Cheep! Cheep!

Cheep! Cheep!

by Julie Stiegemeyer, Carol Baicker-McKee

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Three chicks are fast asleep until a strange sound wakes them up. Using just a handful of easy rhyming words, and illustrated with touch-ably soft 3-D collage art, this delightful story follows the bird family as they investigate the noise—and discover a new family member.

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Three chicks are fast asleep until a strange sound wakes them up. Using just a handful of easy rhyming words, and illustrated with touch-ably soft 3-D collage art, this delightful story follows the bird family as they investigate the noise—and discover a new family member.

Editorial Reviews

This rowdy, rhyming tale is sure to crack up young readers. A "cheep" inside a splitting chicken egg wakes up the mom, dad, and older sibling, who "creep" for a peek, "leap" from their perch, and wind up in a "heap." Far from your typical feathery friends, these birds are uproariously expressive 3-D creations of terrycloth and clay. With a mere seven words-great for the newly verbal-this book tells a complete and satisfyingly sweet story of a growing family. (ages 2 to 4)
The March 2006 issue of Child magazine
Publishers Weekly
Take a family of adorable, three-dimensional chickens-constructed from velvety, cozily domestic terry cloth-add a text made up entirely of words with a giggle-inducing "eep" sound, and the result is this irresistible, inventive paper-over-board book. "Sleep" starts off the first spread, where a chicken family tries to get some shut-eye. A turn of the page shows a "Cheep" coming from the egg below their perch. Making a joint "Leap!" (the smallest chick uses its blankie as a parachute) the peeping protagonists land in a comic "Heap" and eagerly welcome their newest addition. Baicker-McKee (the FussBusters series) gives her absorbent cast minimalist facial features and highly streamlined appendages (the two-color backdrops are equally spare). But she comes up with an amazing array of expressions and comic poses; when the reconstituted family settles down on the perch for a group slumber party, the two smallest downy siblings share a priceless conspiratorial wink and hug. Young children will undoubtedly view the chick family as toys come to life and be thoroughly enchanted. Here's hoping another diphthong inspires a follow-up from this talented team. Ages 2-4. (Mar.) Copyright 2006 Reed Business Information.
Children's Literature
Young children love knowing more than the characters in a story. Here the reader knows that the noise the three sleeping chicks (it could be a momma, daddy, and older sibling chick) hear is the egg beneath their roost starting to hatch. The charm of this book is the simplicity of the text, coupled with the darling chicks crafted from terrycloth fabric and a few feathers. The board book cover contains stiff pages suitable for the youngest listeners. It would be hard to resist the delight with which the newest family member is welcomed to the henhouse. This could serve as a "sibling arrival" book to share while awaiting a new chick in your family. The faces on these little fluff balls will bring smiles and pleasure. The design was well thought out with the young audience in mind—the illustrations are pure and simple, without visual distractions to interfere with the enjoyment of this tale of a "cheep" in the night that announces a new member of the flock. Because the words "sleep," "cheep," and "peep" are so clearly written on each page, I think early readers will master this title quickly and laugh at the implied humor on the last page where the two smallest chicks are still awake while the larger ones have gone comfortably back to sleep. 2006, Bloomsbury, Ages 1 to 3.
—Sheilah Egan
School Library Journal
PreS-K-Three chicks are keeping watch over an egg. As time wears on, they fall asleep, only to be awakened by a noise. The sound marks the hatchling's arrival, which throws the chicks into a tizzy. They cheep, they peep, they creep, and they leap into a heap to meet the newest member of their family. After they welcome it, they all fall back to sleep, including the baby. Using one-syllable, easy rhyming words, the story comes alive through the almost 3-D collage art. The illustrator uses terry cloth, a few well-placed feathers, and an eggshell or two to create adorable chicks sure to capture a child's heart. Like the text, the pictures are minimal but together they strike the perfect balance to create a charming picture book for sharing with the very young.-Linda Zeilstra Sawyer, Skokie Public Library, IL Copyright 2006 Reed Business Information.
Kirkus Reviews
In this take on an elemental topic, the noises from a hatching egg, all alone in a frame on the left, wake three chicks napping on a roost on the facing page. After a bit of confusion, they hop down to welcome the new addition to the family. The frames change from nighttime stars to feathers to little hearts to match the action or mood, but the art is extremely simple while being exactly right. Digitally assembled from puffy terrycloth bodies, googly eyes and the odd feather or two, the chickies are cuteness in action in each scene as they wake up, figure out what's happening and then snuggle up to their hatchling sibling-all to monosyllabic rhymed exclamations: "eep!" "leap!" "heap!" and finally "sleep? sleep / sleep / sleep / sleep." Not exactly cheap, nor deep-but one to keep. (Picture book. 2-4)

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Bloomsbury USA
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7.32(w) x 9.17(h) x 0.47(d)
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2 - 5 Years

Meet the Author

Carol Baicker-McKee is a self-taught illustrator who works with paint, fabric, and clay to create wonderful 3-dimensional artwork. She holds a Ph.D. in clinical child psychology and is the author of the award-winning FussBusters series of parenting books. She also writes the monthly Baby Games column for Nick Jr. Magazine.

Julie Stiegemeyer is a poet who has written several religious-themed picture books for Concordia House. This is her first picture book for the trade market.

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