Charlie's Notes

Charlie's Notes

by Cherie Kerr

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Keely Baribeau
Charlie 'Carluchi' DePietro's musical career provides exciting, first-hand experiences with some of the biggest jazz and Hollywood players from the golden era of the 20th century. His daughter, author Cherie Kerr, has detailed a deeply personal and touching account of the cruel effects of Alzheimer's as it robs Charlie of the memories most precious to him. Charlie's Notes is a vivid depiction of the unique life of an Italian American who, through his passion to play and the love of his family, made his dreams of music greatness come true.
Producer E! Entertainment Television
Gus Lee
Charlie's Notes mesmerized me with its good ear for dialog, its fine eye for character and its finger-snapping musical motif. Delightful, earthy, authentic, immediate and emotive, Cherie Kerr speaks to our collective memories of familiar and alien immigrant homes and the common desire to fit in and to be special. Kerr strums the strings of our hearts with her grand love of her father, of music, of family.
Author of China Boy and Chasing Hepburn
Mark Dagostino
Cherie Kerr explores every high and low, every passion and fire that feeds a jazz man's soul - all the while painting this loving portrait of her father the way only a daughter can do.
Journalist and jazz singer

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