Chef's Secrets: Insider Techniques From Today's Culinary Masters

Chef's Secrets: Insider Techniques From Today's Culinary Masters

by Francine Maroukian, Harry Bates

Chef’s Secrets—Revealed!
In Chef’s Secrets, more than 80 renowned chefs share the tricks, timesaving techniques, and kitchen wisdom they’ve learned through years of experience.
     •  Steven Raichlen on Building a Three-Zone Fire on a Charcoal Grill

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Chef’s Secrets—Revealed!
In Chef’s Secrets, more than 80 renowned chefs share the tricks, timesaving techniques, and kitchen wisdom they’ve learned through years of experience.
     •  Steven Raichlen on Building a Three-Zone Fire on a Charcoal Grill
     •  Charlie Palmer on Roasting a Perfect Turkey
     •  Bruce Aidells on the Secret to Flavorful Pork
     •  Gary Guitard on Tempering Chocolate
     •  Plus techniques from Sara Moulton, Marcus Samuelsson, Norman Van Aken, Roxanne Klein, James Peterson, Emily Luchetti, and dozens of other top-notch chefs!
Each technique is explained in the chef’s own words, along with a short, revealing interview and a detailed profile of the chef’s accomplishments. With tips stretching from the basics (how to peel ginger with a teaspoon) to the extreme (how to peel a tomato with a blow-torch), Chef’s Secrets is an essential reference for any food lover’s bookshelf!

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Meet the Author

Francine Maroukian is a freelance writer whose work frequently appears in Town & Country, Esquire, and Travel + Leisure.

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Chapter One—Technique
     How to Build a Three-Zone Fire on a Charcoal Grill by Steven Raichlen
     How to Make Dredging Neat and Easy by Sara Moulton
     How to Slice or Dice with a Vegetable Peeler by Andrew Friedman
    How to Detach a Stuck Cheese Wrapper by Max McCalman
     How to Peel Ginger with a Teaspoon by Kathy Casey
     How to Get a Crispy Pizza Crust and Tender Toppings by Matthew and Todd Birnbaum
     How to Make Cappuccino at Home by Jean-Philippe Iberti and Todd Carmichael
     How to Make a Flawless Omelet by Lisa Schroeder
     How to Fold a Burrito by W. Park Kerr
     How to Check a Cure Solution by Marcus Samuelsson
     How to Remove the Worms from Morel Mushrooms by Andrew Carthy
     How to Do Your Own Stove Top Smoking by Alison Awerbuch
Chapter Two—Meat & Poultry
     How to Defrost Meat, Poultry, and Game by Jim Galle
     How to Barbecue Tender Meat by Robert Pearson
     How to Choose Prime Beef by James Cannon
     How to Form a Burger Patty by William Bradford Gates
     How to Make Pork More Flavorful by Bruce Aidells
     How to Carve a Whole Ham by Sharon Meehan
     How to Bone a Leg of Lamb by James Botsacos
     How to Joint a Chicken by David Waltuck
     How to Roast a Chicken—Perfectly by Jimmy Bradley
     How to Roast Fowl by Charlie Palmer
     How to Ensure a Crisp Roast Duck by John Villa
Chapter Three—Fish & Shellfish
     How to Deal with a Whole Fish by Gregory Zapantis
     How to Remove the Skin from a Salmon Filet by Denis Fitzgerald
     How to Sear a Fish in a Stainless Steel Pan by Albert Di Meglio
     How to Tap into the Secret Life of Anchovies by Ari Weinzweig
     How to Filet an Eel by Andrew Chase
     How to Tenderize Octopus with Wine Corks by Michael Cressotti
     How to Turn Out Tender Shrimp by Mark Filippo
     How to Sprinkle in Shrimp Flavor by Joe Jack
     How to Achieve Sand-Free Clams by Paul Wade
     How to Fire-Roast Oysters by Cory Schreiber
     How to Tenderize a Lobster by Bradford Thompson
     How to Shell a Cooked Lobster by Mark Gaier and Clark Frasier
Chapter Four—Produce
     How to Keep Cooked Green Vegetables Crisp and Colorful by Eric Torralba
     How to Crisp Tender Greens by Douglas Katz
     How to Use Beets to Make a Beurre Rouge by Ken Vedrinski
     How to Improve the Consistency of a Tomato by Joël Antunes
     How to Peel a Tomato with a Blowtorch by J. Bryce Whittlesey
     How to Peel Tiny Pear Tomatoes by Chris Quintile
     How to Dry Tomatoes in a Convection Oven by Dick Erath
     How to Peel and Pit an Avocado by Roberto Santibañez
     How to Quickly Ripen Fruit by Ryan Hughes
     How to Peel a Peach by David Carmichael
     How to Care for Strawberries by Emily Luchetti
     How to Get Coconut Water Out of a Baby Coconut by Roxanne Klein
Chapter Five—Rice, Beans, & Pasta
     How to Boost the Flavor of Pasta by Scott Conant
     How to Make Perfect Pasta from Scratch by Jennifer Newbury
     How to Make Gnocchi the Irish-Italian Way by Barbara Lynch
     How to Make Shortcut Ravioli by Jay Murray
     How to Keep a White Risotto White by Alex A. Freij
     How to Use Bacon to Its Best Advantage When Cooking Beans by John Manion
Chapter Six—Kitchen Staples
     How to Intensify the Flavor of Sauce by James Peterson
     How to Make a Pan Sauce by Norman Van Aken
     How to Double-Flavor a Classic Jusby Paul Kahan
     How to Make Perfect Golden Chicken Consommé by Pierre Schaedelin
     How to Make a Perfect Vinaigrette by David McMillan
     How to Make a Perfect Cup of Tea by Steve Smith
     How to Preserve the Essence of White Truffles by Sandro Gamba
     How to Make Garlic Paste by Brian Streeter
Chapter Seven—Dessert & Baking
     How to Chop and Melt Chocolate by Katrina Markoff
     How to Temper Chocolate by Gary Guittard
     How to Pipe Chocolate by François Payard
     How to Make the Best Ganache Ever by Robert Steinberg
     How to Make a Chocolate Soufflé Days in Advance by Jason Foss
     How to Make a Chocolate Bag by Lisa Dupar
     How to Spray-Paint with Chocolate by Michael Laiskonis
     How to Impart Vanilla Flavor by Tracy Kamperdyk Assue
     How to Keep Cookie Dough Handy by Maria Helm Sinskey
     How to Make Perfect Pie Crust by Shelley Young
     How to Bake a Blind Pie Crust by Tamasin Day Lewis
     How to Perfect Crème Caramel by Emile Castillo
     How to Shape Ice Cream by Nick Tischler
Chapter Eight—Equiptment
     How to Select a Chef’s Knife by Norman Kornbleuth
     How to Tame a Wild Blender by Andrew Sutton
     How to Season a Cast Iron Skillet by Hoppin’ John Martin Taylor
     How to Reestablish a Nonstick Surface on Stainless Steel and Aluminum Pans by Deborah Knight
     How to Keep Copper Pots Looking Like You Work in a Model Kitchen by Andrew Saba
     How to Clean a Wok by Simpson Wong
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