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name. Flashpaw. Age. 7 moons. Gender. Tom. Rank. Apprentice. Pelt: red orange with white paws, stomach and nose/mouth. Eyes: amber. Wings: dark grey, feathery. No kin, crush, mate, or kits.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Lifepaw: Age:7 moons. Looks: a completely cream she from head to toe and wing. Other:Ask.&mdash;&ndash;-____________________________________________________________________________________________________________Goldenfire:Age:24 moons. Looks. A golden she with copper eyes and copper details.Mate/crush/kits:noyesno.Other:Ask.&mdash;&ndash;-
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
||Name|| FireKit. ||Age|| Almost 6 moons. ||Gender|| &female ||Looks|| FireKit is very tiny, weighing in at about 4 pounds. She has firey red fur and big green eyes. Her ears perk up, but the tip of her left ear flips forward a little. She is an idd-colored Callico. ||Personality|| Friendly, Curious, Daring (Some might call it Dauntless. xD) ||Family|| JetFrost (adopte mother; dead.), FrozenFish (adopted sister), MelodyRiver of AshClan (mother; dead.), BraveFang of SkyClan (father; dead), SongBreeze (sister, dead). ||Friends|| FrozenFish and FoxFeather. ||Other|| Nope!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name- FrozenFish<br> Gender- &female <br> Age- Meh.<br> Rank- Deputy<p> Personality- FrozenFish is strong-willed and determined, but also a bit stubborn and head-strong. She is a great spyer, but she can fight too. She is usualy very happy to see her freinds and family, and she always has a bright smile on her face.<p> Looks- FrozenFish is a silvery-blue she cat, with light silver eyes. Her wings are gradiented from her coat color to almost white, and they are dappled with silver. Her paws are also silver except one, which is black.<p> Mother- JetFrost<br> Father- From StarClan<br> Step Father- LionStar<br> Brother[s]- SootAsh<br> Sister[s]- None<br> Friends- FlurryFall, FoxFeather, FirePaw, LionStar, and a few more.<br> Crush- None<br> Mate- My wonderful mate is Thistlefoot! &hearts &#9825 <p> Name- FlurryFall<br> Gender- &female <br> Age- Go away.<br> Rank- Warrior<p> Personality- FlurryFall's personality is alot like FrozenFish, except a little less stubborn. She is a very good fighter, and she is also a bit more shy that FrozenFish.<p> Looks- FlurryFall is a white she cat, with silver dapples and black rings on her tail. Her paws also have black rings above them. Her wings re white like the rest of her coat, but the look like the edges were dipped in silver.<p> Mother- Unknown<br> Father- Unknown<br> Sisters- She includes FrozenFish as a sister.<br> Brothers- None<br> Crush- F..F...... [the dots stand for missing letters]<br> Mate- none<br> Kits- wants some!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: Darkkit (I do dis coz some peepz can't see ze headlines... such a sorry bunch...) <p> Age: 2 moons <p> Personality: I dunno yet. He's still a kit so I gots time to decide ^-^ <p> Looks: dark brown coat, like freshly rained on dirt. Lightly patterned tiger striped tail. Each feather of his wings is tipped with a speck of either gold or white. His eyes are orange with tiny flecks of gold in them. <p> History: whalp, he was dropped off in Celestialclan by a cat who wanted him no more. Secretly he's the reincarnation of Jetfrost, daughter of Linkedspell, and mate of Lionstar. But who's keeping track, right? <p> Mate/crush/kits: nopenopenopenope..... <p> Anywho, I'll make this longer when I actually have something good to put in it. See ya!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: Spiritkit <p> Gender: &female <p> Looks: Spiritkit is a blue-grey she kit with black fur that looks like flames crawling up her back right leg. Her eyea are a bright violet, and she has an extra patch of fur that hangs over her left eye. Her wings are sleek, with black tipping the ends. <p> Mate/Crush/Kits: NO! <p> Kin: Sunsetsky ((Mother)) Blacksoul ((Father)) Blackkit ((Brother, sorry if I messed the name)) Snowshine ((Grandmother on Sunsetsky's side))
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: Rainfoot.<br>Age: ?<br>Gender: Female.<br>Mate/Crush: Used to have a mate named Sunstrike, not sure what happened to him.<br>Kits: Cloudspirit and Dawnkit(deceased).<br>Appearance: She has ginger fur with white paws, muzzle, tail tip, and underbelly. One of her eyes are bright green, their original color, but the other one is completely blue with no pupil. Her wings are gray with the occasional white feather.<br>Former Clans: SwiftClan, LeafClan.<br>History: After leaving SwiftClan, Rainfoot was captured and taken to a lab where she was experimented on with genetic enhancers. The genetic enhancers gave her the ability to read minds, but rendered one of her eyes blind in the process. The scientists, at one point, attached an owl's pair of wings to her. After that, they called her Angel. She escaped after two years of this. And here she is. o.o<br>Other: Ask.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Here I am again. I can only hope for the chance to speak with you all again.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Pebblesplash is a 25 moon old, silver tabby she-cat with ice blue paws, wing tips, tail tips, and ears. She is the medicine cat of CelestialClan. That's all for now.