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Chasing the Avatar
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Chasing the Avatar

4.5 2
by Jovan Jones

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Destiny Image Incorporated
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6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.00(d)

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Chasing the Avatar 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
edknh More than 1 year ago
Of all the books that I have ever read, Chasing the Avatar (and its sequel, Dancing with the Avatar) are two-- aside from the Bible and a few other choice books-- that I definitely plan to read for a second time. The author, who fictionalized her own experiences in these books by changing all the names of the characters and so on, makes each and every one of the characters come to life so clearly that you'll think that you are actually picturing the real people in your mind as you read. In the same way, you'll feel transported to that ashram in India so vividly that it's like reliving your own personal experiences rather than hearing Maya's own account. And woven into the story is just enough romance and humor to keep almost any reader engrossed throughout. Rather than my providing a summary of these fine books, I'll just say this--you've got to buy both of these books! Not only are they works of truly masterful writing but they also will be eye-opening to anyone who ever even thought of abandoning their lives in their own country and journeying to India to live in an ashram with a Hindu guru. Your reading Chasing the Avatar and Dancing with the Avatar also will make you think twice the next time you think that prayer is simply reciting to God some superficial wish list rather than the essential discipline that it truly is--you'll dare not neglect fervent prayer on behalf of your loved ones again! These first two books in the series truly are masterful works of fiction, yes, but also true-to-life accounts of the dangers that one faces when drawing close to the forces of darkness. I must commend the author not only for her fine works of writing but also on her willingness to share with the world her incredible--and nearly fatal--journey to a foreign land. Be sure to buy both books in the series because, like me, you'll want to read them again!
richardblake More than 1 year ago
Maya, brilliant, and successful in her academic pursuits became enmeshed in a search for truth and false enlightenment that led her to the brink of darkness. As a result of meeting with Cha Ma, a Hindu guru, the direction of Maya's life changed directions. In the midst of her doctoral program Maya decided to put it on hold, relinquished the lease on her Boston apartment, abandon her faith, and leave her family behind in an attempt to find truth through the study Hinduism. She traveled to South India to the ashram of Cha Ma, in the hope of finding truth and of moving to a new level of enlightenment. Jones describes encounters with angelic beings, embattling to influence the outcome of the lives of those experiencing spiritual warfare. She uses these illustrations to powerfully describe the impact of prayer in changing the results of these battles from spiritual annihilation to spirit empowered victory. A helpful glossary of recurring vocabulary, unique to the setting of this novel and to followers of Hinduism is included. "Chasing the Avatar" is a fictionalized account of Jovan Jones' personal plunge into fear-provoking evil. Jovan is destined to impact a new generation of truth seekers, as she leads them to answer the question "What is truth," by examining their relationship with the one true God and His Son Jesus. Jovan's writing is intense, disturbing, informative, and spiritually perceptive. Her story is heartwarming and fascinating. There is an openness in her writing that demonstrates the vibrancy and passion of one who has found forgiveness and victory through the Christ of whom she writes. As Reviewed for Midwest Book Review